Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Proof That Campaigns Need to Adapt In A Heartbeat
Opportunity as Audition for McCain & Obama

(August 12, NYC) Perhaps, if this not a hint of what is to come, it should be a potent reminder of what potentialities, possibilities, unforeseen events and the host of unknown variables in our increasingly complex, interconnected world.

Parts of the world are focused on the Olympic Games in China. Others, more concern about the happenings in their own regions and backyards such as residents of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Africa, Palestine and others locations rife with conflict, oppression and poverty. Some Americans were anxiously waiting to see photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts’ twins, still others are consumed with other tawdry, banal issues de jour as they materialize. Much of the country is beginning to realize that a very important presidential election will be held here in 80 some odd days. We are in the midst of yet another presidential campaign that, despite the enormity of the challenges facing us as a country and our next president has once again devolved into gutter politics.

Certainly someone had to have noticed what Russia was preparing to do in Georgia. Wasn’t our Secretary of State a soviet expert before she became a useless Cabinet member? Putin’s Russia has been slowly yet persistently, steadily moving more in the direction away from democracy back to a more Soviet styled society and government. While the United States has been bogged down in Iraq and having growing troubles with a resurging Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Russia has been exerting more and more influence regionally and internationally. Despite the fact that George W. Bush claims to have “looked into” Putin’s “soul”, Vladimir has gone from President of Russia to Prime Minister with de facto control of every aspect of the Russian government. His hand picked successor as President Dmitry Medvedev serves basically as a figurehead while Putin, the former KGB operative, pulls the strings. And they are old familiar strings to him and his cabal of hardliners anxious to exert their former strength.

The last 20 years has seen what was thought to be a mighty, super power, the USSR, exposed as a failed nation that had squandered all resources to finance a huge military apparatus. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Soviet Union crumbled and each of their once sovereign states sought that sovereignty again. Some were quicker than others to move forward and old ethnic and regional disputes complicated matters. Their economy was in a shambles and by the time Boris Yelstin staggered his way into the Kremlin, Russia was teetering on the edge of anarchy. Many of the suffering there longed for the days of Communism despite the harshness of their lives during the 60 years of Communist, iron fist rule.

Into the breach step the French, Germans and other European countries to broker a “cease-fire”. The breach was created by George W. Bush, his hapless administration devoid of a coherent foreign policy. An administration that literally ignored the rest of the world and all its evolving complexity to invade Iraq when the United States real battles should have been fought relentlessly in Afghanistan. The atrocities perpetrated by Bush and company have robbed the US of all credibility as an honest broker, a just super power bound by the rule of law and the world has watched as the Mighty America has been rendered bogged down by various insurgents on both fronts were our troops are engaged and dying. They have watched our nation treasure vanish as we become ever more financial indebted to the Chinese, Saudis and others reaping rewards from our lack of fiscal discipline and precarious economic situation.

So now, our presumptive presidential candidates have decided to use this crisis in Georgia as a bat with which to hit each other over the head. McCain is growing more rabidly hawkish with each speech he manages to stumble through. He is intent on rattling sabers we simply do not have and Russia knows we are so military depleted, stretched so thin, we could not become involved. Bush has pushed for Georgia and other former Soviet states to be granted membership in NATO. Obviously, this was more than Putin was willing to sit idly by and observe. John McCain in throwing down gauntlets, drawing lines in the sand and issuing all sorts of bombastic statements that say more about what a McCain administration’s foreign policy would be than any speech he could possibly give.

Democrat Barak Obama is determined to not be perceived as weak and McCain is determined to paint him as such. Perhaps a more Obama-like approach comprised of a robust diplomatic effort globally, a strong , full staffed Foreign Service, a State Department that actually did something, would not have us in the position Bush has left us.

But, politics will be politics and this August Surprise may prove to be an opportunity for the American voters to get a sense how each of these men will conduct our Foreign Policy, how each of them will value our forces, our sons and daughters, our blood and our economic resources. Which is more carrot and which is more stick?

We have a hell of a choice to make and we had better start paying attention and seeing beyond the standard Republican versus Democrat rhetoric that has rendered us unable to accomplish anything domestically of internationally since 2000.

Think. Read. Think some more. Vote.

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Monday, August 11, 2008


President Vows “Swift Retaliation” If Russians Approach Alabama

(August 11, Washington, DC) As Russian troops continue their assault on the sovereign nation of Georgia, a former Soviet state republic, George W. Bush has issued his harshest rebuke of Russia and particularly of Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia. Shortly after his first personal meeting with then Russian President Putin in late 2001, President Bush was quoted saying he had “looked into his (Putin’s) soul.” Apparently, their relationship has become increasingly strained as Putin’s Russia has taken several significant steps backwards in their nascent efforts towards a more open society and free market economy. All of this has transpired while George W. Bush has been in the White House.

While President Bush played volleyball with some of the members of the US Olympic Team athletes competing in China, the Russian Army and Air Force pushed their way through the disputed separatist province of South Ossetia and have reached the Capitol city of Gori leaving a mass of dead and wounded in their wake. The Russian forces also launched a massive air raid on the City of Tkviavi.

Upon his return to the White House after bumbling around in Beijing for the Olympic opening ceremony, President Bush answered reporters’ questions earlier today. “I have made it clear and, ah, Dick has too, that, uh, ah, um, this thing in Georgia will not stand. It is unacceptable. If Putin plans on moving his troops towards Alabama, Florida or South Carolina, ah, we, I, ah, me and Dick will retaliate. We will hunt them all down. We will get them dead or alive.” Mr. Bush appeared genuinely taken aback when reporters pointed out that the Russian aggression was occurring in what was once Soviet Georgia rather than the US State of Georgia.

When Melissa Boinkmi of FOX News pressed Mr. Bush on the issue he abruptly responded, “Hey, it doesn’t really matter. I won’t tolerate any placed named Georgia to be attacked by Russia. I’ve spent rainy nights in Georgia, I have had Georgia on my mind and once, Laura and I took a midnight train to Georgia. The Russians have to understand this administrations commitment to Georgia’s all over, the, um, ah, world.”

By this point, President Bush appeared to be extremely disoriented or solidly constipated. White House Press Secretary, Dana Perrino, continued the press conference as the President was lead away by his aides. Ms. Perrino was at a loss to explain Bush’s behavior and obvious idiocy. She ended the session saying, “If you were under as much pressure as the pressure he’s under you’d know what pressure like that kind of pressure is like.”

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Sunday, August 10, 2008



(August 10, New York, New York) With the recent revelations that former ambulance-chasing lawyer, North Carolina Senator, and Democratic presidential candidate’s, John Edwards, had an affair with New Age tramp,former NYC barfly, drugged up floosie, Rielle Hunter, one of the rarest and certainly one of the most bizarre sexual fetishes has been thrust out of the shadows of psychiatry into the public domain. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) for Psychiatry catalogues over 88 sexual fetishes from the relatively benign to the highly outlandish, deviant, perverted and criminal. While some of the more common fetishes are well known by the American public, the majority of them remain outside the realm of “normal” behavior. Some are so hard to imagine that the professional literature and the psychiatric community is lacking in treatment for those afflicted with these perverse, often psychotic fetishes.

Last week, when Mr. Edwards admitted publically that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter “while my wife was in remission” shone a harsh light on the very rare fetish known as Arousal By Diseasism (ABD) or Morbidfornicatism. These are basically interchangeable terms for men who find sexual arousal only in the company of very ill, if not terminally ill women. Edwards wife of over 25 years, Elizabeth, has been fighting breast cancer for several years and, early in this presidential primary season, she admitted to a reoccurrence of her cancer with an ominous prognosis. She has had periods of remission and during one of them her husband acted out in sexually inappropriate ways.

Dr. William Blast O’Cyte, the Director of the Johns Hopkins Department of Sexual Perversion said during a recent interview, “I understand from various sources within my specialty that Mr. Edwards has a long history of displaying inappropriate sexual conduct. He appears to have been getting progressively worse with each passing year. It has been documented by an anonymous physician from South Carolina, where Edwards was born, that the young John Edwards began experimenting with bestiality, voyeurism, exhibitionism and public masturbation at an early age.” Dr. O’Cyte explained that this is not an atypical pattern for men who ultimately can only find sexual arousal while engaged in increasingly bizarre fetishes. “Edwards has been sick for many years. The fact that once his wife’s cancer went into remission and he sought out physically and mentally sicker women for sexual pleasure, is strong clinical evidence that he does have ABD” Dr. O’Cyte added.

More and more details regarding John Edwards sexual past are being revealed almost hourly. An attorney who practiced law with Edwards while he was a trial lawyer specializing in class action suits, medical malpractice and product liability cases in North Carolina, speaking not for attribution commented during a long telephone interview that “John was always a little bit off, ah, sexually , I mean. I recall he became very excited during a case where he was representing a young woman with Polio, Trench Foot, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Narcolepsy and Chronic Yeast Infection. I do believe shortly after he took her as a client, he became, ah, intimate with her. After that I recall he was having an affair with a young woman who had the wrong leg amputated, Mumps, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Epilepsy and severe Prickly Heat. When he began leaving the office to have sexual relations with a woman stricken with Elephantitis, Halitosis, Psoriasis, Flatulence Profondo and Pink Eye, I had had enough. I found a new job and never spoke with John until years later.”

Several other women have made their affairs with Edwards public since the story initially broke. One of Edwards former lovers Sarah Jo Barsky, stated, “I met John after I retained him as my attorney for my Workers Compensation claim against my employer, Durkee Turkeys, in Salisbury, North Carolina. I had most of my left arm accidentally chopped off, I lost my right ear and, while in the hospital, I got Staph Infection, Gonorrhea, Oily Discharge, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hirsutism and Infracted Hemorrhoids. I also had the hiccups for three weeks. After we won the case, we became lovers. After a few months, he left me for a sicker woman. I hate him and hope his hair falls out and his wife kicks him the hell outta their house.”

Another woman alleging to have had an affair with Edwards while he was running for Senate in 1998, Chocolate Gazabos, told reporters in Las Vegas that she had met Mr. Edwards while in was in Las Vegas for a Trial Attorneys Fundraiser. “He was kinda cute in that pretty white boy sorta way. We had a few drinks but he did not seem all that interested in me. I happened to mention that I had, at that time, Crohn’s Disease, Toenail Fungus, Dandruff, Rectal Itch and Chicken Pox. Well, his eyes lit up, he put his hand on my thigh and that was the start to a very hot sexual relation that lasted for several months. Once my Chicken Pox cleared up, I never saw him again. I hope I gave it to him.”

As of this writing, Mr. Edwards has not refuted any of the allegations asserted by these and several other women and men. We will continue to report as developments arise in this breaking story.

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