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Remember Towers As They Were

 You have to be a native to understand.

(Jan 31, Church Street, NYC) Every native New Yorker knows there can be no memorial, tribute, statue, sculpture - no man made marker - that can adequately stand symbolically as a remembrance of the sacrifice and courage - the epitome of the New York City spirit and character - displayed as the world stood witness on September 11. 2001.

The World Trade Center, the Twin Towers, the mighty giant “11” anchored at the southern tip of Manhattan were the most iconic of the soaring, glittering jewels in the majestic New York City skyline.

In 1973 upon the ribbon cutting they may not have been viewed as the most creative or aesthetic of structures by the blathering, know-nothing ‘architectural critics’ however, to us New Yorkers, they possessed a captivating boldness in there stoic, clean-lined beauty. There sheer height alone sprained the neck and strained the eye. They stretched towards the clouds as twin exclamation points confirming for us, and proclaiming to the world, who we are. They were, for us, fitting symbols of the place we called home.

Earlier this week the site upon which the Twin Towers once proudly stood, once again occupied local headlines as the Port Authority and Larry Silverstein, the controlling entities of the property, let it slip that they were prepared to construct two low slung structures in the footprints of the Towers to serve as “temporary” memorials until the “real” memorial can be built. The motivation behind this incarnation of reclamation here turns out to be crass greed and callous consumerism. These “Stump Towers” as they’ve been dubbed, would house retail stores from the ritzy to the cheesy; providing ground level market space from which hawk-nosed merchants could peddle insulting World Trade Center, FDNY and NYPD memorabilia. What a disgrace.

It is understood that economics drive all decisions, large and small, when it comes to building, developing, financing and construction in NYC. Let’s face it, the Twin Towers contained 220 acres of rentable office space atop ultra-prime real estate. Certainly there are those with a vested interest in remaking that site as a revenue stream once again. Perhaps this sorry, sickening, pitiful alternative would not be seen as acceptable to those sharks had there not been so much acrimony, lack of courage and crass self interest involved from the very start. The smoke had barely cleared, hundreds of bodies, thousands of remains had yet to be recovered, and Silverstein and his crew were already arguing with the Port Authority. To their shame, once the shinning example of how a pseudo-governmental public-private partnership could function, The Port Authority, proved to be as craven and callous as the moneymen themselves. Austin Tobin must still be turning in his grave.

THE SEVEN (almost eight) YEAR DITCH

The Towers, under construction, circa 1970

New Yorkers of a certain age grew up as the Towers grew. Our lives seemed to develop in paralell, in the virtual shadow, of the massive structures that would come to symbolize our hometown to the world. Our fathers and grandfathers rode with us (second graders) on the subway as we went downtown to peer into the 200 foot deep ‘bathtub’ to watch as the foundations were laid and poured. As seventh graders we took that same ride with our friends to watch as the Towers were topped out; the structural steel absorbing sunlight as if retaining its power. By the time we were sophomores in High School, we sat on stoops and warehouse docks in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens drinking our first quarts of beer, when the lights came on and the buildings finally were officially open. Some of us participated in Senior proms and weddings in some of the many huge conference rooms turned celebratory halls for such occasions. At some point we each took the jet powered elevator ride to the 110 story observation decks and marveled at the vista, able to actually see the curvature of the earth at the end of a 45 mile line of sight. In our 40’s we witnessed the unthinkable as those steel, concrete and glass anchors disappeared in a flash into a roiling cloud of smoke and dust that seemed to angrily block the sunlight as it rushed up the narrow streets in all directions. At that time we couldn’t image the scale and scope of what we were witnessing nor the valor and strength that had been living, breathing souls immediately prior. That knowledge as the names of the dead became known would forever haunt us. It forever will.

NYPD on the job for a grim task.

A segment of the WTC Wall commemorating
the 343 fallen members of FDNY on 9-11-01

The loss of life that day was gut wrenching. Incredibly courageous, poised, and determined civilians calmly embarked on a downward exodus in narrow, hot, smoke filled stairwells. Untold acts of heroism, humanity and grit followed them out. Hundreds of dedicated firemen, cops , EMTs and others ran up those same stairs passing the flow of survivors on the right. Everyone knew where they were going and why; none knew what would transpire in the moments ahead. Every person that died or survived knew it was their fate; each of them prayed, some with gratitude and those at the end for salvation. St. Peter must have had his hands full that afternoon as hundreds of soot covered firemen and dozens of breathless cops appeared at the Pearly Gates. There certainly was one raucous party that night the likes of which Heaven had never seen before.

One thing is certain, not a civilian, cop, or firemen would want the site of their destined survival or death, to one day be ground from which tokens of their unimaginable fortitude would be hawked. None would want a gaudy memorial either. A simple, yet powerful, respectful cairn would do.

None would want those of us alive today to bear the sights, sounds, smells and emotions of that day as the final memories of them nor of the place that claimed them or set them free to live on borrowed time. No. Not hardly.

The sun still rises out in the Atlantic, over Brooklyn and then is released to spread it’s light, heat, and energy over the rest of our vast country to the west. As it makes its climb it is momentarily over the open pit, the sixteen acre hole is suddenly shadowless, every inch exposed by the raw yellow light. Some see the past in that pit, others the future. We all see our humanity and appreciate the brevity of life, the fragile balance between fate, happenstance and circumstance. We keep our feelings and thoughts private; we hold them close to the bone because to give them life via the spoken word would somehow diminish them.

Ultimately some structure, probably several smaller, less distinctive, buildings will rise from this place. They will be built recalling the engineering of the Twin Towers and, as if anyone could have ever envisioned the events of 9-11-01, they will be built “better”. Perhaps more metric tons of cement and miles more of structural steel will define these new constructs. No building nor materials can or will ever replace in any way, shape or form the spirit that built them, took them from blueprints to reality.

No people will ever occupy the space in these buildings yet built with the same degree of courage and strength as those who did on that clear, cloudless, ordinary - to a point - day in the early Autumn of 2001.

The “E” Train still runs today. The WTC Station is both its origin and terminus.
Now as it ever was, world without end...


Please take a few minutes to view one of the many FDNY NYPD memorial pages on the web or do some reading on the history of our famed Twin Towers.

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Clinton, Spitzer and Blago. American diplomacy has three goofy faces now.

(Jan.30, Foggy Bottom, DC) After a frenzy of behind the scenes negotiating tonight, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, named two embattled, disgraced and despised figures to her team of Ambassadors and Special Envoys. Reportedly Hillary has been bitching since last week when President Obama appointed retired Senator George Michael and Bill Clinton era galoot, Richard Holbrooke as Special Envoys to Israel and Pakistan respectively. Hillary staffers speaking anonymously for fear of their lives have leaked some of the nasty details regarding Hillary’s reactions to Michael and Holbrooke.

“She really went berserk. I have known her a long time and have seen her throw some artery popping tantrums before but, last week...well...I thought she was going to have a stroke”, said one insider. Apparently, not only was Mrs. Clinton upset by President Obama’s choices, but she was enraged that they would be working out of the White House reporting directly to the President.

Some efforts were made on behalf of the White House to pacify Hillary, however, nothing seemed to work. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel spoke to reporters after learning that Spitzer and Blagojevich were now working for Hillary. “I went to see her last week. She was quite angry, actually hostile, violent. She threw a vase, a dildo and a pot of coffee at me. She was so worked up her pantsuit had split open, she was foaming at the mouth and eating a gallon of Hagan-Daaz at the same time”, said Emmanuel. The shifty eyed Emmanuel continued, “After she calmed down enough to stop throwing things, we had a very productive meeting. I allowed her to voice her concerns, explain her frustrations and then I told her, ‘That’s too fucking bad Hillary!’ ‘You will do as the President says and as I say or your will find your fat ass out on the curb. Now shut the fuck up and go change your pants. I’m about to barf’.”

A Clinton spokesperson, Frigidity Wallace, spoke to reporters soon after the two bizarre appointments became public. Wallace said, “Hillary wants to surround herself with people that will help her. She intends to be very proactive here at State and insists on choosing her own people for some of the more sensitive positions. Elliot and Rod have vast experience in areas, particularly sexual, that Hillary has virtually no experience in.”

Spitzer was the Democratic Governor of New York until last fall when he was forced to resign amid allegations of whore mongering. Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed from his office as the Governor of Illinois just days ago. he still faces serious federal indictments related to allegations of corruption, extortion, influence peddling, misuse of office, wife beating, vandalism, public indecency, speaking on a tapped phone while intoxicated and is also suing his hair stylist. Both of these disgraced louses will now be official emissaries for the United States.

According to Wallace, Spitzer will be the Special Envoy to settle disputes between Israeli prostitutes and Jewish johns. “Elliot might actually be working with Palestinian whores in the Gaza Strip. You know, after the Israeli Defense Forces recently bombed the shit out of Gaza killing over 1300 innocents, the Palestinian prostitution trade has been left in a shambles. Hillary certainly thinks Spitzer is the man to change all that and promote peace as well”, added Wallace.

Gus Hreserka, a long time aide to Blago, told reporters tonight that, “Hillary has asked Rod to serve. He immediately accepted. He had a long talk with the Secretary of State and emerged from behind closed doors weeping with gratitude, with the hiccups, humbled by Hillary’s generosity. He told me that he will function as sort of an Ambassador-at-large and will be traveling to various hot spots around the world doing whatever he thinks he can. From now on American diplomacy will have a distinct Chicago flavor to it. He also hinted that next week he will be appearing on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MTV, MSNBC, HSN, The Fishing Channel, C-SPAN and Nickelodeon to talk about whatever the hell he wants to. He seems happy now.”

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Will he prove to be a real steal?

Watch out Mike. That elephant over your shoulder
might shit all over you.

(Jan. 30, Chevy Chase, Maryland) The former Lt. Governor of Maryland, Michael Steele, was elected as the Republican Party (GOP) Chairman earlier today at the Party’s Winter Meeting in downtown Washington, DC. It took five ballots until Steele emerged the victor in a 91 - 77 vote. Obviously, he will be the first African American to ever serve in this capacity but, the five ballot slog does not bode well for ole Mikey

Steele has had a somewhat dubious political career having lost in his bid to be Maryland State Controller as well as being soundly defeated in 2006 for his bid for his state’s open US Senate seat. He did serve relatively effectively as Lieutenant Governor from 2003 to 2007. He then became Chairman of the Republican Party Political Action Committee (GOPAC) in 2007. Throughout his public career Mr. Steele has been the “first African American” in several of the positions he has held or been elected to. He has played this card to the hilt whenever the opportunity arose.

By most accounts Steele is a decent man and has served the public well. Giving the GOP the benefit of the doubt, (which is an exercise in futility), Steele’s ascension to the National Chairmanship of his Party may signal a real sign of change in what has become the party of white, southern, conservative, ugly, hideous, rotten people. But, that is most certainly not the case.

Steele’s competition in this intra-party fistfight, were a cast of characters that collectively could be defined as one of the most bigoted, biased, brain-dead, arrogant, moronic and narrow-minded group of candidates ever assembled by the GOP for such an election. However, if not for the fact that the Republican Party had their asses whupped last November, one of those wing nuts would now be Republican Party Chairman. Steele was a godsend to the sons of the Confederacy who have become the keepers of the GOP flame. A Black politico who had won statewide election in Democratic Maryland - of all places!?! - a savvy mover and shaker within the Party politics also well versed in the complex waltz steps required of anyone hoping to succeed in party politics or Washington DC, for that matter.

In some ways it is amazing that Steele would allow himself to be played this way. Surely he must, on some level, realize that his election to such a position of prominence was made possible only by Barak Obama’s election as President. So blatantly crass in their apparent motives, the GOP just HAD to have their own ‘black guy’ to prove they are a ‘party of inclusion.’ Steele has been elected as a counterweight, maybe a counterpunch to Obama. What a load of unadulterated bullshit that is! But, no one has ever accused the Republicans of lacking in balls, nerve or clumsy political tactics. Yes, the Party of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove remains intact if not a little rudderless in the wake of their trouncing on November 4, 2008. Much has been made about their current “identity crisis”, their search for a “new message” and other such crapola. They have one identity and will continue to have one identity; they are a group of vicious, petulant, corrupt, white trash. They gave one of their own, the boy-idiot, George W. Bush, whatever he hollered for over the last 8 years and have found themselves on the loosing side of virtually every issue of the past decade. Yet, with blind arrogance, extraordinary ignorance and a sufficient number of NASCAR watching, mouth breathing gomps to vote for them, they will march on to the tune of Rush Limbaugh, defying the public good for selfish political reasons. Yup, that’s our GOP, ladies and gents. The ‘Loyal Opposition’? not really.

These are men and women who are loyal only to their own greed and to their political contributors. They are loyal to themselves and will fight bitterly ; as dirty as junkyard dogs to retain their positions of power. Their own constituencies are to dumb to see through them but, those who rise to power within the Party allow the rest of America to see what filth they really are.

So now, they have big black Mike Steele as their public face. Wow. The irony in this is astounding. Steele now finds himself the front man for a group that has long detested everything he has stood for and embodies. Affirmative Action? Urban investment and development? Public health reform? You name it, Mike, and they have aggressively opposed it. But, you wanted the job and now, you’ve got it. Perhaps you don’t mind being used or you are actually naive’ enough to think that you were elected for your principals and convictions, on your resume and experience. Hey, did you get a good look at the four ballots before the one that thrust you to victory? Did those guys look like they represented change? How ‘bout the one who mailed DVDs of “Barak the Magic Negro” during his crafty campaign to occupy the post you now hold? It’ll be so much FUN working with these vultures, won’t it Mike?

With all due respect Mr. Steele, let’s hope that you are empowered and able to enact some significant, palpable change in your party. Americans of all persuasions would welcome that. Perhaps you can be the catalyst for change in the Party that has greased the skids as our reputation, security, economy and Constitution has flown into the abyss.

Best of luck, Mike. Just watch your back. Always. You may also have to learn to not only bite, but to also swallow your tongue and your pride right along with it.

Hey Mike. Hope you don’t mind taking orders from
this ferret faced shit stain in the underpants of the Senate,
Mitch “Bitch” McConnell,
The Pride of Kentucky.


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Another Tax Cheat In the Cabinet?

Daschle answering questions while Bob Dole
(sitting in front of mannequin) glowers at the press corps.

(Jan. 30, Washington, DC) Tom, oh Tom. What is a newly elected President to do with you?

There is nothing wrong with the fact that you have become a multimillionaire after you were trounced in your last reelection bid. That is, after all, the America Way. Failed politicos dive into the private sector salivating over the big money they can make cashing in on their connections and 'knowledge’ of the ways of Washington. Good for you Tom. Your unabashed greed and lack of ethics across the board is no less than that of so many of your colleagues who have been bounced out of office.

There is nothing wrong with serving on a Board of Advisers for a company owned by your buddy and big campaign contributor. Hell, he was such a good friend he provided you with a chauffeur driven limo for the last few years. What a shock it must have been, Tom, to learn that your good pal was not THAT good of a pal; the driver and limo apparently left you holding the bag for $128,000 in unpaid taxes. Shucks. That was an “honest” mistake, a mere trivial oversight in the big scheme of things. Yup. So you've been gluttonous scarfing down all the lobbyist money available in the K-Street trough. So what, who cares, Tom-tom, that is your right as a former Senator. Loosing hasn't been all that bad, eh?

Some Americans may recall Daschle as the soft spoken, incompetent Senate Majority (for two days) Minority Leader until he was knocked off his little thrown by an empty headed pretty boy, John Thune. Thune has followed in your footsteps, Tommy boy, and is equally inept, ineffective and unremarkable as you were in your time in the Senate. Sorry, this is not about John, Tom. This is about you and your disingenuousness, lack of ethics, morals or any ability to serve in the cabinet. Secretary of Health and Human Services? Sure Tom, that is right up your alley, eh?

Tom, if you have a decent bone in your corrupt, skinny body, you should do the honorable thing and remove yourself as a candidate for this Cabinet post. Cut yourself quickly from any affiliation with the Obama Administration, save them the embarrassment of you; they do seem to have problems aplenty without your crookery added in.

ps: Tom, if you need some quick cash look under your mattress or in your lobbyist wife's purse. Plenty there, right? Scumbag.


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CEO Sholom Rubashkin and his imprisoned father, Aaron Rubashkin.

(Jan. 27, Postville, IA) They came here in 1987, Hasidic Jews of the Lubavitch movement from New York purchasing a non-Kosher slaughterhouse. They quickly refurbished it according to Hasidic Law naming the facility Agriprocessors. Certainly there sudden appearance in this rural community tucked in the northeast corner of the State raised eyebrows and soon tempers. The Jewish influx continued unabated tearing apart the long time solid Catholic- Presbyterian-Protestant-Lutheran community. The Jews bought homes, real estate and imposed themselves among the innocents of Postville just as they have the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

On their way to becoming the largest provider of kosher meats in the United States, they utilized barbaric, illegal and criminal employment tactics including hundreds of blatant violations of child labor laws. As the blood flowed on the wretched abattoir floor of the plant, the lives of Mexicans and Ukrainians, Guatemalans and Serbians were destroyed and washed away among the entrails. If these Hasidic had come here to fulfill every cliché, stereotype and maligned Jewish trait, they were stunningly successful. That success was matched only by the success of their business. The population of tiny Postville, (approximately 2,300 residents in the 2000 census) was growing by leaps and bounds as more makeshift impromptu immigrant trailer parks and ragtag communities appeared in fields that once knew only the presence of corn and soybeans.

Agriprocessors finally had the first taste of American justice in May 2008 when federal, state and local authorities conducted one of the largest immigration raids in history. They documented hundreds of illegal immigrants who worked alongside their minor children in the fiercely dangerous environs of the cavernous, fetid slaughterhouse. Authorities, even veteran officers where dismayed, even deeply troubled by the extent of the cruelty that the Jewish ownership and management treated these poor, uneducated but, oh so willing to work immigrants.

This first raid and the vast array of charges that hit the Rubashkin family and the subsequent details of just how horrid it was to work for them were revealed, their Kosher Kingdom in the Heartland began to crumble. Today, they were hit with a second massive blow that hopefully will end in prosecutions; destroy and imprison the goyem who ran this foul machinery of animal and human carnage.

The Rhinestone Rabbi grilling up some Kosher veal
in Postville during happier times; before the law
caught up with the evil criminals exploiting the poorest
of the poor as they profited wildly.

Postville had remained largely untouched since its founding by German and Norwegian immigrants in the 1800’s until the noisy, rude intrusion by the Hasidic Jews. “Well, at first, we didn't’ know what to make of them”, commented Orville Heidemann a life long resident and farmer in Postville. “real soon though we saw what their plans were, what they were doin’ and hows they was doin’ it. We knew then that they was very bad and dangerous people”, added Heidemann.

Gunther Miller, spokesman for U.S.. District Court Judge Linda Reade (who set bail for Aaron Rubashkin at $500,000 earlier tonight), stated, “Since law enforcement in Iowa is so inept, backwards and lazy, it took intervention by the federal government to expose the cruelty and horror that was going on 24-7 in Agriprocessors. Had ICE and other federal law and labor enforcement agencies been aware sooner, well, they could have saved lives.” The former CEO and owner Aaron Rubashkin had been held without bail since November 2008.

Of course the Rubashkin’s and Agriprocessors have no lack of apologists and defenders from Brooklyn to Tel Aviv. “It is amazing to me just how arrogant, nasty, belligerent and vile these people, these supposedly “religious” men, really are. Now I can easily understand why they are so hated and have been for so long”, said Eric Schultz, an unofficial spokesmen for Iowa Governor Chester Culver.

The federal authorities are currently at work assembling the hundreds of criminal charges into federal indictments which will fall on the heads of the Rubashkins in the coming months. Many of the illegal immigrants who were caught up in the initial round of raids have been relocated. Many have received help from faith-based and charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army and the St. Vitus Foundation. Sr. Filomena Marie who organized a St. Vitus Dance last month to raise money for the former Agriprocessors “employees” said, “I pray nightly for the young children who were forced to stand up to their necks in blood and guts for 16 hours at a time using power saws and power washers. Hopefully God will permit them to forget the horrors they’ve seen. I also pray every night that the vicious Jews who exploited these children and their parents will burn in the eternal flames of non-kosher hell.”

Highly recommended reading:

Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America (ISBN 0-15-100652-0), written by Stephen Bloom, a professor at the University of Iowa.

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MARCH 18, 1932 - JANUARY 27, 2009

Prolific, award-winning author; chronicler of early suburbia,
writer with broad, disparate passions.

(Jan.27, Boston, Mass.) Thirty miles north of here, at the age of 76, one of the great writers of the last 50 years, John Updike, died in a hospice earlier this morning. He had battled with lung cancer in his later years and, reportedly, passed on quietly. He will be missed not only by close family and friends but also by generations of readers.

Many who were exposed to Updike’s literary world and fictional portrayals of life in early suburbia and beyond will forever be grateful for what he produced. He allowed some of us, young boys growing up in the inner city, a voyeuristic peek into the lives of Americans living in places and circumstances that helped explain why our parents stayed where they were. His storytelling, characters, settings , and scenarios were written beautifully descriptive, sometimes dryly humorous, but always very human in the ordinariness and commonality of personal struggles.

His four part “Rabbit “ series followed suburbanite Henry Angstrom’s travels through the years. Updike used Angstrom as a tool to explore the intricacies of the psyche, desires, and dreams that often - usually - harshly clash with the mundane reality of daily drudgery, of our everyday life.

Updike’s writing career began in 1955 and brought him wide acclaim at an early age. he managed to produce 60 books as well as critiques, essays and social commentary illuminating a variety of topics that interested him. His work appeared in publications that spanned the scope of his acute observations from The New Yorker to Scientific American.

Some Cynyx came to know Updike’s perspectives and insights in our teens. Others of us discovered him while overseas in the military, others while serving time, finding distraction and education in his books borrowed from prison libraries. We will all mourn his passage and miss one of the most talented authors of our time, a man who helped us learn by expanding our horizons of thought through his gentle, often poetic prose. He not only taught us what could be done with a well crafted sentence, vocabulary, and how to express verbally, but that our observations and questions could be used as an outlet as well as an inward conduit to people and places far removed from our lives but very familiar in our frailties.

Rest in peace Mr. Updike and thank you.

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(Photo courtesy of NY Daily News)

(Jan. 26, Albany, New York) The bumbling, stumbling, buffoonish Governor of New York, David “Blinky” Paterson has once again done the inexplicable. After a four week drama involving insiders, outsiders and politicos of all types in the cesspool of Albany and beyond, Blinky named an obscure, dimwitted, largely unknown, upstate Congresswomen, Kirsten Gillibrand. His choice was not only dumbfounding given the field from which he had to chose but also for the process by which he conducted the entire affair.

Paterson became the ‘accidental Governor” last year after then governor, Elliot Spitzer was forced to resign once his dalliances with a prostitute came to light. As Lieutenant Governor Paterson moved up to the highest notch in the State Government despite his own extramarital roamings and admission of drug use.

When the junior Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton’s bizarre appointment as Secretary of State by then President-elect Obama, a veritable political and media circus tent blossomed over Albany. Early in the process Carolyn Kennedy-Schlossberg’s name was tossed into the ring of viable candidates. The daughter of JFK, a widely respected New Yorker, philanthropist and the last living member of “Camelot”, Kennedy was instantly seen as the front-runner, if not shoe-in for the seat. Other NY politicians considered or interested in the job included Andrew Cuomo, a former Bill Clinton Cabinet member.

Paterson found himself facing a level of prominence and scrutiny in the national media due to the alleged criminal and corrupt manner Illinois Governor Rod Blagojovich attempted to fill the Senate seat vacated by Barak Obama. The New York Senate seat has a long and storied history and, in recent times has been home to carpetbaggers with higher political ambitions. Carolyn’s uncle, Bobby Kennedy and Hillary Clinton are the two most well know carpetbaggers who intentional sought this seat to use as a political springboard.

Blinky, Shrillary, lightweight Gillibrand and Senator Schmukie Schumer, yesterday,
having lunch at the Waldorf. (Photo by Kathy Willens / Associated Press)

For her part Gillibrand has represented the 20th Congressional District that includes Albany and its vast surrounding, largely rural areas, seems to be an ideologic and legislative hybrid. She is s staunch advocate for “hunters rights”, and a 100% approval rating from the NRA. According to the New York Times:

“In Washington, the new Democratic majority handed her two plum committee assignments, Agriculture and Armed Services, and she has a political portfolio not easily charted along a left-right axis. She earned a 100 percent approval rating from the National Rifle Association while also being showered with love and dollars by women’s groups like Emily’s List; she favors the English language-only movement as well as abortion rights; she voted in July 2007 to withdraw troops from Iraq and, this fall, against the Wall Street bailout bill.”

Since her election to Congress in 2006, she appears to have been in perpetual campaign mode, appearing across her District exuding a “folksy”, “down to earth” persona which has helped her raise $4.6 million during that time for her campaign war chest. One of the old time Albany insiders who has watched Gillibrand’s political career closely, speaking anonymously said, “She is clearly ambitious. Friends have long talked about her political eyes being trained way beyond Albany. She is a good, effective campaigner but does have a nasty, vindictive streak in her. Some colleagues have called her a “bitch”, a “witch” and a “cold-hearted frump.” These are among the most complimentary terms I have heard to describe her.”

Perhaps the true reason or reasons Paterson decided to place her in the US Senate will become publicly known. For now, his rationale is not apparent or decipherable. Blinky’s spokesperson, Maritza Colon-McGee told reporters that , “ The Governor put a great deal of thought into the appointment of Congresswomen Gillibrand. As he always does, he looked at the big picture, recognized the importance of his actions in this matter. He saw something in her that the rest of us have yet to see but, let’s give her time.”

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Sunday, January 25, 2009



You have your mandate: Step up boldly now
or risk falling into permanent status as a failure.

(Jan. 25, Gaza City, Occupied Palestine) For far too long the international Criminal Court has been unwilling or unable, to tackle the most egregious of violations of international war, the blatant crimes against humanity, and war crimes perpetrated by the Zionist State of Israel and The United States of America. Each of these countries have been able to conduct the grossest atrocities against others; crimes that the ICC was chartered to adjudicate. It appears the ICC is poised to be relegated to the trash bin of world history as an abject failure.

The myriad crimes committed over the last 8 years by the USA and over the last sixty years by Zionist regimes in Israel cry for justice. The countless souls who have lost their lives scream from their graves for a voice; a voice that was intended to ring from the corridors of justice in the Hague. Thus far their cries have remained unheard. The silence from the ICC has been not only profound but also the silence of indifference, cowardice, and shame.

While 172 countries ratified the ICC Charter and several signatory nations have not actually fully recognized the legitimacy of the ICC, the overwhelming majority of the world community has patiently waited for this body to rise; rise with bold and swift action. Sadly, neither has occurred to date.

The ICC seems willing to tinker around the edges, to engage in conflicts not easily identifiable to the world at large. They have insinuated themselves into some of the horrors and war crimes committed in various African conflicts such as Dafur and Congo, while permitting the mass slaughter of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, and, of course, Palestinians. They have been comfortable adopting a position of weakness and disengagement following the lead of their useless, inept cousin, The United Nations. Just as the UN has lost all respect and credibility around the globe so too is the ICC rapidly proving its uselessness.

The recent Israeli assault into the so called Gaza Strip that has resulted in the slaughter of AT LEAST 1300 Palestinians, injuring over 5600 more innocents, has been a virtual showcase of war crimes that demand prosecution. For every Israeli killed in the conflict, over 100 Palestinians lost their lives, often as the innocent victims of the most barbaric and illegal use of tactics, armaments and the flagrant disregard of human rights. If the protection of human rights is at all to be enforced and respected, the time has certainly come for the ICC to begin prosecutions.

The United States, a staunch promoter of “Human Rights” has allowed their former President, George W. Bush and his cronies to unleash unmitigated atrocities of their allegedly sacred “Human Rights” from Iraq to Pakistan and Afghanistan and even on their own soil in the form of domestic espionage. They have shredded their own “Constitution” and have run roughshod over any state, nation, non-state entity or individual they “perceived” as enemies. Yes, from “sea to shining sea” the serpent souled Bush has forever altered the world in a most disastrous and criminal fashion. is the USA beyond reproach? Are they above the law they so vehemently ‘protect’ and “enforce”? Apparently so.

Likewise, Israel is permitted to continue their genocidal assault on Palestine in full view of the international media while the ICC sits idly by refusing to look at the faces of the dead, the poor and the suffering - the children of a 60 year war. How could such pained souls believe in any notion of justice as the ICC and the world turns their collective back as they continue to die?

The message emanating from The Hague speaks clearly saying, white phosphorous used against unarmed civilians is tolerated as is the total destruction of communities, homes, schools, aide stations and Mosques. The ICC cannot see the Israeli occupation as the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths, actually, by now, deaths measured in the millions of Palestinians who have been starved to death, tortured to death, bombed, shelled, and invaded by the most ruthless, yet gutless of military forces - the Israel Defense Forces. They live today only by the protection afforded them by the USA. The criminal Zionists are like frightened children taunting a bully form behind their mothers back, taking refuge under the wing of America. The world sees this, nations around the world stand stunned by the ICC’s inability and unwillingness to aggressively activate their mandate, exercise the authority given to them by the majority of sovereign states the world over.

Time is running out quickly for the International Criminal Court to ever have a chance for effectiveness, to ever five suffering people hope, hope in true justice, hope that those who perpetrate the most barbaric of war crimes and crimes against innocent humanity , will ever be held accountable. Perhaps once the first Israeli military commander stands in shackles before the International Court, the world will take notice.

But, as has already been mentioned; time is most certainly running out.


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