Monday, January 21, 2008


Candidate Clinton Destroying President Clinton’s Legacy

Columbia, SC (Jan. 21, 2008. TBC) The democratic presidential candidate, New York Senator, Hillary Clinton is in the process of succeeding where so many others have failed: her candidacy has exposed her husband, the former President Bill Clinton, as a deeply disturbed politician. No matter what role he was to play in her campaign, it was common knowledge that he would be in a precarious, unprecedented predicament. Never before has a former president been the husband of a current presidential hopeful. While not long ago pundits and commentators were speculating on what Bill Clinton would do in the White House as First Spouse, the public is witnessing the dissembling of a man, a family, a political machine and the overblown ambition of them all. The hubris that allowed the former First Lady to run for senate as a carpetbagger pales in comparison to the arrogance of her “right” to be our next president.

As her campaign of what was once touted basically as her “destiny”,it has devolved into a campaign blind sided by reality, in serious trouble,with hubby Bill becoming more visible, vocal, venomous and vicious as his wife’s most effective surrogate.
Perhaps, that should be, “once effective surrogate”. Even the most loyal supporters of the Clinton’s seem a little embarrassed watching Bill as a political operative, henchman, attack dog and overall asshole. After having survived years of unrelenti
ng attacks, investigations, scandals, exposes, mistakes, allegations, perpetual hounding by right wing radical republicans and a presidential impeachment, the Clinton’s demise will be a double suicide; they are in the process of destroying themselves, anything they ever were individually or as a couple, along with whatever objective accomplishments Bill had as a two term popular President. The signs of extreme stress, of an anger born of the blasphemous notion that Hillary shouldn’t be president, is coming ever more into focus, daily more apparent in their remarks and comments. Finally, everything: an entire sordid past is coming home to roost on the largest of public stages. It’s as if Bill and Hillary had landed on their feet after being tossed off the Empire State Building and walked away only to be run over by a gypsy cab on 6th Avenue. The irony of this comic-tragedy has a beauty, a symmetry all its own. If you see a turtle on a post you have to wonder how it got there, right?

Think back to the days, recall the formidable opponents hellbent, yet so unsuccessful, to bring this dynamic political duo down. newly elected Speaker of the House, Newt Gingerich and his coterie of radical right wing zealots, Rupert Murdock and his media empire, Ken Starr, obese Lucianna Goldberg and her misshapen rotund, momma’s boy, couldn’t find-a-job-without-her son, Jonah; pundits and pukes across the spectrum, insiders, outsiders, Arkansas State troopers, Jim McDougal, The House Impeachment Committee, Richard Melon Scaife, that scum bag jew lawyer who represented that fat whore Monica Lewinsky, Geraldo Rivera, Joe Leiberman and a brigade of others. The list of all their enemies could not be assembled; there were simply too many of them. None of them, and all their powerful resources, were able to inflict any measure of damage to Bill and Hill near the magnitude of what they are now doing to and for each other.

So it all comes home now. Bill and Hill will be consumed by the flames of their own insatiable ambition, stupendous arrogance and old fashioned spite and bitterness. This fire will continue to burn for a few more weeks; perhaps longer. All efforts aimed at extinguishing this blaze will prove paltry in the face of such an intense conflagration. maybe, when all that remains are smoldering ashes, this fire will be recognized for what it was: a healthy burn-off of underbrush and dead falls. We will all be better off.

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