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Does having suffered horror endow the sufferer with permission to make others suffer?

(Dec. 27, United Nations HQ, NYC) The State of Israel. One of Harry Truman’s two monumental, abysmal failures: the formation of The United Nations was his second. Two notions doomed to fail : one of its own hate, the second of its own weight. Israel was his first and most ill conceived idea. The UN has proven itself to be a paper lion, effective on only the smallest scale and in situations that pose the least risk. The State of Israel is proving, by its outrageous mass murder, that it is extremely dangerous and apparently above the laws intended to restrict the behavior of sovereign nations particularly when military force is involved.

Witnessing the latest round of barbarism perpetrated by Israel towards the Palestinian people, it is very difficult to understand not the nature of the conflict but the utter madness of the Zionist government. Of all the people in the world to inflict total oppression and atrocious mass murder on another - it should not be the Jews. Given their history, it would seem to be more rational and reasonable that they would SEEK with vigor a way to peacefully coexist with the very people whose homelands were heartlessly, ruthlessly stolen when Israel was arbitrarily carved out.

Six decades and the status of the “Mid East Crisis” as it has long been designated and the blood continues to flow. Primarily Palestinians blood flows in quantities exponentially to that of the Israeli’s. The “only democracy in the Middle East” is, in historic and present day reality, not a democracy in any sense of the word. The harsh truth is that Israel has kept an entire nation in captivity since it’s inception and have never had to account for their sadistic tactics. They still, since 1949, remain incapable of admitting to the fact that they are OCCUPYING other people’s land, land that had been owned, farmed and worked for hundreds of years by generations of Palestinians.

Surely this whole sordid, deadly mess cannot be about religion, can it? Are the Jews intending to annihilate the Palestinians just as the Nazi’s attempted to do the same to the Jews? Do the Zionists actually lay claim to this stolen land based on some verse or verb in the Old Testament? Have they discovered justification for their occupation of this land and oppression of these people somehow deeply buried within their own history? Having survived the horrors of the Nazi pogrom it would appear more sensible that the Jews would be ACUTELY aware of what it is like to suffer and would therefore find it in themselves (or some other verb or verse of the Old Testament) to exercise sound judgment, mercy and empathy with those they literally hold captive; imprisoned en masse in their own land.

With its 30 feet high, concertina and barbed wire encrusted top, a wall, a literal cement and concrete wall keeps the Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza Strip as well as “The West Bank”. (The West Bank is another story for another time.) There is a barrier zone on the Palestinian side of this monstrosity of a wall that further decreases the meager land within The Gaza Strip. Call it what you will but, a name is merely a name, a designation and, in this case, just another variant of nouns. The Jews arrogantly call it a “separation fence”: that sounds reasonable. The Palestinians who are so severely restricted and forced to live behind its shadow are a bit more realistic. These suffering folks refer to it as a “Racial Segregation Wall”. Now, that’s more like it. However, in the English translation of whatever it be called by Jew or Muslim, it is frankly “The Apartheid Wall.” But, you aren’t supposed to say that in polite company, correct? Remember the out lash against former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, the only American President to date to have brokered a long-standing peace between Israel and another country. Jimmy Carter wrote a book entitled: “Palestine. Peace Not Apartheid” and was almost tarred and feathered by the furious Jews. How dare anybody speak the truth and call the “Mid East Crisis” exactly what it is: it is not a crisis IT IS APARTHEID.

Carter famously brought Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin to Camp David and the three emerged after intense negotiations with what are referred to as The Camp David Accords of 1978. On March 26, 1979 the accords became officially ratified as The Egyptian - Israeli Peace Treaty. Egypt became the first Arab state to officially recognize Israel. Since then, nothing has advanced anywhere near a lasting peace. All kinds of proposals, negotiations, secret talks orchestrated by third parties and an ever stagnant “roadmap towards peace” are all just so many hollow words, half hearted, disingenuous blather on the part of Israel.

Yasser Arafat founder and once and long time Chairman of the PLO who subsequently became President of the Palestinian National Authority, once the devil incarnate to the Jews has been dead and buried since November of 2004. His arch-nemesis, the former brutal, bloodthirsty, Zionist General elected to head the Israeli government hs been a literal turnip since January 2006 when he lapsed into a coma. He remains in a persistent vegetative state. Their generation and their long, bitter memories are aged and a thing of the past. New leadership on both sides must emerge if any of this Apartheid is ever to cease.

Make no mistake about the future. The wall enclosing The Gaza Strip was not constructed to be temporary: Israel intends to incarcerate these displaced Palestinians for some time to come. The wall around Gaza is no less a concentration camp than were Dachau, Aushwitz and all the other places of unimaginable cruelty and death constructed by Adolph Hitler. How can any Jew with half a brain NOT see the mind boggling parallels between their past and the Palestinians present?

The sun will rise on the Holy Land soon and as sure as that fact is the sad truth that Israel will kill more innocents today and the day after this and on and on.

The rest of the world, particularly those few that might still possess some vestige of influence with Israel should become ultra-active to bring a rapid truce to the killing. Once the world said “Never Again”. How wrong they have been.

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The “Chosen People” Choose Massacre


(Dec. 27, Occupied Jerusalem) Just over a week ago, a renegade faction of Hamas guerrillas, actually a mere handful of men, broke the fragile Egyptian brokered truce between the Hamas governed Gaza Strip and Israel. As always, the isolated random attacks became more frequent and Israel decided to “defend” herself. The Zionist regime chose to employ such heavy handed, brutal and disproportionate force that as of nightfall here approximately 205 Palestinians have been murdered; an estimated 350 others wounded. The Palestinian death toll is certain to rise.

As is the normal pattern of frustration borne rocket launches from Gaza and the subsequent mass annihilation in retaliation by Israeli military forces, the same ratio persists. It seems that Israel has decided that Jewish life is worth the lives of scores of innocent Palestinians; a people who have been held in bondage for six decades. This criminal ratio, the inequity of suffering, destruction and death has existed throughout the decades as well.

Israel is very adept at swatting flies with a sledge hammer, The military imbalance between the captive Palestinians and the United States supported state of Israel allows the Zionist brutality to continue despite the death toll, regardless the numbers of wounded, grieving, homeless and starving Palestinians, most of a generation who have never known or tasted freedom.

A perfect example of Israeli military doctrine regarding occasional Palestinian aggression occurred earlier this week when an Israeli F-16 fighter plane was dispatched to murder a lone Hamas gunman. How this behavior is tolerated by the world community is beyond belief. The blood on Zionists hands must be shared with the USA who has steadfastly maintained virtually unilateral, unwavering, albeit biased, proud backing of the barbaric Israeli government since Israel’s birth; a birth, by the way, that was born out of the same type of “terrorism” the Zionists so eagerly classify the acts of a few Palestinians.

The intractable issue at the heart of this protracted conflict is not HOW to attain a state of peaceful coexistence between Zion and Palestine but rather WHEN will enough Palestinian blood been shed that the world as one voice will declare “enough is enough”?

TBC greatly acknowledges The Washington Post, The New York Times, al Jezeera and for providing some of the sourcing for this post.

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Lisa Jackson, EPA Secretary-nominee.
Another beaute, Barak.

Third in a series examining the Obama Cabinet.

(December 24, Newark, NJ) With the prominent issues of global climate change, environmental protection and energy independence near the center of President-elect Obama’s campaign, the importance of his choice for Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would send a strong, clear measure as to just how much effort his Administration will devote to such concerns.

With the nomination of Dr. Stephen Chu for the post of Secretary of Energy, Mr. Obama has proof positive that his energy initiatives will be scientifically based, well reasoned and practical. Chu is a highly respected Nobel Laureate winning that award for Physics in 1997. Currently he runs one of the most prestigious national laboratories in the country, The Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His credentials are as solid as those of anyone to have ever held the position for which he has been nominated.

Unfortunately Mr. Obama has thrown another wild card into the deck of Cabinet secretaries with his choice for the EPA Secretary, Lisa Jackson. Jackson is currently the Chief of Staff to New Jersey Governor John “Speedy” Corzine and served as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Director(NJDEP) prior to that. She had been a fixture for 16 years at the federal EPA in Washington before diving in to the cesspool of New Jersey politics. If her record from her EPA and NJDEP positions are any indication of what she’ll do as EPA Secretary we all better purchase Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and expect to have a toxic waste dump located near your city or town within the next four years or for however long she manages to hold onto her Cabinet seat if even confirmed by the Senate.

As summarized in Wikipedia: “While DEP Commissioner, she led a staff of 2,990 professionals responsible for protecting, sustaining and enhancing New Jersey’s water, air and land, and preserving its wealth of natural and historic resources. In addition to overseeing environmental programs for the state, as Commissioner, Jackson oversaw state parks and beaches, fish and wildlife programs and historic preservation. As commissioner in July 2006 she had to shut down all state parks and beaches due to the state governmental shutdown in relation to the state budget delay.

As the state's chief environmental enforcer, Jackson led compliance sweeps in Camden and Paterson, communities in which the effects of pollution on public health had long been neglected. She launched the environmental initiative following multicultural outreach efforts to inform and involve community residents and businesses. Working with county officials, New Jersey State Police and the EPA, the NJDEP then mobilized more than 70 inspectors to conduct upward of 1,000 compliance investigations in the two cities, the first of a series of enforcement sweeps."

Jackson's performance at DEP was criticized by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The organization stated:

DEP employees describe Ms. Jackson as "employing a highly politicized approach to decision-making that resulted in suppression of scientific information, issuance of gag orders and threats against professional staff members who dared to voice concerns.”

Aside from her abysmal track record in every job she ever held at any level of government, she is another multiple ticket punch pick in that she covers several categories under the umbrella of diversity. Apparently she is a negroid, obese, female and that gives her plenty of clout in the Democratic Party. She is also another ill defined type of person very similar to Valerie Jarrett. (See Part Two of the TBC Obama Cabinet Series).

According to world renowned genetics expert, Dr. Anne Drogoness, The Strom Thurmond Chair of the Department of Gender, Genetics and Gatric Distress at Alcorn State University in Alabama, “Lisa Jackson remains somewhat a mystery to us regarding her genetic composition. All we have been able to establish thus far is that she is in fact a human, perhaps with some Negroid traits as expressed in her mitochondrial DNA and is most certainly obese. We would need much more time and data to establish any other facts beyond those I have just mentioned.”

Other scientists and physicians offer alternative theories as to Ms. Jackson’s composition. Dr.Ima Albino, Head of the Mutation Studies Department at Lower Central Upper North Dakota State University posits that, “Ms. Jackson may have acquired her obvious genetic deformities as a result of her time spent in New Jersey. She was, after all, involved in water, air and soil quality in that shit hole of a state and was exposed to a vast variety of carcinogens, toxins, diuretics, pollutants, rodents,and contaminants on top of her proximity to other New Jersey politicians. It is amazing she is still alive, from a medical standpoint, that is.”

Other experts in related fields of expertise also express some degree of surprise, if not amazement, that Ms. Jackson is indeed very much alive. Salvatore “Skutch” DePalma, Medical Observation Officer for the New Jersey Trash, Rubbish and Crap Haulers AFL-CIO local 666 commented that “That bitc...I mean Ms. Jackson was always busting my bal...I mean she...ah...was very diligent in her efforts to get hand outs and palm greasings. We tried to whack....I means we tried to persuade her to get off our freakin’ backs but she still wanted more and more. Christ, she was more greedier than that garbonzo Pasquale “Patsy” Palamerri from Brooklyn. I’d rather see Patsy in the Cabinet instead of Ms. Jackson. Cause at least with Patsy it was always “any pal of Palamerri is a pal a’ mino.”

Several other officials and unofficials from New Jersey who had dealings with Jackson while she headed up the NJDEP expressed deep reservations as to her qualifications, morals, gender, temperament, intelligence, ethics, eating, drinking and drug use habits in addition to her rumored mental dysfunction. Angelo “Anvil” Avollini from the Jersey City Sludge Commission stated “ I woulda kilt her myself but I was kinda...ya’ knows....afraid of having to touch her. We thought about putting a bomb in her car but was afraid we might blow half the state up. Hey, ya’ knows , we gots to make a livin’ here too. Fuck her. I hope she does to the rest of the country what she tried to do to destroy our beauty-fulled Garden State.”

Click on title for link to Wikipedia entry for Lisa Jackson.

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...Ambiguity Is Not.

Top Obama advisor from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett.
What is she?

Second in a series examining President-elect Obama’s Cabinet selections.

(Dec. 24, Chicago, IL) With virtually unprecedented rapidity, President -elect Barak Obama began assembling the inner circle of long time confidantes and advisors he would take with him to Washington as well as his potential Cabinet within hours of his electorial trouncing of John McCain. As most top presidential advisors, counselors and aides along with most previous cabinets, despite how the various appointees are presented, they are mostly friends of the President to be.

Mr. Obama has naturally boasted that his Administration and especially his Cabinet and inner circle would be “diverse”, inclusive and “more representative as to who we are as a Nation.” Of course he would say such things, although Bill Clinton was the first to really give the whole diversity thing a shot. He failed and the failures of some of his top appointees nearly derailed his Presidency long before he derailed it himself.

John Kennedy proclaimed that his Cabinet would be populated by “the best and the brightest” men he could find. (In 1960 women were not even considered for such positions.) His good intentions brought Robert McNamara from corporate success to his Foggy Bottom Meltdown as they bungled our earliest intervention in South Viet Nam.

Those two historical asides out if the way, let’s return to 2008. While some of Obama’s choices have been predictable and follow the code of loyalty, some of been surprising if not downright disturbing. The Blagogate scandal back in his hometown of Chicago has also cast some of his choices beneath the roiling clouds of scandal that may well eventually result in a stormy beginning of his Administration.
Already Obama has lived up to his word regarding the composition of his Cabinet and top advisors. He had said he wanted “dissenting voices, various opinions” available internally, ergo, Hillary Clinton will be his Secretary of State. Punching two tickets , loyalty and the Jew vote, Blago crony, Rahm Emmanuel will be his Chief of Staff. Other flacks and dorks; failures in their past positions in the Executive Branch such as Bill “Lou Costello” Richardson will squeeze his lard ass into a Cabinet seat.

So, he has hit all the biggies; loyalty, dissenting voices, experience and diversity. However, among his dubious choices one stands out among the rest; Valerie Jarrett. besides her past as a Chicago political insider and FOB (Friend of Barak’s) what exactly qualifies her for her role in the upcoming Administration and, what exactly is she? Is she an African American woman or a Jew with a tan? Is she a frog or other member of the toad family? Is she a mammal, marsupial, or reptile? Is she actually a woman by birth or by elective surgical and hormonal intervention? Perhaps she was the product of an ambiguous birth possessing both a pair of functional testes and ovaries? These are not meant to be malicious questions but rather a serious inquiry as to who and exactly what will be advising our new 46 year old President-elect once ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The challenges he will face are stupendous. Let us all hope his upper echelon will serve him well and that the tax payers will not have to underwrite the installation of a third type of rest rooms in the White House: one labeled “Other.”

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NY State Obesity Tax Proposal Absurd

(December 24, NYC) New York City, once the capital of rebelliousness, culture, social and political trend setting, the home of cutting edge innovations in fashion, style and entertainment as well as the birthplace of every genre of music from punk, new wave , hip hop and rap, has lost much of the spirit that once defined the Big Apple and New Yorkers themselves. The latest intrusion aimed at increasing the government's influence in personal decisions comes in the form of what has been proposed by Governor David "Blinky" Paterson as the "Obesity Tax."

Mike Bloomberg, the "Independant" Mayor of New York City, has imposed taxes and surcharges on aspects of individual lives that are not only excessive but also unconstitutional. He and whoever the Governor of the moment has been have been all too eager to tax cigarettes while banning smoking in public places, raised taxes on mass transportation translating practically into increased commuter fares and a host of other heavy handed taxes under the auspices of "the Public Good." That is, plain and simple, a blatant lie. Revnue is the only motivatonal factor that ever drives such "public initiatives."

Now the obese, fat people - are to be taxed for being fat. Actually, it is not that simple, it is more subtle however, the message is clear: the fat among us will pay more for their choice to be fat. Blinky wants to tax such "non-nutitional" goods such as soda. A tax on soda, beyond being absurd, would impact the lower income New Yorker's far more than those wh are higher educated, earn more and tend to have better nutritional, medical and recreational options.

The people of New York State are vehemently opposed to this tax proposal as demonstrated clearly by several recent state-wide polls. (Click on title for link.)

Blinky is patently incapable of seeing the impact such a tax would have on communities such as that he alledges to have represented in his past elected offices before being Spitzerized into the Governor's Seat. He and Mike have made the cliche' about liberals become further cemented in truth by their actions: raising taxes is NOT the answer to every problem and the notion that the government, at any level, should be permitted arbitrary, aggressive intrusion into our lives is diamertically opposite of the principals our Nation was founded on.

Wake up and open your eyes, Mr. Governor! Perhaps better fiscal management and controling your wreckless pork barrel spending on the State level would help correct the perpetual (and now your), state budgetary shortfalls.

If you are prepared to tax the fat why not tax the skinny; obviously they don't eat enough and, following your blinded logic, should be taxed for not buying emough food or soda or beer and pastries. Tax commuters who walk: they are not paying their fair share of the MTA's monetary needs. Raise taxes on cheap clothes while you're at it. People who cannot afford to shop at Macy's or along Lexington Avenue are not paying THEIR fair share of taxes, right? Where does it end Blinky, when will it end?

Legally speaking, you are on very shaky ground here as have been your recent predecessors and Mr. Mayor. Thusfar yours and theirs legislative agendas have been approved simply by virtue of targeting social issues that most people felt sufficiently strongly about that they went along with them. People, by and large, do not like those among us who choose to smoke cigarettes or enjoy other tobacco products. It appears Blinky that you may have run up against an invisible wall of demonstrable public resistance. Most folks are of a "live and let live" attitude and have expressed their views in polls accordingly. If someone is fat and wants to drink a gallon of two of Mountain Dew, Mr. Pibb, A&W Root Beer and day, why tax them unjustly?

Go back to your neighborhood Mr. Paterson and explain to the obese residents their why they will be paying more for things they like or eat because their choices are limited. See how that goes, Okay?

Gino Palermo is an attorney with The Palermo Associates and has a great interest in NYC and NY State politics.

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