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(December 31, 2008 GMT, Athens, Greece or Georgia) Noon. Midnight. 2:15. AM or PM. Yesterday, tomorrow, last week, next month. Back in 1959..., 2010, 2008, 1492, ...meanwhile back in the year One. Last decade, next century, the millennium. Y2K. The dawn of man, the dawn of time. This era or antiquity.


Sooner or later, in a while, way back when. Black Friday, Super Bowl Sunday, The Fourth of July. Ten after eight, a quarter to six, half an hour ago, on the top of the hour, 9.11.01. The Day the Earth Stood Still.

See you next year, in a bit, just wait a second, give me a minute. Never!! Never??? Not in a million years, not while I’m alive, till They go to their graves. Forever and Ever. There’s not enough hours in a day, this is a long week, today is just dragging on, it FEELS LIKE a Saturday, TGIF, take a break. Tenure. Immortal, ageless, she aged well, the years haven’t been good to him. She’s expected soon, it won’t be long until he’s dead.

Stopwatch, sand dial, Cukoo clock, milisecond, Then. Got to beat the clock, time’s a tickin, don’t waste the day, live in the present, it’s all history to me. She’s running late, he’s early, ahed of schedule, right on the dot, like clockwork, punctual, how loooooong will this take?

I can’t w a i t for today to end, for it to be over and done with. Joe’s finished, Julia just started . There’s no going back, she’s looking ahead, he has patience, she has none. Freshman , Sophomor, Junior, Senior. Prenatal, perinatal, newborn, infant, toddler, boyhood, juvenille, adolescence, teen years, teen agers, formative years, his college days, when she became a woman. The Greatest Generation, Baby Boomer, Gen- X’ers, Generation Next.

That flew bye, that was quick, in the blink of an eye. That took f o r e v e r !! I’m glad that’s over, she can’t w a i t for that to happen, but she insn’t sure when that will be. Clyde’s here already. Hector is a l w a y s running behind. Ned is close to death, Edith will out live us all. Post mortem.

PREmature birth. Butch was early, Phyllis delivered late. Pre term, sentence, session, in office, The Days of Wine and Roses, the honeymoon’s OVER! Where did it go?? When will Floyd be back? In a flash. Slow down, speed it up, buddy. That will be the day.


“Time and time wait for no man.” Time flys, oldtimer,well, it’s about TIME!!! Don’t waste time, time can slip through your fingers, use your TIME well. Dirk wished he’d had more time. In due time, when the time’s right, in no time. Timeclock, time drags, Hank is working double time, Bertha can’t get the TIME she NEEDS! Out of touch, out of time. Leave him BE, Otis has NO TIME.

Timeout, times over...there’s no time left.........................................You’ll find out NEXT YEAR.

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Does having suffered horror endow the sufferer with permission to make others suffer?

(Dec. 27, United Nations HQ, NYC) The State of Israel. One of Harry Truman’s two monumental, abysmal failures: the formation of The United Nations was his second. Two notions doomed to fail : one of its own hate, the second of its own weight. Israel was his first and most ill conceived idea. The UN has proven itself to be a paper lion, effective on only the smallest scale and in situations that pose the least risk. The State of Israel is proving, by its outrageous mass murder, that it is extremely dangerous and apparently above the laws intended to restrict the behavior of sovereign nations particularly when military force is involved.

Witnessing the latest round of barbarism perpetrated by Israel towards the Palestinian people, it is very difficult to understand not the nature of the conflict but the utter madness of the Zionist government. Of all the people in the world to inflict total oppression and atrocious mass murder on another - it should not be the Jews. Given their history, it would seem to be more rational and reasonable that they would SEEK with vigor a way to peacefully coexist with the very people whose homelands were heartlessly, ruthlessly stolen when Israel was arbitrarily carved out.

Six decades and the status of the “Mid East Crisis” as it has long been designated and the blood continues to flow. Primarily Palestinians blood flows in quantities exponentially to that of the Israeli’s. The “only democracy in the Middle East” is, in historic and present day reality, not a democracy in any sense of the word. The harsh truth is that Israel has kept an entire nation in captivity since it’s inception and have never had to account for their sadistic tactics. They still, since 1949, remain incapable of admitting to the fact that they are OCCUPYING other people’s land, land that had been owned, farmed and worked for hundreds of years by generations of Palestinians.

Surely this whole sordid, deadly mess cannot be about religion, can it? Are the Jews intending to annihilate the Palestinians just as the Nazi’s attempted to do the same to the Jews? Do the Zionists actually lay claim to this stolen land based on some verse or verb in the Old Testament? Have they discovered justification for their occupation of this land and oppression of these people somehow deeply buried within their own history? Having survived the horrors of the Nazi pogrom it would appear more sensible that the Jews would be ACUTELY aware of what it is like to suffer and would therefore find it in themselves (or some other verb or verse of the Old Testament) to exercise sound judgment, mercy and empathy with those they literally hold captive; imprisoned en masse in their own land.

With its 30 feet high, concertina and barbed wire encrusted top, a wall, a literal cement and concrete wall keeps the Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza Strip as well as “The West Bank”. (The West Bank is another story for another time.) There is a barrier zone on the Palestinian side of this monstrosity of a wall that further decreases the meager land within The Gaza Strip. Call it what you will but, a name is merely a name, a designation and, in this case, just another variant of nouns. The Jews arrogantly call it a “separation fence”: that sounds reasonable. The Palestinians who are so severely restricted and forced to live behind its shadow are a bit more realistic. These suffering folks refer to it as a “Racial Segregation Wall”. Now, that’s more like it. However, in the English translation of whatever it be called by Jew or Muslim, it is frankly “The Apartheid Wall.” But, you aren’t supposed to say that in polite company, correct? Remember the out lash against former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, the only American President to date to have brokered a long-standing peace between Israel and another country. Jimmy Carter wrote a book entitled: “Palestine. Peace Not Apartheid” and was almost tarred and feathered by the furious Jews. How dare anybody speak the truth and call the “Mid East Crisis” exactly what it is: it is not a crisis IT IS APARTHEID.

Carter famously brought Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin to Camp David and the three emerged after intense negotiations with what are referred to as The Camp David Accords of 1978. On March 26, 1979 the accords became officially ratified as The Egyptian - Israeli Peace Treaty. Egypt became the first Arab state to officially recognize Israel. Since then, nothing has advanced anywhere near a lasting peace. All kinds of proposals, negotiations, secret talks orchestrated by third parties and an ever stagnant “roadmap towards peace” are all just so many hollow words, half hearted, disingenuous blather on the part of Israel.

Yasser Arafat founder and once and long time Chairman of the PLO who subsequently became President of the Palestinian National Authority, once the devil incarnate to the Jews has been dead and buried since November of 2004. His arch-nemesis, the former brutal, bloodthirsty, Zionist General elected to head the Israeli government hs been a literal turnip since January 2006 when he lapsed into a coma. He remains in a persistent vegetative state. Their generation and their long, bitter memories are aged and a thing of the past. New leadership on both sides must emerge if any of this Apartheid is ever to cease.

Make no mistake about the future. The wall enclosing The Gaza Strip was not constructed to be temporary: Israel intends to incarcerate these displaced Palestinians for some time to come. The wall around Gaza is no less a concentration camp than were Dachau, Aushwitz and all the other places of unimaginable cruelty and death constructed by Adolph Hitler. How can any Jew with half a brain NOT see the mind boggling parallels between their past and the Palestinians present?

The sun will rise on the Holy Land soon and as sure as that fact is the sad truth that Israel will kill more innocents today and the day after this and on and on.

The rest of the world, particularly those few that might still possess some vestige of influence with Israel should become ultra-active to bring a rapid truce to the killing. Once the world said “Never Again”. How wrong they have been.

Originally published December 27, 2008 @11:59 PM EST
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The “Chosen People” Choose Massacre


(Dec. 27, Occupied Jerusalem) Just over a week ago, a renegade faction of Hamas guerrillas, actually a mere handful of men, broke the fragile Egyptian brokered truce between the Hamas governed Gaza Strip and Israel. As always, the isolated random attacks became more frequent and Israel decided to “defend” herself. The Zionist regime chose to employ such heavy handed, brutal and disproportionate force that as of nightfall here approximately 205 Palestinians have been murdered; an estimated 350 others wounded. The Palestinian death toll is certain to rise.

As is the normal pattern of frustration borne rocket launches from Gaza and the subsequent mass annihilation in retaliation by Israeli military forces, the same ratio persists. It seems that Israel has decided that Jewish life is worth the lives of scores of innocent Palestinians; a people who have been held in bondage for six decades. This criminal ratio, the inequity of suffering, destruction and death has existed throughout the decades as well.

Israel is very adept at swatting flies with a sledge hammer, The military imbalance between the captive Palestinians and the United States supported state of Israel allows the Zionist brutality to continue despite the death toll, regardless the numbers of wounded, grieving, homeless and starving Palestinians, most of a generation who have never known or tasted freedom.

A perfect example of Israeli military doctrine regarding occasional Palestinian aggression occurred earlier this week when an Israeli F-16 fighter plane was dispatched to murder a lone Hamas gunman. How this behavior is tolerated by the world community is beyond belief. The blood on Zionists hands must be shared with the USA who has steadfastly maintained virtually unilateral, unwavering, albeit biased, proud backing of the barbaric Israeli government since Israel’s birth; a birth, by the way, that was born out of the same type of “terrorism” the Zionists so eagerly classify the acts of a few Palestinians.

The intractable issue at the heart of this protracted conflict is not HOW to attain a state of peaceful coexistence between Zion and Palestine but rather WHEN will enough Palestinian blood been shed that the world as one voice will declare “enough is enough”?

TBC greatly acknowledges The Washington Post, The New York Times, al Jezeera and for providing some of the sourcing for this post.

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Lisa Jackson, EPA Secretary-nominee.
Another beaute, Barak.

Third in a series examining the Obama Cabinet.

(December 24, Newark, NJ) With the prominent issues of global climate change, environmental protection and energy independence near the center of President-elect Obama’s campaign, the importance of his choice for Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would send a strong, clear measure as to just how much effort his Administration will devote to such concerns.

With the nomination of Dr. Stephen Chu for the post of Secretary of Energy, Mr. Obama has proof positive that his energy initiatives will be scientifically based, well reasoned and practical. Chu is a highly respected Nobel Laureate winning that award for Physics in 1997. Currently he runs one of the most prestigious national laboratories in the country, The Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His credentials are as solid as those of anyone to have ever held the position for which he has been nominated.

Unfortunately Mr. Obama has thrown another wild card into the deck of Cabinet secretaries with his choice for the EPA Secretary, Lisa Jackson. Jackson is currently the Chief of Staff to New Jersey Governor John “Speedy” Corzine and served as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Director(NJDEP) prior to that. She had been a fixture for 16 years at the federal EPA in Washington before diving in to the cesspool of New Jersey politics. If her record from her EPA and NJDEP positions are any indication of what she’ll do as EPA Secretary we all better purchase Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and expect to have a toxic waste dump located near your city or town within the next four years or for however long she manages to hold onto her Cabinet seat if even confirmed by the Senate.

As summarized in Wikipedia: “While DEP Commissioner, she led a staff of 2,990 professionals responsible for protecting, sustaining and enhancing New Jersey’s water, air and land, and preserving its wealth of natural and historic resources. In addition to overseeing environmental programs for the state, as Commissioner, Jackson oversaw state parks and beaches, fish and wildlife programs and historic preservation. As commissioner in July 2006 she had to shut down all state parks and beaches due to the state governmental shutdown in relation to the state budget delay.

As the state's chief environmental enforcer, Jackson led compliance sweeps in Camden and Paterson, communities in which the effects of pollution on public health had long been neglected. She launched the environmental initiative following multicultural outreach efforts to inform and involve community residents and businesses. Working with county officials, New Jersey State Police and the EPA, the NJDEP then mobilized more than 70 inspectors to conduct upward of 1,000 compliance investigations in the two cities, the first of a series of enforcement sweeps."

Jackson's performance at DEP was criticized by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The organization stated:

DEP employees describe Ms. Jackson as "employing a highly politicized approach to decision-making that resulted in suppression of scientific information, issuance of gag orders and threats against professional staff members who dared to voice concerns.”

Aside from her abysmal track record in every job she ever held at any level of government, she is another multiple ticket punch pick in that she covers several categories under the umbrella of diversity. Apparently she is a negroid, obese, female and that gives her plenty of clout in the Democratic Party. She is also another ill defined type of person very similar to Valerie Jarrett. (See Part Two of the TBC Obama Cabinet Series).

According to world renowned genetics expert, Dr. Anne Drogoness, The Strom Thurmond Chair of the Department of Gender, Genetics and Gatric Distress at Alcorn State University in Alabama, “Lisa Jackson remains somewhat a mystery to us regarding her genetic composition. All we have been able to establish thus far is that she is in fact a human, perhaps with some Negroid traits as expressed in her mitochondrial DNA and is most certainly obese. We would need much more time and data to establish any other facts beyond those I have just mentioned.”

Other scientists and physicians offer alternative theories as to Ms. Jackson’s composition. Dr.Ima Albino, Head of the Mutation Studies Department at Lower Central Upper North Dakota State University posits that, “Ms. Jackson may have acquired her obvious genetic deformities as a result of her time spent in New Jersey. She was, after all, involved in water, air and soil quality in that shit hole of a state and was exposed to a vast variety of carcinogens, toxins, diuretics, pollutants, rodents,and contaminants on top of her proximity to other New Jersey politicians. It is amazing she is still alive, from a medical standpoint, that is.”

Other experts in related fields of expertise also express some degree of surprise, if not amazement, that Ms. Jackson is indeed very much alive. Salvatore “Skutch” DePalma, Medical Observation Officer for the New Jersey Trash, Rubbish and Crap Haulers AFL-CIO local 666 commented that “That bitc...I mean Ms. Jackson was always busting my bal...I mean she...ah...was very diligent in her efforts to get hand outs and palm greasings. We tried to whack....I means we tried to persuade her to get off our freakin’ backs but she still wanted more and more. Christ, she was more greedier than that garbonzo Pasquale “Patsy” Palamerri from Brooklyn. I’d rather see Patsy in the Cabinet instead of Ms. Jackson. Cause at least with Patsy it was always “any pal of Palamerri is a pal a’ mino.”

Several other officials and unofficials from New Jersey who had dealings with Jackson while she headed up the NJDEP expressed deep reservations as to her qualifications, morals, gender, temperament, intelligence, ethics, eating, drinking and drug use habits in addition to her rumored mental dysfunction. Angelo “Anvil” Avollini from the Jersey City Sludge Commission stated “ I woulda kilt her myself but I was kinda...ya’ knows....afraid of having to touch her. We thought about putting a bomb in her car but was afraid we might blow half the state up. Hey, ya’ knows , we gots to make a livin’ here too. Fuck her. I hope she does to the rest of the country what she tried to do to destroy our beauty-fulled Garden State.”

Click on title for link to Wikipedia entry for Lisa Jackson.

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...Ambiguity Is Not.

Top Obama advisor from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett.
What is she?

Second in a series examining President-elect Obama’s Cabinet selections.

(Dec. 24, Chicago, IL) With virtually unprecedented rapidity, President -elect Barak Obama began assembling the inner circle of long time confidantes and advisors he would take with him to Washington as well as his potential Cabinet within hours of his electorial trouncing of John McCain. As most top presidential advisors, counselors and aides along with most previous cabinets, despite how the various appointees are presented, they are mostly friends of the President to be.

Mr. Obama has naturally boasted that his Administration and especially his Cabinet and inner circle would be “diverse”, inclusive and “more representative as to who we are as a Nation.” Of course he would say such things, although Bill Clinton was the first to really give the whole diversity thing a shot. He failed and the failures of some of his top appointees nearly derailed his Presidency long before he derailed it himself.

John Kennedy proclaimed that his Cabinet would be populated by “the best and the brightest” men he could find. (In 1960 women were not even considered for such positions.) His good intentions brought Robert McNamara from corporate success to his Foggy Bottom Meltdown as they bungled our earliest intervention in South Viet Nam.

Those two historical asides out if the way, let’s return to 2008. While some of Obama’s choices have been predictable and follow the code of loyalty, some of been surprising if not downright disturbing. The Blagogate scandal back in his hometown of Chicago has also cast some of his choices beneath the roiling clouds of scandal that may well eventually result in a stormy beginning of his Administration.
Already Obama has lived up to his word regarding the composition of his Cabinet and top advisors. He had said he wanted “dissenting voices, various opinions” available internally, ergo, Hillary Clinton will be his Secretary of State. Punching two tickets , loyalty and the Jew vote, Blago crony, Rahm Emmanuel will be his Chief of Staff. Other flacks and dorks; failures in their past positions in the Executive Branch such as Bill “Lou Costello” Richardson will squeeze his lard ass into a Cabinet seat.

So, he has hit all the biggies; loyalty, dissenting voices, experience and diversity. However, among his dubious choices one stands out among the rest; Valerie Jarrett. besides her past as a Chicago political insider and FOB (Friend of Barak’s) what exactly qualifies her for her role in the upcoming Administration and, what exactly is she? Is she an African American woman or a Jew with a tan? Is she a frog or other member of the toad family? Is she a mammal, marsupial, or reptile? Is she actually a woman by birth or by elective surgical and hormonal intervention? Perhaps she was the product of an ambiguous birth possessing both a pair of functional testes and ovaries? These are not meant to be malicious questions but rather a serious inquiry as to who and exactly what will be advising our new 46 year old President-elect once ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The challenges he will face are stupendous. Let us all hope his upper echelon will serve him well and that the tax payers will not have to underwrite the installation of a third type of rest rooms in the White House: one labeled “Other.”

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NY State Obesity Tax Proposal Absurd

(December 24, NYC) New York City, once the capital of rebelliousness, culture, social and political trend setting, the home of cutting edge innovations in fashion, style and entertainment as well as the birthplace of every genre of music from punk, new wave , hip hop and rap, has lost much of the spirit that once defined the Big Apple and New Yorkers themselves. The latest intrusion aimed at increasing the government's influence in personal decisions comes in the form of what has been proposed by Governor David "Blinky" Paterson as the "Obesity Tax."

Mike Bloomberg, the "Independant" Mayor of New York City, has imposed taxes and surcharges on aspects of individual lives that are not only excessive but also unconstitutional. He and whoever the Governor of the moment has been have been all too eager to tax cigarettes while banning smoking in public places, raised taxes on mass transportation translating practically into increased commuter fares and a host of other heavy handed taxes under the auspices of "the Public Good." That is, plain and simple, a blatant lie. Revnue is the only motivatonal factor that ever drives such "public initiatives."

Now the obese, fat people - are to be taxed for being fat. Actually, it is not that simple, it is more subtle however, the message is clear: the fat among us will pay more for their choice to be fat. Blinky wants to tax such "non-nutitional" goods such as soda. A tax on soda, beyond being absurd, would impact the lower income New Yorker's far more than those wh are higher educated, earn more and tend to have better nutritional, medical and recreational options.

The people of New York State are vehemently opposed to this tax proposal as demonstrated clearly by several recent state-wide polls. (Click on title for link.)

Blinky is patently incapable of seeing the impact such a tax would have on communities such as that he alledges to have represented in his past elected offices before being Spitzerized into the Governor's Seat. He and Mike have made the cliche' about liberals become further cemented in truth by their actions: raising taxes is NOT the answer to every problem and the notion that the government, at any level, should be permitted arbitrary, aggressive intrusion into our lives is diamertically opposite of the principals our Nation was founded on.

Wake up and open your eyes, Mr. Governor! Perhaps better fiscal management and controling your wreckless pork barrel spending on the State level would help correct the perpetual (and now your), state budgetary shortfalls.

If you are prepared to tax the fat why not tax the skinny; obviously they don't eat enough and, following your blinded logic, should be taxed for not buying emough food or soda or beer and pastries. Tax commuters who walk: they are not paying their fair share of the MTA's monetary needs. Raise taxes on cheap clothes while you're at it. People who cannot afford to shop at Macy's or along Lexington Avenue are not paying THEIR fair share of taxes, right? Where does it end Blinky, when will it end?

Legally speaking, you are on very shaky ground here as have been your recent predecessors and Mr. Mayor. Thusfar yours and theirs legislative agendas have been approved simply by virtue of targeting social issues that most people felt sufficiently strongly about that they went along with them. People, by and large, do not like those among us who choose to smoke cigarettes or enjoy other tobacco products. It appears Blinky that you may have run up against an invisible wall of demonstrable public resistance. Most folks are of a "live and let live" attitude and have expressed their views in polls accordingly. If someone is fat and wants to drink a gallon of two of Mountain Dew, Mr. Pibb, A&W Root Beer and day, why tax them unjustly?

Go back to your neighborhood Mr. Paterson and explain to the obese residents their why they will be paying more for things they like or eat because their choices are limited. See how that goes, Okay?

Gino Palermo is an attorney with The Palermo Associates and has a great interest in NYC and NY State politics.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008



Pat, Rod and Jesse Jr.
Come on down.

(Dec 11, Chicago, IL) As the details of the scandal involving the Illinois Governor and his wife as the prime culprits, the broad federal investigation will no doubt dredge up a veritable who’s who of Illinois politics. No doubt he dark under belly of Chicago politics will be exposed. There is no way at this point to even reasonably speculate as to the scale and scope of the corruption and criminality alleged in the federal indictment. However, with only the facts known at this time it appears that some of the people closest to President-elect Obama may find the dirty tidewaters rising above their shoes.

This is a particularly juicy scandal for several reasons not the least of which is the fact that Obama’s nascent administration, weeks before his inauguration, finds itself already in the shadow of scandal. How it will affect Obama as President, if at all, remains to be seen. But, the remotest association with some of the major players involved is enough to handicap him to some degree. If nothing else it has awakened the chorus of right wing zealots who had been occupied in trying to solve their identity crisis since the trouncing they took in November’s elections.

Corruption is as old as politics. Over the last 10 to 15 years we have grown accustomed to watching elected officials resign under dark clouds of controversy, be convicted of crimes, misdemeanors and felonies. Both Houses of Congress have had more than their share of ethical violations, criminality and depravity yet most of these incidents have been brushed aside by a censure vote or midnight resignation. This “BlagoGate” will not be easily disposed; these allegations are not only blatantly egregious but also indicate how precariously balanced our entire government is between the competing interests of the sinners and saints.

Power and money – greed is at the heart of this particular series of crimes. While many politicians succumb to the temptations inherent in their elected offices, Rod Blagojevich was a scum bag of the highest order long before he attained his Governorship. The fact that was also complicit in some of his extortion-like tactics is further evidence of his and her natural propensity for crime. She added some spite to his filthy exploits such as his vindictive approach to fund raisers who would not contribute to his campaigns, his threats to withhold funding for a children’s hospital, having reporters who were critical of him fired and their joint vendetta against the Chicago Tribune.

Already three close Obama associates have been mentioned in connection with the dealings surrounding filling Obama’s Senate seat. Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, all deeply entrenched in Chicago’s political ways. If Mr. Obama had any sense he would cut all three of these characters loose immediately.

Then there is the esteemed Congressman from Chicago, Jesse Jackson, Jr., better known now as contestant number five in the Senate seat sweepstakes. It has been rumored that operatives offered one million dollars on Jesse Jr.’s behalf to fill that seat. That particular rotten apple has not fallen far from the tree has it now? Nope, his father has made a career as an exploitive charlatan. Reverend Jackson certainly taught his son well.

The winds blowing out of the Windy City these days carry the dank stench of age old corruption. Hopefully all involved will be found guilty as charged and marched off to a federal penitentiary that is not a country club.

Click on title to link to David Broder's Opinion Column,

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Blagojevich Turns Shytown into Buy Town

Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich arrested.

(Dec. 9, Chicago, IL) In keeping with the tradition of corrupt criminality in the statehouse, Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested today on federal charges including bribery, corruption and improper use of his office. Blagojevich is the third Illinois Governor to be indicted out of the last six.

While corruption, extortion, bribery, influence peddling and under handed deal making are virtually synonymous with Illinois politics, particularly the type practiced for decades in Chicagoland, the allegations against the current Governor may prove to be the most significant. Blago’s crimes, as alleged in the federal indictment unsealed today detail a portrait of an elected official well versed in the ways of corruption and bribery and certainly not shy about using the power of his office for personal financial gain.

Among the factors that elevate Blago’s alleged crimes to a level of their own is the fact that one of the key items in his indictment is that he tried to “sell” the Illinois Senate seat recently vacated by President-elect Barak Obama. While Obama has yet to be connected in any way to the Governor’s “crime spree”, the developing situation certainly brings unwanted scrutiny just weeks before his inauguration. For his part President-elect Obama has refused to comment due to “the on-going investigation.”

While the federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was quick to emphasis that Mr. Obama was in no way implicated in any of the alleged crimes, two prominent Obama Cabinet appointees may have been involved directly or indirectly. Rahm Emmanuel, the Chief of Staff appointee is rumored to have played an active roll in some of Blago’s nefarious activities. Some inside sources hint that Emmanuel, after some sort of “disagreement” with the Governor actually “turned in” Blago to the FBI. The Illinois Governor has been under FBI investigation for most of the past year if not sooner.

The Chicago political operative who lead the Obama campaign and has been named a Senior Presidential Advisor in the Obama White House, David Axelrod, may have had “conversations” with Blago regarding Obama’s Senate replacement. Axelrod denies such discussions.

The following months will be interesting as the legal proceedings begin and the public learns the sordid details. Prosecutor Fitzgerald, alluding to the gravity of the charges said that “Lincoln must be turning over in his grave”, making reference to the 16th president Abraham Lincoln also of Illinois.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Airborne swine signal Bush admits having regrets.

(Dec. 2, Andrews AFB, MD) Federal, state and local authorities in the Washington DC metropolitan area were overwhelmed last night by phone reports of multiple UFO’s seen above or near the White House. As military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies hurried to react to the reports, a fighter squadron from Langley Air Force Base scrambled in response. The Secret Service attempted to wake President George W. Bush but were unable to rouse him. All other White House personnel present at that time were evacuated.

Fearing a terrorist attack, all branches of the military and federal government activated their Emergency Action Plans (EAP) developed in the wake of September 11, 2001. The airspace over the entire eastern seaboard was cleared and restricted to all commercial and private traffic until the crisis was declared officially over by the FBI, DOD and Secret Service at 2:18 AM EST.

The Air Force spokesman, Lt. Col. Proctor A. Gamble gave a brief statement at a hastily called press conference at the Pentagon. Gamble read from prepared remarks, “ At 2:01 AM Eastern Standard Time pilots from the 316th Fighter Wing based in Langley, Virginia reported that the unidentified flying objects reported to be observed in the airspace above and around the White House were not hostile aircraft. They were positively identified as a squadron of non-hostile flying pigs. The pigs were all escorted to the ground by the several aircraft from the 316th and all pigs landed safely. They were immediately arrested and placed under guard at an undisclosed location. In accordance with all provisions of the Geneva Conventions, the flying pigs were feed, watered and were last reported to be happily wallowing in slop. The President was at no time throughout the night in any danger. I repeat, the President was never in danger at any time.”

Within hours of their capture the pigs were subject to rigorous questioning from a team of swine experts from Iowa State University Department of Swine, Pig and Hog Studies. The interrogations were lead by Dr. Cletus T. Flattus, Director of Pork Psychiatry at ISU. Dr. Flattus informed reporters that, “The pigs meant no harm. Actually, they were not even sure where they came from or how they were able to fly. One of them, Buster, told me that he thought he and his fellow pigs were able to fly as a result of George W. Bush having admitted to having “regrets”. Buster, between grunts and gulps of a manure and corn mixture, speculated that ‘hell is probably freezing over too’.”

Other experts on pig aviation and the laws of improbability seemed to agree with Buster the hog. Dr. Clark Happ also from ISU noted, “It has long been folklore and rumor that pigs could and would fly if and when the impossible or highly unlikely were to occur. We always knew this to be true but have had little to no physical evidence up to this point. Apparently having President George W. Bush actually publically admitting he has regrets about the war in Iraq and other matters were sufficiently improbable and sent these pigs into flight.”

Throughout the night sightings of flying pigs were reported throughout North America. Most of these sightings were easily dismissed by the authorities receiving the reports. Captain Horvath “Hank” Pustule from NORAD in Omaha, Nebraska said, “I thought most of the calls received here at NORAD were pranks or just your average, run of the mill drunken idiots bothering us. However, one of the airmen stationed here on the base visually confirmed the presence of several flying pigs approaching in a low altitude formation. They flew over the base causing no harm other than dumping several tons of pig shit all over our tarmacs. We are waiting for FEMA and the EPA to help come and clean it up.”

White House spokesperson Dana Perino told the press that “The President was briefed this morning about the flying pig incident during his daily intelligence briefing. He laughed and asked why no one woke him up so he could have seen them for himself. He expressed a deep fondness for pigs and hog and was especially grateful to them all for bacon. The President says he feels pork is what makes our country great and was also proud of the military pilots that escorted the squadron of pigs to safety.”

At this time we are awaiting additional information from the agencies investigating this flight of the pigs.

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Mike Tyson and Plaxico Burress to serve as “advisors”.

(Dec. 1, Chicago, IL) After announcing his foreign policy team earlier today, President-elect Barak Obama introduced two additional members of his future administration. Former heavyweight champ and convicted rapist, Mike Tyson (D) Brooklyn, and Giants wide receiver and gun enthusiast, Plaxico Burress (I) New Jersey, will serve as senior advisors to Mr. Obama. Appearing before the media, Obama cited “the diverse experiences and unique talents” of both appointees. “Mr. Tyson and Mr. Burress will each have a broad portfolio in my administration. I barely know them yet I am confident in their abilities to serve in my White House. I had carefully considered both of them as potential Cabinet members but was uncertain if they would pass Senate confirmation”, Obama told the press.

The reactions to the appointments of Burress and Tyson grew mixed reactions from some of the other people chosen to work for the Obama administration as well as other high ranking Congressional democrats. Attorney General-select, Eric Holder commented, “Both these men bring a lot to the table. As far as the Department of Justice is concerned we’d rather have them close by, working for us rather than working for others. They each have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and will provide the President and the DOJ with invaluable perspectives.”

Vice President –elect, Joe Biden was very enthusiastic about having Burress and Tyson as advisors in the White House. Biden commented, “Heck yes, these are fine choices, good men who have gone through hard times. They demonstrate all that is good and positive in America. Besides that, I would like to see Mr. Tyson slap the shit out of Rahm Emmanuel now and then. That would keep that arrogant bastard in line.”

Not everyone interviewed expressed the same level of confidence in these appointments. Among those having “reservations” about Burress and Tyson is David Axlerod who headed the Obama campaign and has been named Senior Presidential Advisor. Axlerod said, “I enjoyed watching these guys perform as athletes. I know they are both highly intelligent. I am concerned about their lack of governmental experience. They certainly will, however, strictly limit access to the Oval Office. That can be a good thing given the demands of the President’s schedule.”

J. Chester “Chet” Hollkenburp, the Secret Service agent-in-charge of White House security seemed somewhat taken aback when told of these appointments. “I really don’t know what to say…I mean…holy shit! But, if the President-elect has decided to employ these fellows, who am I to question his judgment?”

Mike Tyson did make a brief, barely intelligible statement to the press saying, “I am F*%ki* honored to be here. I am honored to be anywhere besides prison or rehab. I will do my best for Mr. Barak and, if anyone tries to mess with him, well, they $#@*&! Be messin’ with me too.” Mr. Burress refused to comment but did threaten to beat the “living crap” out of a CNN reporter.

Mr. Obama did also elude that Burress and Tyson may serve as Ambassadors-at-Large in certain circumstances. He continued, “I can see a time given all the complexities of foreign affairs where I could send Mike and Plaxico abroad in some difficult situations. They have both demonstrated in the past their…ah...ability to be…er..ah..diplomatic in settling disputes. They could help reshape American foreign policy or at least reshape the faces of some of our adversaries. “

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Monday, December 1, 2008


Death Never Takes A Holiday

(Nov.28, Chicago, IL) It had all gotten to be too much. The post election let down was virtually immediate. The President-elect wasted no time in disappointing. Nope. His first decisions were disturbing and they have only gone downhill from there. So much for change, eh, Barak. What happened to breaking from the past, changing Washington and ushering in a new era of government?

Actually the old partisan, selfish Washington that we have all come to know and apparently tolerate was back up and running before the after glow of Obama’s victory faded. Perhaps it was foolish to think there would or could be a reprieve, however brief, from all that is sickening about our politics, government and those we elect to office. In hindsight it was not only foolish, it was down right idiotic. Rhetoric is just that, expediency rules the day in our Capitol and always will.

Whatever excuses the Obama transition team puts forth regarding the composition of their nascent Cabinet and Administration, they all represent politics as usual, personalities over principals and a galling disregard for the millions who voted for change. For President-elect Obama to succumb so early and easily to the familiar brand of political gamesmanship was as clear a signal as any that he is ready, willing and able to squander his unique chance to enact profound change. All the tripe about the challenges domestically and internationally requiring profound departures from the abject failures of the past eight years had been blown away by the cold winds from Lake Michigan that rattle through Chicago in November.

The on-going economic ailments, our two fronted war, the sinking of the American automobile industry, bailouts, by outs, hand outs and hand jobs became lost in the shadows of the long campaign season. With victory in hand it was time to slap the collective electorate in the face. Trash for garbage, worse for bad, one crook for another; the transition would be nothing more than new faces all too entrenched in the insidious ways of Washington.

Rahm Emanuel, just a partisan henchman. The traitorous Joe Lieberman embraced back into the comfortable fold of those he sold out. The arrogance and defiant, smugness that he personifies set the stage for what was to come. At least the Israeli Knesset and the oppressive Likud Party still have their Jew in our Senate chairing a powerful committee. From his slimy perch atop the Homeland Security Committee Zionist Joe can continue to feed classified state secret and serve his true masters. Barak, you might as well keep Robert Gates in the Pentagon; that surely is a repudiation of Bush’s failed policies.

Some of the most contentious debate on the democratic campaign trail once it became a two person race was over the stark differences between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. Hey, Barak, why don’t you make Hillary the Secretary of State? Having her and Bill globe trotting for your Administration is bound to be beneficial to all, right? Certainly you can find high ranking positions for hacks like Bill Richardson and John Kerry. Why not just dust off every operative, hack and flack from Bill Clinton’s era and give them all good jobs. That screams of change we can believe in, doesn’t it?

While you were busy pacifying, making amends and hiring your rivals, terrorists intruded on the world stage. Our economy continues to teeter on the brink of a depression, unemployment is at a 16 year high, the agenda you will inherit come January 20, 2009 is so laden with complex, interconnected crisis’, it is only right that you turn to a half witted collection of has-beens and never-were’s, of those with histories of failing in previous appointments.

In a Walmart on Long Island early this morning, a seasonal employee was trampled by a frenzied mob of shoppers, many of whom had literally camped out over night to be certain they could feed their greed ahead of the masses. This poor part-timer’s death was but a footnote on the day’s news. This, the day after Thanksgiving, has become known as “Black Friday” in the retail community. It marks the official “start” of the Christmas holiday season consumerism. We live in a country were a human can actually be run over by fellow humans who are going shopping. That is a sad and sorry statement of who we are and what we have become.

This isolated tragedy may seem irrelevant to the topic at hand. It may be but it serves as a metaphor for what is happening now as we all wait for the day George W. Bush goes back to his dusty ranch in Texas to chop wood or whatever such a moron does. The American people “camped out” anxiously waiting Election Day. They stormed the polls and voted in record numbers not only FOR Mr. Obama but also AGAINST Mr. Bush. They sensed change was possible, perhaps within reach. It seems as if their hopes have been trampled, their desires steamrolled by the wicked ways of our government that has forgotten their Constitutional duties, responsibilities and mandate.

It is a shame, Mr. Obama, that all along you knew that, if victorious, your real motto would be revealed. It was not “hope we can believe in”, but rather, “hope we were led to believe in”.

Maybe a trip to Walmart is in order. At least one knows what they are being there.

Submitted November 28th, 2008

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Friday, November 21, 2008


Biggest Contributor To Detroit’s Demise

(Nov. 20, Detroit, MI) Driving the Edsel Ford Expressway from outer Dearborn to Harper Woods transects the heart of the American auto industry. Detroit and its surrounding communities have long been synonymous with Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, the “Big Three” of domestic automobiles, for decades. Many cities and towns in Michigan have been home to manufacturing plants not only for the vehicles themselves but also of the many components that constitute the finished product.

Detroit metropolitan area has some of the highest price real estate in the nation within sight of some of the lowest. It has always been a place where prosperity and poverty have knocked heads. The endemic, pervasive poverty here and across this part of the state, has been a by product of prosperity. The unique element in this familiar two sided gulf separating the haves from the have-nots, is a huge population of high end middle classers who have shared in the prosperity much to the detriment of the very source of their prosperity. The vast numbers of these gulf inhabitants are card carrying members of the United Auto Workers union; one of the most complicit players in the cast of corrupt, greedy buffoons on the bridge as their cumbersome, top heavy ship has veered towards the rocks.

They are not in unfamiliar waters although they now appear poised to violently smash into the rocky coast and sink. They have navigated turbulent tides and currents, often taking on a threatening amount of water but always, somehow, narrowly avoided this looming catastrophe. Make no mistake about it: if the auto industry collapses, it will be a catastrophe for our entire economy. That said; it should happen. If the free marketeers of this long beleaguered industry, doomed by so many self inflicted injuries, have steered towards the rocks confident they would not make contact, this time they should meet their long overdue fate.

United Auto Workers union current president, Ron Gettlefinger and all his predecessors should be hand-cuffed to the deck of their sinking ship. The bloated contracts benefit packages, and other demands from the arrogant, spoiled, greedy union members have arguably been the biggest single factor in the history of Detroit’s struggles. The practices of the UAW ushered in the era of American manufacturers and industry moving their facilities off shore taking those jobs elsewhere. Why pay a union member $22 per hour for a 32.5 hour work week when work forces in most of the world would work for much less? Corporate CEO’s, left with no choices if their enterprises were to remain competitive in the face of overwhelming costly demands of the UAW, decided to move. Threats of strikes, actual strikes and other “job actions” were among the favored tactical intimidations the union (all unions, for that matter) used to bully the auto makers into concessions: higher wages, shorter work weeks, extended paid vacation and other leave, as well as full employer provided health care not only for active members but for retirees as well. As the union members grew lazy and overpaid throughout the past years, the Big Three were beginning to hemorrhage. The ranks of active members were declining while the number of retirees was growing into a crushing weight. Still the unions had the arrogance and gall to seek ever more while their productivity was driving auto makers into an uncompetitive corner. As globalization spread, the union remained defiantly oblivious.

This trend began in 1978 when Chrysler was on the verge of failure. Lee Iacocca, widely recognized as Chrysler’s savior, went hat in hand to Washington seeking guaranteed loans to prop up the once proud, suddenly crumbling giant. However, Iacocca was able to identify and correct many of the ills that were bringing his company and the entire automotive industry down. He peered over the horizons and saw the onslaught of foreign cars to come. If the American automotive industry was to survive into the future, along with drastic managerial restructuring, the UAW was going to have to play ball. Iacocca saved Chrysler with the UAW making virtually no real concessions.

By the late 1990’s it was estimated that the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for every American made vehicle had an additional $3000 to $4500 tacked onto it just to pay for union worker’s benefits. Their greed was insatiable; their willingness to see reality and negotiate3 in good faith was totally absent.

Their time of comeuppance has arrived. Let Detroit fail. Allow Chrysler, Ford, Gm and the UAW go down of the sinking ship of their own making. They now whine and cry about their plight, still unable to admit that the entire crisis is of their own construct, and go to Capitol Hill literally demanding to be handed $25 billion from Congress; they expect the taxpayer to “Bail them out”. If this was not so blatantly unbelievable, if the crisis not so profound, t6heir begging would be comedic.

No one is laughing now. Apparently the American public has seen through all the whining, crying, fit throwing and shouting from the industry and the guilty UAW. A recent national poll showed the public to be strongly against any Congressional bailout of the auto industry by over 51%. More than half of the country thinks the Big Three should go away. This is no surprise. The UAW assembled cars have been of inferior quality to those coming from Japan and other overseas competitors for so long that 42% of car owners consider American autos to be “junk”, “lemons”, “low quality, low reliability” and simply not their first choice when purchasing a car or SUV.

It is estimated that over 2.1 million jobs will vanish if this big ship goes down. Many of the jobs lost, unfortunately will not be UAW members but real workers, not members of “big labor’ who earn honest livings. Clearly our staggering economy cannot afford to pour millions of workers into the growing pool of the unemployed. The unemployment rate is already at a 16 year high with no end in sight.

Despite all the reasons to help, to “bail out” the auto industry, there are other practical, perhaps more cold-hearted, yet fiscally sound, approaches other than tossing our good money after bad. Let them perish in the cold waters of Lake Michigan. Only with profound systemic change across all sectors of the auto-industrial complex, would such a investment be worthwhile. Given the sorry history of this town, this industry and the UAW that is extremely unlikely. Screw them. They have screwed us long enough.

Congress and the industry should give Mr. Gettlefinger their collective “middle fingers”. He should be sent packing and told to stick his finger up his ass. The UAW as a whole can stick all their fingers up all their over paid, lard-asses. Enough is enough.

Jim Tailfin, Special Correspondent, writing for TBC from Flint, Michigan.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008



In coming and out going VP’s will
enter and exit each other’s wives.

(Nov.17, Washington, DC) In one of the most unprecedented, unusual and controversial events ever associated with the executive transition of power, the current Vice President, Dick Cheney and his successor to be, Joe Biden, will spend a weekend engaged in “wife swapping” prior to the Inauguration on January 20, 2009. This announcement has caused strong reactions from all quarters domestically as well as internationally. The press corps seemed truly caught off guard as the usually taciturn, cranky, Lucifer-like Cheney made the stunning announcement earlier today.

Last week while the Cheney’s were hosting a tour of the official Vice Presidential Residence located on the grounds of the Naval Observatory, a Cheney aide who was present and speaking anonymously said, “Well it was obvious right away. Sparks were flying. Lynn Cheney was just gushing over Joe Biden, she wouldn’t leave him alone. You could tell she was smitten.” This source also noted that “Mrs. Biden did not appear to like Dick Cheney very much. She kept her distance. He tried to talk her up and, at one point, I believe he grabbed her ass. Since she didn’t smack him in the head after that grope, Dick took that as a good sign.”

As the wives separated from their spouses to continue with the tour, Cheney and Biden engaged in private talks behind closed doors. They each had several advisors present during this high level meeting which primarily focused on national security issues. Kurt E. Dorkman, a long time Biden confidante who was present for the private meeting said “The Vice President and the Vice President-elect seemed to warm up to each other once drinks were served. Dick Cheney was downing shots of Old Grand Dad like a sailor on leave. He began telling some off color jokes. Senator Biden was drinking Rusty Nails then switched to Harvey Wallbangers. They were both getting pretty tanked.”

How the subject of wife swapping was initiated between the two men is not totally clear at this point. However, aides from both camps confirm it was Dick Cheney who initiated that conversation. “Dick asked Joe if he wanted to watch a porno movie. Biden blushed at first but did agree that that would be a good way to pass the time. They continued to drink heavily as they watched several short pornographic DVD’s. One of the pornos dealt with wife swapping. Cheney commented that he had always wanted to participate in a wild weekend of drunken debauchery including wife swapping. Dick asked Joe if he would have any interest in being involved in such an activity and Biden, by now drunker than an Indian hobo, belched and agreed. Soon thereafter they were making plans for the weekend.”

In his eight years as Vice President, Cheney has become one of the most hated men on the planet and is the most unpopular VP in US history. His ogre-like demeanor, his support of brutal torture tactics and his vicious beatings of George W. Bush, have all cemented his reputation as a scumbag of epic proportions. However, aides close to Cheney said his private life has been one of seeking out increasingly kinky sexual experiences. A Secret Service agent assigned to Cheney speaking not for attribution said, “We on his personal protective detail had to make great efforts to keep his sexual escapades secret. Had they leaked, it would have been dangerous for the entire world, crippling to the administration and would have meant all of us on the detail would be tortured then beheaded. It has been a difficult eight years for us.”

A handful of the agents on the detail also spoke privately and insisted their identities not be revealed. They said feared for their lives but, “now that this lame duck administration is about to leave, we are compelled to tell the truth about Dick.” According to these agents Mr. Cheney “really went off the deep end” after his lover, Scooter Libby had to leave the White House. “It was tough on Dick. He and Libby had been sexually intimate for many years. After Scooter resigned, Cheney began to seek out bizarre, often risky sexual adventures. We had to sneak transvestite prostitutes into his residence as well as midgets, a goat, several strippers and the Chippendale’s. It was a real challenge.”


Dick Cheney posing for Scooter Libby
on one of their secret trysts at Camp David.

Reliable sources who have known Dick Cheney for many years have long been familiar with his “peculiar tastes.” A boyhood friend from Cheney’s youth in Wyoming, Clark Dirt, now serving a life sentence in Montana State Penitentiary, for a variety of sex crimes and crimes against animals, crimes against humanity and check forging, speaking publically for the first time about Dick Cheney said, “He was always strange; even stranger than me. He was just smarter about it. But, man, did he have a temper. He used to like beating women and small animals. But, I have followed his career and can easily see why he is responsible for killing about a million people. I wrote to him once in 1991 and I spent the next 10 years in solitary. Go figure. I mean, I’m a registered republican, in the NRA and am born again.”

There are no further details available about the upcoming wife swapping weekend for the Cheney’s and Biden’s. One source said that the event was originally to take place at the VP residence but, at Cheney’s insistence, “It has been moved to an undisclosed location. Probably one of his secret bunkers he has converted into an S&M parlor.”

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Friday, November 14, 2008


Bad Science, Bad Policies, Bad News

As various inept government agencies bicker and suck the taxpayer’s money up, real citizens are left to make sense of what is dropped into their collective lives.

Case in point: Hills, Iowa. Approximately 8 miles south of Iowa City, the bedroom community of about 800 has no traffic light, is headquarters of the Hills Bank, has two bar / restaurants, a convenience store, a large agribusiness and no municipal water supply. It is as bland, plain and unremarkable a place as any small burg throughout the Midwest. Water had been a controversial issue for many years. The rift between those residents seeking a public water supply and those opposed was longstanding and bitter. The majority of folks seemed content relying on their own, shallow, sand-point wells for their water. Some had invested in deeper, lined wells and were equally content and confident in the safety of their water. Plus: it was free.

In 2003 the EPA, while investigating sites were the federal government stockpiled grain during WWII, they incidentally found perchlorate in the water table beneath Hills. Overnight the residents found themselves beneath the weight of the EPA as they invaded with their plans to investigate the mysterious presence of perchlorate. They were going to probe, dig wells, take samples and, in the process, disrupt and intrude on the lives of the residents as well as the few businesses. One business, in particular, was singled out and was, in fact, a natural suspect.

Stutsman, Inc., a large, family owned feed and fertilizer company occupies approximately 80 acres on Hills southern border. On their property are many warehouses, a large tank farm and several mix plants in which fertilizers are blended, herbicides and other chemicals handled and stored. Stutsman had been on this site for over 60 years and, their facilities and services grew with their success. The EPA subtly implicated Stutsman, Inc. as the likely source of the perchlorate contamination before the first soil probe was taken. The investigation team dispatched out of the EPA Region 7 Office in Kansas City immediately put the onus on Stutsman; they had to shoulder the burden of proof in reverse. Theirs was the task of disproving their culpability in and responsibility for the presence of the water problem.

Over their long, dominant, at times oppressive, history in Hills, Stutsman, Inc. was reviled by many residents for their often ruthless business practices, deep connections with the Hills Bank and a host of other reasons real and imagined. There real growth began in the 19070’s when they became among the first such businesses to adopt the concept of liquid fertilizer rather than the then the conventional utilization of dry fertilizers. As this caught on with local farmers, they grew accordingly adding tanks, mixing / blending facilities and equipment. Many of the Hills residents were convinced that Stutsman operated with impunity, beyond the burgeoning environment, agricultural and regulatory laws governing fertilizers and chemicals. They were known for their belligerence and outright defiance in the face of regulatory agencies as well as the blatant use of an “old boy’s network” with the various state regulatory offices. The majority of the town thought Stutsman HAD to be responsible.

As the residents’ divided into two polarized camps, those blaming Stutsman, those not, the EPA continued their invasion. The most glaring absence related to the EPA’s “investigation” was facts. They could not say with any certainty what ‘acceptable” levels of this chemical said to be used in rocket fuels was. Sure, this unfamiliar chemical was also naturally present in some mined products used as fertilizers at one time. This single fact mistakenly narrowed the EPA’s focus, blinded them to what the facts on the ground were and prolonged their investigations which allowed the resentments among the town folks to thrive.

The EPA investigation revealed the contours of the “plume” of the contaminant in the aquifer. Several “hot spots” were identified, neither of which were on the property of or even within relative proximity to the Stutsman facility. Essentially Stutsman had been exonerated and the EPA was no further along in understanding the source. They had no compunction imposing water use restrictions on homes located above the heart of the plume.

The EPA came, saw and confused. They dumped the entire mess in the laps of the hapless municipal government of Hills. All sorts of remedies, remediation methods and proposals were floated from those more interested in making a quick buck rather than actually providing clean water to the town. Opportunists filled in the void left by the EPA as they scurried back to Kansas City leaving Hills ina cloud of dust and in the dark.

Not too long ago the latest water referendum failed; the town chose to remain without a common supply. Five years after the EPA came to Hills, the residents are as puzzled today as they were on day one. They have watched their property values plumment, some of left for fear their children's health may have been threatened. Older timers wonder about deaths from long ago...what really killed him or her? Could it have been this perchlorate? No one will ever know the answers to the multitude of questions now part of the landscape of Hills, Iowa.

The town of Hills is locally known as the host and presenter of an impressive Fourth of July fireworks show. Oddly, one of the identified hot spots identified by the EPA is directly under the site these fioreworks have been launched from for years. Perchlorate, some traces of it, are presnt in many fireworks. Coincidence? Do decades of fireworks set off by drunken locals explain the aquifer plume?

These are just some of the quetions the EPA has left in it's wake. Folks in Hills can chose individually what the source of their water will be. They can do as they always have, use a bottled product or drill a new, deeper, lined well. They still need and use water.

The damage inflicted on them by the EPA is far greater than the problem that brought them. They were seen as their to help the town ouit of this crisis and left despised by everyone. They said good luck and see ya.

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EPA Advisers Seek Perchlorate Review
Scientists Hope Agency Rethinks Decision Not to Issue Standard

at the Washington Post Online.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Suspect in Countrywide Crime Spree

Joe the Fugitive

(Nov.12, Peru, IL) The unemployed, unlicensed Ohio plumber who gained international notoriety during the recent Presidential campaign has been sighted in various locations across the country since his brazen assault on an Obama look-a-like on November 2nd. After eluding numerous Secret Service agents as well as other law enforcement officers, the man known to the world as Joe the Plumber has been on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. He is second on that infamous list behind Osama bin Laden.

Presently the most extensive manhunt in recent history is underway led by the FBI and Federal Marshall’s Service. FBI Special Agent in Charge, Kurt Mahnhole commented, “There have been literally hundreds of alleged sighting of Wurzelbacher all over the country. We have some solid leads that we are pursuing but it looks like it may be a protracted hunt. We have reasons to believe that Joe is being aided by help from citizens. The public needs to be aware that he is a fugitive facing numerous federal, state and local charges. He is not a nice guy. Anyone helping him will be charged with aiding and abetting as well as obstruction of justice. This is no joke. This plumber is an out of control lunatic that needs to be captured or killed before he hurts anyone else.”

The latest reported sighting of Joe the Plumber was in Boise, Idaho. Clark Burlap, a local manure farmer, told Boise police that he saw the fugitive late Sunday night. “I was in the Deli Mart buying a 12 pack of Old Style Lite and some chewing tobacco and I saw this tall bald guy over by the beef jerky. He looked kinda’ suspicious and sorta’ familiar. Suddenly, I realized it was that insane plumber guy that ran for president. I went over to shake his hand but, as I approached him, he tossed a box of Slim Jims at me. They hit me in the face. He ran out the door without paying for the stuff he had in his hands. Looked to me he got away with about 6 dollars worth of jerky and a few Snickers. I’m sure glad he didn’t win the election although I thought that gal from Alaska he was runnin’ with was pretty hot.”

Reports of Joe sightings have come in from locations as distant as Opelika, Florida; Paducah, Kentucky; Bayonne, New Jersey; Holly Pond, Alabama, and a host of cities and towns in between. One unemployed Baltimore man, who identified himself only as Buck, called the FBI hotline and told the agent, “I just seen Joe the Plumber coming out of a tavern. He looked drunk. I knew it was him even though he was wearing a disguise. He had an afro wig on his head, was wearing a Boston Celtics jacket and shorts. He was also carrying a tennis racket. Last I saw him he was getting on a bus.”

Law enforcement officials swarmed on the bar, Slappy’s, on Canal Street in Baltimore just minutes after receiving the call from Buck. Slappy’s owner, Sylvester “Slappy” Papaslapodous told the officers that “This tall guy comes in here and orders a shot and a beer. He puts a twenty on the bar. I knows he ain’t from around here because I don’t get many drinkers in here that ain’t from around here. Know what I mean? Anyways, he keeps ordering shots of Crown Royal and drinkin’ beer and was getting’ pretty tanked. He started botherin’ the other guys. Hey, they are my regulars, know what I mean, so I tells him to back the fuck off them and shut his goddamned mouth. He asked me to change the channel on the TV. We was watchin’ wrestling and he wanted us to put on Fox News. That was when I threw him out.”

Federal Marshall Troy S. Burning held a brief press conference earlier today from one of the field headquarters for the manhunt. Speaking to a large contingent from the media, Marshall Burning said, “We know he is wearing disguises. We know he is robbing convenience stores, tattoo parlors, hair & nail salons, truck stops and bingo games. His image has been captured on several surveillance cameras in various locations. We have photos which we will release to the press with this mope, Wurzelbacher, wearing different disguises. We have seen him dressed in up as a banker, a Scottish bagpiper, a village idiot and a Hassidic Jew. This is one clever fugitive although we know his IQ is 53. He is essentially a moron but instinctively bright about being on the run. He has stolen numerous vehicles, hijacked a plane from Bismarck to Miami and stowed away on a barge of soybeans from Iowa to New Orleans. We fear he might try to disrupt the Presidential Inauguration but, we are also confident we will have caught or killed him by January 20, 2009. We would appreciate all of you in the media working with us and not against us. Thank you.”

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



President Bush visiting with President-elect Obama
in the Oval Office on Monday.

(Nov. 11, Fort Meade, MD) In a startling revelation two employees of the national intelligence apparatus as well as a White House insider reported that yesterdays’ meeting between President George W. Bush and the President-elect, Barak Obama was secretly recorded under direct orders from Vice President Dick Cheney. One of the sources, all of who spoke under the strictest of confidentially and anonymity, initially contacted The Brooding Cynyx news desk via an encrypted e-mail to report the eavesdropping. Subsequently there was a clandestine meeting with a TBC reporter and the three sources held earlier today at an undisclosed location. According to all three sources Dick Cheney ordered the Oval Office to be “bugged” by a surveillance technician from the CIA. This technician whose identity remains unknown at this time was allegedly shot by a Cheney staffer after his services were no longer needed to insure this secret activity remain secret.

All those involved in providing this leaked information also had in their possession corroborating documents offered as proof of the eavesdropping operation. One of the operatives, a high ranking analyst from the NSA also produced a tape recorded phone conversation between Cheney and himself. TBC had the tape analyzed and voice printed to assure its authenticity.It was scientifically proven to be legitimate. No one was available for comment at the Vice President’s Office today. The White House issued a brief statement this afternoon stating “The President is taking this matter seriously. He is all too familiar with Vice President Cheney’s obsession for obtaining information illegally. The President has usually allowed Dick to do whatever he wanted but is very upset that Mr. Cheney chose to spy on him. He feels the sanctity of the Oval Office has been compromised and has insisted an exterminator be brought in immediately to remove whatever “bugs, rodents or varmints” Dick planted in there.”

Another of the operatives turned over a portion of the secretly recording conversation between Bush and Obama. This recording has been rigorously tested, analyzed and verified as legitimate. What follows are excerpts from that recording.

GWB: George W. Bush
BHO: Barak H. Obama

GWB: “Welcome to the Oval Office, Barracks. I have made some of my most misoverinterpretated decisions right here. Some of the one's I most proudest of."

BHO: “Thank you Mr. President. By the way, my name is Barak.”

GWB: “Well shitfire…what did I call ya’ fella?”

BHO: “It’s really not important sir, I believe we have much more important, pressing issues to discuss in our brief time together today.”

GWB: “We do? You don’t say. I thought we’d just kinda kick back and I’d be able to tell ya’ what it’s like to be the most powerful cowboy on the planet.”

BHO: “Perhaps you could tell me some stories another time sir. Actually I am more concerned with the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, unemployment, health care, education, and all the other challenges I will inherit in 71 days.”

GWB: “Ya’ are? Well shut my mouth. You are a pretty damned serious guy for a politician, Bama.”

BHO: “Indeed sir. Um, my name is Obama not ‘Bama. Actually Bama is a nick name for the State of Alabama, sir.”

GWB: “Whut in the hell ya’ talkin’ about son? I hate to break it to ya’ but, Alabama is a football team that plays somewhere in the south. I’m not sure which State it is.”

BHO: “But sir, I thought you served in the Air National Guard and was stationed in Alabama.”

GWB: “No shit? Well, if I was, that’s news to me. Wanna’ Coke or Pepsi? I’m partial to Mr. Pibb but I do manage to drink some Mountain Dew when I get tired. Can I get you anything? Are you hungry? Do you want to hit a few golf balls out on the lawn?”

BHO: “Respectfully, sir, I came here to have a serious conversation with you not to drink soda or play golf. I had hoped you would be candid with me, enlighten me on some of the most difficult situations I will face when you leave office.”

GWB: “Sorry Haystack. Ya’ don’t have to get so riled up! Okay, how about you just tell me what you want to know and I’ll see if I can help you out. Before that, do you mind if I let Barney, my dog, come in. He likes to sniff visitors’ legs. I promise he won’t bite bu,t you do look a little bit like a groundskeeper he has attacked once or twice.”

BHO: “Oh boy…with all do respect sir, if it would speed this conversation up, let the dog in and have a Mr. Pibb. I really have some issues I need your input on. Also, my name is Barak not Haystack.”

(Short pause while Barney enters the Oval Office and Mr. Bush gets his Mr. Pibb and some pretzels.)

GWH: “Hell, I knew that, I was just funnin’ with ya’. You sure seem wound up tight. You Okay? I suppose that long fight with John McCain mighta’ worn ya’ down some. Wanna take a nap?”

BHO: “Thank you but, no sir. Could you share your thoughts with me on Guantanamo?

GWH: “Well I know it’s in Cuba and we have a whole bunch of evil doers down there. Bob Gates tells me the food is pretty good. Ya’ know them Muslim, Islamic extremists don’t like pork or bacon or French fries. Stuff like that. But, I suppose with you being a Muslim yourself, you already know that. I figure we can keep those terrorists there as long as we want…maybe forever. Wanna Twinkie?”

BHO: “Sir, I am most certainly not a Muslim. I am as much a Christian as you are. Please, do not think I am a Muslim, but, if I was, what difference would it make?”

GWB: “Take it easy, Barstock. It was an honest error. Actually Dick told me you were Muslim. You mean to tell me that Uncle Dick was actually wrong?”

BHO: “It’s BARAK and yes, I believe your Uncle Dick has been wrong about many, many things. His being wrong about my religious affiliation is the least of them. Now, maybe it would be better to discuss this economic stimulus package. I am unsure about the mechanics of this infusion of capital to Wall Street. The middle class really needs some relief.”

GWB: “Hey, don’t speak harshly about Dick. He is a great American and it has been my pleasure to serve him while he has served with me during this time that needed us all to serve and be of service. Now, Wall Street, wee, some of Daddy’s best friends have interests there, ya’ know what I mean. I figure if they’re happy they will be empowered to make the middle class happy. The whole middle class, not just mechanics. Hey, did you ever meet Joe the Plumber? He seemed like a hell of a good fella; the kind of guy I’d like to drink a beer with except I don’t drink beer anymore. I used to drink like a slobbering Irishman after Daddy pulled all those strings to get me into Yale. Hell, one time we were drinkin' gin and...ah...never mind. I stick to the Mr. Pibb and Mountain Dew today. Hey…it looks like Barney likes you. I think he took a squirt on your pants cuff. What kind of dog do you plan to get when you move inhere?”

BHO: “Mr. President, perhaps I should go. This conversation is not working out as I anticipated. I spoke with Joe the Plumber once. John McCain made him a celebrity. Also, sir, you may not have noticed but Barney just left a mess under your chair.”

GWB: “That rascal. He gets excited whenever I have company. He’s been known to take a dump or a leak in front of world leaders. Heck, he pissed all over Harmid Karzai’s shoes. That was a hoot. Ya’ know the Taliban won’t allow terriers in Afghanistan? They hate them…poodles too. Godless fuckers. Sorry, as I was sayin’, that was almost as good as the time he humped the Pope’s leg. Sometimes he throws up on Air Force One but the Secret Service keeps carpet cleaner on that plane at all times.”

According to our sources Dick had a listening device implanted in Barney's ass. The other bugs were concealed throughout the Oval Office because, as one of our sources reported, “Dick Cheney did not want to miss anything. The coverage in that room was complete. Every word and sound was captured. The portions of the tapes I listened to and transcribed had a good deal of Barney farts on it. If there weren’t redundant listening devices, some things might have been missed and we would have been stuck with only those dog farts. Dick would have been pissed. He may have had us all killed.”

Barak Obama was informed of the alleged eavesdropping activities today and expressed great dismay and some measure of anger that what he thought to be a confidential discussion was secretly recorded. “Well, in a sense, it may have some historical value. The brief time I spend talking and listening to Mr. Bush afforded me the opportunity to understand more clearly how this country has wound up ion the shape it’s in. I also know to make sure the carpets are all cleaned before I move in with my family. It might be a real challenge to get rid of all the stink in there. Quite a bit of stink has built up in The White House while George W. Bush has lived there.”

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Monday, November 10, 2008


Status Quo Has To Go

Lieberman crossed the line.

(Nov. 10, NY, NY) The fact that Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has chosen to engage in discussions with the vile, spineless, opportunistic Independent Senator Joe Lieberman reeks of the status quo. What Lieberman did should be seen for exactly what it was: blatant disloyalty of the highest order. It is not a matter of the self serving Senator from Connecticut simply choosing to support the Republican Presidential candidate, his close friend, John McCain. That could be accepted if it had been done, as Lieberman insists, as a matter of conscience. The fact is that Lieberman’s argument is not only disingenuous, it is patently false.

At every step of his long political career Lieberman has served two sacred causes; his own advancement and the advancement of Israeli issues. He selfishly bolted from the Democratic Party that had elected him for so many terms once the Connecticut voters rejected him in the 2006 primary. He was soundly beaten; the voters spoke loudly so Joe decided to run as an “Independent” in direct defiance of the will of his Party. That was quintessential typical Lieberman.

For some inexplicable reason Al Gore selected this mope as his running mate in 2000. Eight years later, Lieberman not only endorsed his Party’s Presidential rival, he literally glued himself to McCain’s rump. He appeared with McCain on the campaign trial becoming one of his most ardent, visible and vocal supporters. In an amazingly brazen slap kick in the groin to the Democrats, Lieberman had the unmitigated gall, the chutzpah, to deliver a speech at the Republican National Convention in September. That should have been the final straw; that traitorous act should automatically disqualify him from remaining a member in the Democratic Caucus. If the Senate Democrats do not mete out a swift and harsh expulsion of Lieberman, what is the message they are sending? If Joe’s behavior can be tolerated, what constitutes intolerable behavior in the Party’s eyes?

Not only does Lieberman seek to retain his membership in the Party he renounced, in a further demonstration of hubris, absolute arrogance, he is virtually demanding he keep his seat as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. This scum bum, fervent Zionist should not be permitted access to classified intelligence and other data pertaining to our national defense, our country’s interests. He never should have been in that position to begin with.

Joe Lieberman is the Senator of Tel Aviv: his record undeniably proves that. He is a pawn of the State of Israel firmly and unabashedly implanted into the legislative branch of the United States government. This is a pathetic state of affairs.

The Democratic Party has been handed a rare opportunity to enact profound change in the way business is conducted in Washington. If they fail to recognize their power position very soon, they run the risk of squandering their future. The Republicans will pounce on them, and exploit their timidity, their lack of nerve, courage and balls. If the Democrats permit dimwitted fools like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi define themselves, the recent electoral victories they scored will be Pyrrhic victories and will severely impeded President-elect Barak Obama’s agenda.

Lieberman must go. The entire Congressional majority leadership structure should be replaced with new, aggressive, energetic members who are much better suited and willing to help usher in the brand of change that is needed and that the voters endorsed last week.

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Friday, November 7, 2008



Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.
Would you buy a used car from this creep?

(Nov.7, NY, NY) The composition of a President’s Cabinet can make or break an Administration. Newly elected Barak Obama’s first Cabinet appointment is an ominous sign. Naming Clinton retread, ultra-partisan, Zionist zealot, Representative Rahm Emanuel from Chicago, hopefully, is not indicative of the tone and direction the Obama Presidency will take. While Mr. Emanuel possesses some very astute political instincts and brings White House experience with him, arguably, he will prove to be a liability rather than a benefit. Already Washington insiders are reacting negatively to the elevation of Emanuel due to his reputation, temperament and personal agenda.

Obama achieved his electoral victory after conducting a well disciplined highly effective campaign premised on the principal of change. The majority of Americans who voted did so largely because of the widespread desire for real, tangible change in how our federal government functions. People seemed to grasp instinctively the dire circumstances that have developed during George W. Bush’s disastrous two terms. The failures of the Bush years are monumental; there effects will take years to correct. Barak Obama has been hired by the American people to shepherd this country out of the darkness of the mismanaged, costly war of choice and occupation of Iraq, the total disregard for the huge domestic issues contributing to the worst financial crisis we have experienced since the Great Depression. As Wall Street continues to be enveloped in chaos, today we learned that our unemployment rate is the highest in 14 years. Thank you, George. On the coat tails of Obama the Democratic Party has increased their membership in both Houses of Congress. The American people have given Obama the go ahead to enact dramatic change.

If any such change is to occur, it will require not only a paradigm shift, but a complete departure from the antiquated, stale, gridlocked politics that have been practiced for far too long. Some of the other names being tossed out as potential Cabinet members seem contrary to the idea of radical change. When Bill Clinton took office in 1993 he saw diversity as the main criteria in choosing his Cabinet. That turned out to be a first term nightmare that nearly sunk his entire Presidency. Several of the rumored Obama Cabinet potentials are among some of the worst of the failures from the Clinton years.

A case in point: Bill Richardson. Richardson, currently the Governor of New Mexico, served Clinton in multiple high level positions. He was an abysmal failure in each of them. He was bounced from appointment to appointment only because he is a political hack and was a devout Clinton sycophant. It was under his watch as Secretary of Energy that many of our most valuable nuclear technology highly classified secrets were stolen by the Chinese. What they have achieved with it and who they have passed it along to has seriously impacted the geopolitical landscape. Richardson, a slovenly, dimwitted, slouch was also a tremendous failure as US Representative to the United Nations. He was viewed by world leaders an unqualified appointee with no foreign policy or diplomatic credentials given his United Nations seat only because he had kissed ass.

John Kerry somehow managed to be trounced by George W. in the 2004 Presidential election. The fact that Obama is even possibly considering naming this inept, blithering idiot to his Cabinet is beyond disappointing: it is downright scary. Mr. Obama seems poised to squander his mandate by handicapping himself from the start.

Perhaps the man behind the effective Obama campaign, his Chief Strategist, David Axelrod in his White House role as Chief Advisor will be able to influence Obama as he makes his important Cabinet appointments in the next few weeks. Team Obama is well aware that due to the gravity of the crises both at home and abroad, he has to “hit the ground running” virtually as soon as he raises his hand from the Bible upon which he will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. We can only hope that he will be as thoughtful and deliberative in choosing his team as he has been up to this point. The voting public, by virtue of their votes, extended a large measure of good will to our President. He now needs to deliver. Let’s hope that the loose cannon, hot tempered, Israel – first, sharp elbowed, henchman, Rahm Emanuel is the only mistake he will make in the process.

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