Wednesday, December 24, 2008


...Ambiguity Is Not.

Top Obama advisor from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett.
What is she?

Second in a series examining President-elect Obama’s Cabinet selections.

(Dec. 24, Chicago, IL) With virtually unprecedented rapidity, President -elect Barak Obama began assembling the inner circle of long time confidantes and advisors he would take with him to Washington as well as his potential Cabinet within hours of his electorial trouncing of John McCain. As most top presidential advisors, counselors and aides along with most previous cabinets, despite how the various appointees are presented, they are mostly friends of the President to be.

Mr. Obama has naturally boasted that his Administration and especially his Cabinet and inner circle would be “diverse”, inclusive and “more representative as to who we are as a Nation.” Of course he would say such things, although Bill Clinton was the first to really give the whole diversity thing a shot. He failed and the failures of some of his top appointees nearly derailed his Presidency long before he derailed it himself.

John Kennedy proclaimed that his Cabinet would be populated by “the best and the brightest” men he could find. (In 1960 women were not even considered for such positions.) His good intentions brought Robert McNamara from corporate success to his Foggy Bottom Meltdown as they bungled our earliest intervention in South Viet Nam.

Those two historical asides out if the way, let’s return to 2008. While some of Obama’s choices have been predictable and follow the code of loyalty, some of been surprising if not downright disturbing. The Blagogate scandal back in his hometown of Chicago has also cast some of his choices beneath the roiling clouds of scandal that may well eventually result in a stormy beginning of his Administration.
Already Obama has lived up to his word regarding the composition of his Cabinet and top advisors. He had said he wanted “dissenting voices, various opinions” available internally, ergo, Hillary Clinton will be his Secretary of State. Punching two tickets , loyalty and the Jew vote, Blago crony, Rahm Emmanuel will be his Chief of Staff. Other flacks and dorks; failures in their past positions in the Executive Branch such as Bill “Lou Costello” Richardson will squeeze his lard ass into a Cabinet seat.

So, he has hit all the biggies; loyalty, dissenting voices, experience and diversity. However, among his dubious choices one stands out among the rest; Valerie Jarrett. besides her past as a Chicago political insider and FOB (Friend of Barak’s) what exactly qualifies her for her role in the upcoming Administration and, what exactly is she? Is she an African American woman or a Jew with a tan? Is she a frog or other member of the toad family? Is she a mammal, marsupial, or reptile? Is she actually a woman by birth or by elective surgical and hormonal intervention? Perhaps she was the product of an ambiguous birth possessing both a pair of functional testes and ovaries? These are not meant to be malicious questions but rather a serious inquiry as to who and exactly what will be advising our new 46 year old President-elect once ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The challenges he will face are stupendous. Let us all hope his upper echelon will serve him well and that the tax payers will not have to underwrite the installation of a third type of rest rooms in the White House: one labeled “Other.”

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