Friday, October 10, 2008



( Oct. 10, Columbus, OH) Upholding the finest tradition of the man whose Office she hopes to soon occupy, GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, was found guilty in what has been referred to as “Troopergate.” While Palin was cleared of most of the other charges, she was unanimously found guilty for “abuse of power.” She is guilty of having used her position as Governor (the authority of her elected Office) to intervene inappropriately in matters pertaining to her sister’s bitter divorce. (She had one State employee fired for not firing a State trooper who happened to be divorcing the former beauty Queen-turned Governor's sister.)

Vice President? Abuse of power? Does this sound familiar?

Although absolutely devoid of even the most minimal experience and knowledge required to hold the second highest Office in the land, Palin apparently has already mastered the all important qualification - an ability to abuse the power of her office. The current prez and Veep have perpetrated unprecedented abuses of power in all facets of their so-called governing, policies and practices. These two messianic zealots have done more damage to our Constitution in eight years than anyone has been able to since 1776.

Given the fact that our current VP, Dick Cheney, has actually interpreted his role in government as being a “fourth branch”, he and his operatives have abused power in the most blatant, criminal, deceptive and vicious manner, Sarah the Barracuda appears to be more than well suited to pick up where Dick leaves off.

Mrs. Palin, an avid hunter of wild game such as elk, caribou, moose, polar bear and wolves has already demonstrated an higher than average aptitude for shooting off her mouth while blasting gapping holes through facts, truth and decency. She has taken to spewing some of the most distorted rhetoric regarding Barak Obama and seems to enjoy her role as addled Johnny McCain’s own personal “Pit Bull” while donning $350 eye glasses not affordable to most “Main Street Americans” and “Soccer Moms.” She would be a parody, a remarkably comic character were it not for the fact that she may find herself in the West Wing of the White House come January 2009.

If John McCain represents four more years of the failed policies and politics of the goonish George W., than certainly Palin would at least be a continuation of the dark, manipulative, manic Dick Cheney. Actually, as she said in her debate with Joe Biden two weeks ago, she would seek to “expand” the powers of the Vice President. Wow.

If victorious, the wild life of Alaska can breath a sigh of relief; there will be one less “Hockey Mom’” wielding a high powered rifle for them to worry about. Unfortunately for the citizens of America, and anyone she and ole John may perceive as enemies, “targets” or “threats” abroad, Sarah will have far more fire power at her disposal.


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What the Troopergate Report Really Says
Nathan Thornburgh/Anchorage Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008

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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Secret Service Concerns Grow With Increased Threats To Obama

(Oct.9, Tampa, FL) Where is the line between passionate campaign rhetoric, “appealing–to-your-base” sound bites, heat of the moment flashes of anger and truly dangerous, threatening, incendiary, venomous politicking? Perhaps it is when actual, verbal threats against your opponent are heard among the shouts at your public campaign events. Increasingly the fiery, hostile charges coming from the GOP ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin aimed at Democrat, Barak Obama are inciting some of their audiences to devolve into frenzied mobs. The degree of ugliness now erupting, in the final weeks of this profoundly important, hotly contested Presidential race, is venturing into uncharted territory.

Regardless if those individuals or groups shouting threats such as “Kill him”, “traitor”, and “terrorist”, referring to Barak Obama, are lone or packs of racist, ignorant wolves, or true expressions and sentiments of vast crowds of GOP hardliner supporters, McCain, the self proclaimed “Patriot” and “Maverick”, ought to have the decency, honor, and courage, to put an end to it. McCain should firmly squelch such overt hostility. His silence is not only condoning, it is damning. The fact that he has chosen to have his “Barracuda”, the caribou hunting, moose neck slitting, pit bull running mate, Sarah Palin, to do the dirtiest of his dirty work, speaks volumes about his character.

Since the Lee Atwater era where smear tactics and the mudslinging tactics of the Republican Party were born, their tactics have steadily devolved from borderline, hard core campaigns into what we are now witnessing; below the gutter, vileness desperately, cavalierly employed, to obtain the highest elected office in the land. Democracy in action? Freedom of speech? Really?

McCain and his feral side kick appear to be intentionally inciting the crowds that gather at these events. By overt statements and not so subtle implication, they are exploiting the fact that they can paint their opponent, the first African American Presidential candidate of a major party, as somehow being “dangerous”. Their blatant aim is to have enough Americans convinced that Obama is an unpatriotic, ultra-liberal, domestic terrorist who “pals around” and “associates with” real terrorists, that some dimwitted, idiotic, wing nuts will provide him a slim margin of victory. If this scenario does in fact play out to vault McPalin into the White House, it will be less than a Pyrrhic victory. It will be a failed Presidency from day one and, potentially, the catalyst for divisions among us that pale in comparison to the wicked partisanship we have become oh so accustomed to.

The Secret Service, according to current members of Obama’s personal security and personal protection details, speaking under the condition of anonymity, express grave concerns regarding the course this race for the White House has taken. Several of them have cited instances wherein they sensed a palpable under current of true malice and near-imminent danger at McPalin rallies so strongly, that it was only by direct command of their superiors that they did not intervene.

Active and retired members of the federal, state, and local law enforcement community have long been studying, analyzing and worrying over Senator Obama’s safety. He is the first Presidential candidate to have been provided full Secret Service protection so early into the primary season. “The fact that the very notion of having a black man as U.S President would not motivate either fringe groups or a single unhinged mentally disturbed individual to make an attempt on his (Obama’s) life, was simply denying reality”, commented Dennis Dowd, Chief of the Threat Assessment Unit of BronxWest Consulting. Dowd, a retired NYPD Captain added, “The advance work required for each and every event, all of Obama’s travels, movements and public interactions have been ramped up to unprecedented levels. If anybody out there believes that Senator Obama is not an attractive assassination target for some of our citizens, they are grossly mistaken.”

This week alone saw the McPalin ticket spew forth some of the most inflammatory rhetoric. As a result, the Secret Service is currently engaged in several investigations in at least three states. Each investigation stems from either verbally expressed threats heard at MCPalin rallies or other threatening behavior and / or activities that have prompted the Secret Service to track down an unknown number of “people of interest.”

The infamous Los Angeles based street gangs, “the Bloods” and “The Crips” have each offered to provide security and bodyguard services to Senator Obama, his family as well as his travelling entourage. A spokesman for the Bloods identified himself only as “Brotha Soldier Dawg” said “We are more than capable and pretty damned willing to provide protection for Mr. Barak. He won’t have no worries if we be by his side.” David Plouffed, a top Obama campaign manager said that “We will consider the generous offers from both the Bloods and Crips. However, Senator and Mrs. Obama and the entire campaign staff have the utmost confidence, respect and gratitude for the superior dedication and abilities of the Secret Service and all of legal Law Enforcement across this great land.”

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