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You have your mandate: Step up boldly now
or risk falling into permanent status as a failure.

(Jan. 25, Gaza City, Occupied Palestine) For far too long the international Criminal Court has been unwilling or unable, to tackle the most egregious of violations of international war, the blatant crimes against humanity, and war crimes perpetrated by the Zionist State of Israel and The United States of America. Each of these countries have been able to conduct the grossest atrocities against others; crimes that the ICC was chartered to adjudicate. It appears the ICC is poised to be relegated to the trash bin of world history as an abject failure.

The myriad crimes committed over the last 8 years by the USA and over the last sixty years by Zionist regimes in Israel cry for justice. The countless souls who have lost their lives scream from their graves for a voice; a voice that was intended to ring from the corridors of justice in the Hague. Thus far their cries have remained unheard. The silence from the ICC has been not only profound but also the silence of indifference, cowardice, and shame.

While 172 countries ratified the ICC Charter and several signatory nations have not actually fully recognized the legitimacy of the ICC, the overwhelming majority of the world community has patiently waited for this body to rise; rise with bold and swift action. Sadly, neither has occurred to date.

The ICC seems willing to tinker around the edges, to engage in conflicts not easily identifiable to the world at large. They have insinuated themselves into some of the horrors and war crimes committed in various African conflicts such as Dafur and Congo, while permitting the mass slaughter of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, and, of course, Palestinians. They have been comfortable adopting a position of weakness and disengagement following the lead of their useless, inept cousin, The United Nations. Just as the UN has lost all respect and credibility around the globe so too is the ICC rapidly proving its uselessness.

The recent Israeli assault into the so called Gaza Strip that has resulted in the slaughter of AT LEAST 1300 Palestinians, injuring over 5600 more innocents, has been a virtual showcase of war crimes that demand prosecution. For every Israeli killed in the conflict, over 100 Palestinians lost their lives, often as the innocent victims of the most barbaric and illegal use of tactics, armaments and the flagrant disregard of human rights. If the protection of human rights is at all to be enforced and respected, the time has certainly come for the ICC to begin prosecutions.

The United States, a staunch promoter of “Human Rights” has allowed their former President, George W. Bush and his cronies to unleash unmitigated atrocities of their allegedly sacred “Human Rights” from Iraq to Pakistan and Afghanistan and even on their own soil in the form of domestic espionage. They have shredded their own “Constitution” and have run roughshod over any state, nation, non-state entity or individual they “perceived” as enemies. Yes, from “sea to shining sea” the serpent souled Bush has forever altered the world in a most disastrous and criminal fashion. is the USA beyond reproach? Are they above the law they so vehemently ‘protect’ and “enforce”? Apparently so.

Likewise, Israel is permitted to continue their genocidal assault on Palestine in full view of the international media while the ICC sits idly by refusing to look at the faces of the dead, the poor and the suffering - the children of a 60 year war. How could such pained souls believe in any notion of justice as the ICC and the world turns their collective back as they continue to die?

The message emanating from The Hague speaks clearly saying, white phosphorous used against unarmed civilians is tolerated as is the total destruction of communities, homes, schools, aide stations and Mosques. The ICC cannot see the Israeli occupation as the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths, actually, by now, deaths measured in the millions of Palestinians who have been starved to death, tortured to death, bombed, shelled, and invaded by the most ruthless, yet gutless of military forces - the Israel Defense Forces. They live today only by the protection afforded them by the USA. The criminal Zionists are like frightened children taunting a bully form behind their mothers back, taking refuge under the wing of America. The world sees this, nations around the world stand stunned by the ICC’s inability and unwillingness to aggressively activate their mandate, exercise the authority given to them by the majority of sovereign states the world over.

Time is running out quickly for the International Criminal Court to ever have a chance for effectiveness, to ever five suffering people hope, hope in true justice, hope that those who perpetrate the most barbaric of war crimes and crimes against innocent humanity , will ever be held accountable. Perhaps once the first Israeli military commander stands in shackles before the International Court, the world will take notice.

But, as has already been mentioned; time is most certainly running out.


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