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Bronxwest Exclusive

(April 3, Liberty Street, Lower Manhattan, NYC) The 10-10 house sits here newly refurbished, actually, totally rebuilt. Not far from this location on the southern border of what was once the World Trade Center Plaza, is the 5th Precinct. As one were to go up the east and west sides of Lower Manhattan, they would encounter a host of houses and numbers, Firehouses and Precincts, places that firefighters and cops call home. And, those places were called home long before the rest of the country took notice.

Engine 10, Ladder 10, the obvious residents of the 10-10 House, once were granted relief from the summer sun by virtue of existing in the shadows of two monstrous buildings. Many of those members of service assigned to that famed house never breathed life again after September 11, 2001. There was, for so many MOS, from all Departments and walks of life, no September 12, 2001.

That 16 acre site that was the World Trade Center Plaza smoldered until March 2002. It was a scent that the mind can conjure up easily...too easily. The sights, sounds, feel and HEAT of that place resides within the soul of every man or woman that ever spent time there looking for life. That was a short period of time.

Most of us men and women who spent time in that foul, fetid yet holy place sought only fragments; “biologicals”, as they were called: parts of people. There were plenty. The roiling, towering cloud of dust that folks saw on TV was comprised of the contents , structural elements, furnishings and employees of those two 110 story buildings. Each floor, each story, was an acre. So, when 220 acres of steel, concrete, re-bar, office furniture, windows, ceiling tiles, carpeting, files and file cabinets, phones, desks, chairs, partitions, coffee machines, wiring, computers and everything else associated or part of a workplace comes down in a manner and force detectable by seismic meters 500 miles away, there results a site unlike no other in our Country’s history.

Ants can’t hear thunder. That is a fact. Some phenomenon are simply of too great a proportion to be absorbed by certain beings; even certain beings evolutionarily equipped with superior senses. Ants can not hear thunder and a slime known as Darrell Issa, a GOP Congressman from the Left Coast, cannot hear truth. Obviously, whatever gray matter sits within his cranium is inadequate to grasp, comprehend or even accept that which his flawed senses may receive.

What we perceived and experienced at the place that came to be known as “Ground Zero”, was beyond the comprehension of most of us. Yet, around the clock, for weeks that turned into months that elongated and stretched into lifetimes, worked that site with determination and reverence a piece of shit like Darrell Issa could never comprehend, imagine or dream.

Thank God we live in a democracy. Thank our Founders that tolerance is written in to our Constitution.

The only flaw in the system, a system that remains the envy of the world, is that every now and then a moron, a person totally devoid of any redeeming characteristic, is elected to office. Even among their peers, others equally missing intelligence, ethics and any concept of ‘public service”, these subhumans stand out.

Darrell Issa is one of them; perhaps the most prominent of them. He should go down in history as precisely what he is: a useless waste of a carcass, human trash, vile and evil through and through. If his mom and dad are still among the living, they should hang their heads in shame.

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(April 3, New York, New York) There is an axiom in politics saying that, essentially, the voters get what they deserve. While this is absolutely true in the majority of cases, the folks of the San Diego congressional district that elected Darrell Issa, have either gotten precisely what they deserve or they have not. If they have, than the only logically conclusion to be drawn is: that particular congressional district is home to the largest population of imbeciles, idiots, arrogant morons and heartless, brain-dead scum than any other district in America.

As Americans we have a cultural, congenital tolerance, if not immunity, to being governed by men and women of astonishingly poor personal, moral and intellectual abilities. Our current two term president is a case in point. We are accustomed to having elected officials who are revealed to be no better than those we would seek to imprison, execute or confine to psychiatric facility for the duration of their lives.

The list of such notables is, sadly, far too long. In the tradition of George W. Bush, his entire administration, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, the former Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, we can now add another to this lengthy roster of mentally disturbed people who occupy elected offices.

The latest entry into this infamous class of brain-dead, soulless, clumps of manure disguised as men is, Darrell Issa, Republican Congressscum from San Diego.

This puke in a suit, a former convicted car thief, had the unmitigated gall to call the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City, “a fire.” This eel commented that the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was “ simply an aircraft” hitting the World Trade Center. And this is a man, a carcass, who actually serves in our Congress? It is gutter trash like him that has rendered our “government” absolutely gridlocked into uselessness, if not irrelevance.

Perhaps, from the sunny climate of San Diego, the stunning events that transpired in New York City appeared, on a TV screen, to be , somehow, insignificant. Maybe Mr. Issa was in the Capitol on that fateful day. Did he think it was a joke? Did he run for his life and seek refuge from a fate that should have been his and that of ALL his colleagues on Capitol Hill? You can bet he and his counterparts ran as if the devil himself was in hot pursuit.

What possesses an elected official to utter such contemptuous words? What is it about elected office that allows the most common of gutter scum to think they are beyond reproach? Possibly it is the fact that the only methods by which they attained their elected office were corruption, extortion, soul-selling, bribery, and simply sucking the asses of power brokers, donors, crooks and lowlifes of every ilk. The very fact that a being such as Darrell Issa is a United States Congressman, not only boggles the mind, it makes every cognizant citizen vomit and howl.

One is left to wonder how Darrell would have felt and reacted had he been in Lower Manhattan on that day in September 2001. We all know, we actually witnessed via TV or, some of us, first hand, exactly what transpired that morning, what people did and what enormous strength of character the average New Yorker possesses. Mr. Issa could not tie the shoelaces of ANYONE who has ever worn the shield of NYPD or served the FDNY. Issa, a criminal by birth and nature, a politician by choice and criminality, could not even walk a block in the shoes of an average New Yorker. How dare this piece of excrement make any statement of any kind about an event his atrophied brain has no ability to comprehend.

As usual, we will rise above the crap. New Yorkers, particularly MOS of NYPD will consider the source, spit, and go about real life. Life on the streets just as life at WTC on September 11, 2001, is a reality, a universe that Darrell Issa could not live in, could not survive, for a second.

If anyone in his San Diego District has an iota of morality or conscience, he can not possibly be reelected. He should burn in hell, in fires as hot or hotter than my brothers in NYPD, PAPD, FDNY, EMS and just regular brothers and sisters employed in the WTC, perished in. Usually, after such a judgment, one might say, “And may God have mercy on his soul.”

Darrell Issa, may God damn you and punish you, exile you to an eternity replicating the conditions on the 47th floor of the North Tower on 9.11.01.
(I didn’t watch it on TV)

Good luck, Darrell...

God Bless all the innocents and MOS who were murdered that day.




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Wednesday, April 2, 2008



A TBC Exclusive

(April 2, Pittsburgh, PA) Just 20 hours after her shocking announcement that Hillary Clinton has asked Idaho Republican Senator, Larry Craig, to be her running mate; the ripple effect is already altering the dynamics of this tightly contested race. While the shear shock value has not begun to wear off for many of the party faithful, some key members of the Democratic Party, the DNC and others are feeling confident that her VP choice will definitely prove to be a big advantage.

DNC Chairman, Howard Dean, tried to maintain a non-committal stance when questioned about the value of having a gay republican Senator on a ticket with Mrs. Clinton. Dean told reporters, “I’m delighted that Senator Clinton has made her choice so early. It demonstrates a distinct sense of urgency on her part to present her message to the American public during these last primaries. I also think it proves that the Democratic Party is truly a Big Tent where everyone is welcome.”

The most enthusiastic support for the VP candidacy of Larry Craig, have been the dozens of national and local gay-lesbian-transgender-transsexual-bisexual advocacy groups firmly rooted in the Democratic Party. Toni Vahginia, President of Southern Dykes For Hillary, headquartered in Key West, Florida said, “This is a great day to be American, a lesbian, a sexual ambiguous or confused person. I would like to kiss Hillary right on the lips. This is truly historic.” Virtually every advocacy group associated with gay and lesbian rights have issued similarly supportive statements.

There are some in the Democratic Party who have yet to determine if Craig will help or hurt Clinton as the primary season enters the crucial final phase. Democratic strategist, Bob Schrumm, who has managed more loosing campaigns than any other political consultant in history, clearly demonstrated his political insight by commenting, “It could hurt her, it could help her. Craig might be an asset, he might be a liability.”

Former Democratic presidential hopeful, John Edwards, who has yet to endorse a candidate since dropping out of the race in February said, “Larry Craig has a wide stance on many important issues. He knows how Washington works, behind the scenes. He is very familiar with operating in the shadows to achieve results. I lost a little respect for him after that men’s room arrest. He could have done much better than an airport men’s room.”

One immediate benefit that the Clinton campaign has already seen has been the increased financial donations especially from celebrities. Rosie O’Donnell, the obese, lesbian, slovenly, imbecile of daytime TV semi-fame has pledged to give half her donut and Doritos budget to the Clinton camp. Jim Nabors said he will hold a special fund raising concert where Elton John, Boy George and the Village People will perform. Liza Minnelli has offered to pose nude for Playboy and give the proceeds to Hillary but Playboy said they would cease publication before allowing her to appear nude or clothed.

Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson have announced they will host a fund raiser for Hillary at the Drag Queen Palace in Ventura, California next week. Howard Wolfson, the spokesman for the Clinton campaign said, “We truly appreciate all the support we are seeing suddenly. Had we known putting a gay, conservative, white man fond of illicit sex in public places on our ticket would be such a boost, we would have done so long ago.” Another top ranking Clinton campaign operative, Harold Ickes told reporters that “I firmly believe many of the delegates and super delegates are gay. Many of them believe I am gay. My wife believes that too. Perception, not truth, attracts money and right now, we need all the money we can get. Larry Craig will attract an entirely different element to the party. He’s living proof that behind every right-wing, ultra-conservative zealot wearing a dark suit may exist a real, sincere, liberal homosexual just waiting to be free. We look forward to now receiving endorsements from Mark Foley, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly.”

Mrs. Clinton is expected to make her first public appearance at Downtown Charlie’s in New York City’s Greenwich Village at a date and time to be announced. The Gay Men’s Health Crisis, an AIDS advocacy group is planning a “Leather and Lace Gala” for next weekend and rumors are beginning to circulate that Clinton and Craig will make their appearance at that event. One insider revealed, “I’ve heard that Hillary would be done up all in black leather, while Craig will be dressed, as a cowboy, in beautiful lace. I, for one, cannot wait to see them.”

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


(Mar. 31, Harrisburg, PA) With three weeks remaining before the monumentally important Pennsylvania primary, both democratic contenders are investing time, money and resources across the state. Frontrunner, Barak Obama launched a six day bus tour across the state while Hillary Clinton is practicing her particular brand of retail and wholesale politicking. With a lull in what has been a bruising, contentious often bitter campaign season, Pennsylvania may decide who ultimately captures the nomination. If Clinton wins the Keystone State by a significant margin, new energy will be infused into her currently floundering efforts.

Barak Obama, the Illinois Senator received a big boost when popular democratic Governor, Bob Casey endorsed him last week. They made several appearances together including a rally at Penn State University that drew over 20,000 people. They also bowled Saturday night and the footage of Obama’s gutter balls have been replayed on TV news programs across the nation. It actually appeared to be a light-hearted moment.

The polar opposite of light hearted has been the campaign of Hillary Clinton. As her chances for victory grow slimmer and more and more prominent democrats and observers call for her to end her campaign, she has grown ever more shrill, angry, defiant and deceitful. Her tone is that of a coyote stuck in a bear trap. Her deceit and subterfuge know no bounds.

After having her tale of landing in Kosovo to sniper fire proven to be absolutely fabricated, she said at a rally earlier today that, “There are those folks who want to stop this election.” “No one has expressed the idea that the election should be stopped. That is ludicrous. What more and more folks are saying, however is, by her remaining in a futile effort to get the nomination, she is doing tremendous harm to the party and to the party’s chances against John McClain in November”, commented one high ranking DNC official on the condition of anonymity.

The Clinton camp has been engaged in various behind the scenes efforts to influence delegates, both pledged and the so-called “Super Delegates” in their hopes of altering the electoral dynamic as it currently stands. “She reminds people everywhere, even those who have always supported her, exactly why she has such high negative ratings. She is making a fool of herself and ought to be ashamed”, said a former Clinton campaign operative who has recently left their employ.

While Obama continues to gain widespread support across the country and in Pennsylvania, Clinton continues to send surrogates out to defend her position on everything from her experience, character and her positions on Florida and Michigan. In both of those states the DNC had decided last year to not allow their delegates to be seated if they held their primaries before a specific date. All the candidates including Mrs. Clinton agreed with the DNC ruling and signed pledges to not campaign in either of those states. “She wants to change the rules as if no rules ever have or ever will apply to the Clintons”, commented Ferlin Trusck of the American Interphase Institute.

“When James Carville comes out implying that Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama on Good Friday makes him Judas, then, every democrat in the country should be ashamed”, said Congressman Oscar Shabazz Malone from Pennsylvania. He was referring to former democratic presidential candidate and current Governor of New Mexico gave his support to Obama after having served in the Bill Clinton administration. Carville, the serpentine, cue-balled, stuttering, spitting sideshow attraction who ran Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign has remained a vocal, rabid if not somewhat demented supporter of both Bill and Hillary.

Late this afternoon, it was learned that the Clinton campaign has failed to pay the health insurance premiums on their staff members for almost three months. “The irony here is stunning. Her she is out there championing universal health care and she can’t even provide for her own. What a joke. What an idiot”, noted Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont. Leahy last week called for Clinton to step out of the race.

Clinton, after viewing the footage of Obama’s less than average bowling performance while on her campaign bus told reporters that, “I’ll debate him twice a day for the next three weeks. I challenge him to a bowling match, a dart game, a boxing match. I will Sump wrestle him, fight him in a steel cage, no-holds-barred style, I will compete against him in a midget tossing contest, arm wrestling or cock-fighting. I will even supply him a cock”. Mrs. Clinton became visibly agitated and began to throw a tantrum or have a fit of some kind. Lanny Davis, an old time Clinton flacky and half-assed lawyer, who was present on the bus ironing Hillary’s panties and pants suit, stepped in and told reporters that “Hillary is under a great deal of stress. She’s eating Pamperin and Excedrin like Bill used to eat Big Macs and donuts. She’s a fighter…a real fighter. She’d beat the hell outta Barak if she could get near him. But, don’t worry; she will win the nomination, even if it kills her and many others”.

As other campaign operatives wrestled a now violently ranting, barely coherent, hissing, spitting, incontinent Hillary to the floor of the bus, others could be heard calling Montel Williams to inquire if they could have his help in paying for their prescriptions.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Fuel Prices Will Be Passed On To The Consumer

(Mar.29 Jackson, MS) As the price per gallon of diesel fuel continues its meteoric rise, consumers of diesel feel the additional financial burden acutely. In no sector of the economy is this more in evidence than in the trucking industry. Other large consumers of diesel such as railroads, farmers and passenger carriers have sufficient government provided subsidies to offset the pain of rising fuel costs. Trucking has no such benefactors in Washington, DC or elsewhere.

Yesterday, Bill Graves the President and CEO of the American Trucking Association (ATA) called on the federal Departments of Transportation and Energy to intervene in what promises to be a growing drag on an already sinking economy. Aside from the ATA's public actions several grassroots truck driver groups comprised largely of barely literate, grossly obese, seldom showered owner/operators are calling for an industry wide “Idle Day” on Tuesday, April 1. This idle day is intended as a driver initiated protest to the cost of diesel fuel. Owner/operators are particularly vulnerable to economic variables such as the price of fuel since they are independent and must bear the burden of all their expenses while freight rates have remained stagnant. The bulk of commodities and freight that are trucked in America are moved by large fleets that wield clout with all the major shippers and truck stop chains insofar as locking in fuel price costs and collecting fuel surcharges.

The MRW 1 Group, headquartered here in Jackson is one of the most powerful, prestigious and influential trucking industry consultancies. They have a very active lobbying presence on Capitol Hill as well as strong ties across the entire spectrum of transportation, logistics, and carriers. They also house an innovative think tank that conducts cutting edge, innovative research in all areas of trucking and driver study. The Governmental Affairs Director of the MRW 1 Group, Dr. F. Lee Flack, issued a withering position statement regarding this “Idle Day” shut down. Flack stated “ Most of the problems these drivers are experiencing are self-induced. Most large fleet company drivers, men and women who drive for Werner, Knight and KLLM are doing just fine. The owner operators who spend 40% of their time in truck stops getting their tanks, wheels and fifth wheels polished while they play video games and eat buffets; now those folks just don’t know how to run a business. If they had any smarts they would not be broke. If they want to haul 80 cent a mile freight, that is their business.”

Dr. Flack also stated “ With all due respect to drivers, what other industry can a young business novice with a $1000 in their pockets suddenly become and independent business owner?”

Some of these committed drivers are subject to being victims of greedy brokers; others race from truck stop to truck stop seeking loads off load boards that would leave them even further in the whole.

“Drivers who try to make their living purely off truck stop load boards are, frankly, barking up the wrong tree. They need to develop customer contacts, establish a true, reliable customer base, one of mutual benefit. These drivers ought not even bother competing with the large, nationwide carriers.”

Dr. Flack, who possesses a degree in law from Ole Miss, a Ph.D. in Economic Philosophy from Harvard and a CDL, cautions. “ The independent driver with their own authority, needs to identify a niche’, develop a relationship and realize just how many small shippers would rather do business with a reliable O/O, than any broker or mid-sized carrier."

Industry insiders aside from the from the MRW 1 Group are unanimous in the belief that, “ Many of these drivers dive head first into the pool and by the time they hit bottom, they don't realize, they are already drowning already drowning.”

Dr. Flack, candidly, recommended some measures the independent/ lease purchase,/ O/O, can take starting with , “ For every driver that joins OOIDA, their membership will help propel us beyond the Teamsters. After all, we are the folks hauling the bulk of the freight.”

Kenneth M. Necaise, Director of Transportation Studies at Alcorn Stae University commented, “ Some drivers may need to take a look in the mirror. Just because the posted speed limit might be 70, doesn’t mean you HAVE TO drive 70 mph.”

“ Drivers need to slow down, maximize fuel economy and take advantage of the meager fuel surcharges they are receiving.”
Kenneth M. Necaise, states emphatically that, “ If a driver could raise his fuel economy from 5 gallons per mile to 6.5 gallons per mile, with todays current cost of fuel, that driver could conceivably pocket over $19,000 in fuel savings alone in a year."

Dr. Flack, a very pragmatic member of the trucking community says, “ These two simple steps may not solve your problems immediately, but they will provide a good foundation.”

The overwhelming majority of MRW 1 Group clients,which include, fleet owners ( maximum 20 trucks), old time Owner/Operators,and some of the major carriers reject the notion of an “Idle Day”. "We are too concerned with servicing our shippers, client base and other honorable members of the shipping community", said Dr. Flack.