Tuesday, September 2, 2008



(September 2, St. Paul, MN) It may have started with “Billary” and rapidly escalated over the years with the usage of “TomKat”, “Bradgelina”, and all the other blended names the media has coined when referring to celebrity couples. So, it only follows since the issue or “celebrity” been introduced into this all important presidential campaign, that is was only a matter of time until our two major party tickets were validated, anointed and sealed as ‘Jomama’ for Barak Obama and Joe Biden on the democrat side and, ‘McCalin’ for the GOP’s John McCain and Sarah Palin. Once such a designation is made, than you know you have made it.

The media loves this stuff only because they are fully aware that the American public eats this crap up just as they do Doritos and Big Mac’s. Just as the line one clearly demarcating the border between news and entertainment has become blurred, so is it with the boundary between celebrities and politicians. Perhaps it began with Wild Bill Clinton playing the sax on the “Aresino Hall Show” and actually answering the question, “Boxers or briefs?” Others may argue that it began far earlier however, the actually genesis of the phenomenon is irrelevant today.

With a scant 63 days remaining between now and Election Day, somehow, someway this nation of easily entertained, semi-brain dead, apathetic voters have to wake up, pay attention and choose wisely; very wisely. We are a nation at war abroad on several fronts as well as a country overloaded with problems domestically. We are not better off in any form or fashion than we were eight years ago. Not by a long shot. Though every election is billed as “the most important of our lifetimes”, this election actually fits the bill, stands up to the hype and is, absolutely a pivotal point in our nation’s history.

Oh but how difficult it is to get our attention. NASCAR, the NFL, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, and all similar tripe attract us like moths to flames – or flies to shit. This is no idle judgment; just review the past 8 years and what we have allowed to transpire. How many of our youth need we loose as we slog ever deeper into debt, are hated globally and not one iota safer domestically? Nine days from today we will mark the seven year anniversary of the terrorists attack on America – 9 11 01. The planners and perpetrators of that assault remain at large while our military and national treasure has been squandered on the biggest wild goose chase, compliments of the zealot neo-cons Cheney and Bush permitted to craft American foreign policy. So, let’s try to raise our heads above the gutter for the next couple of months.

It should not matter a man’s age or color, his spouses perspective or if he has ever changed his mind. That is what both parties hope they can present for us to ponder. Let’s prove them wrong. If we do not, there is the possibility our children will pay $10 per gallon of gasoline while our grandchildren hunt an elusive, contrived, (but after six years primitively lethal), adversary in Iraq.

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