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(August 10, New York, New York) With the recent revelations that former ambulance-chasing lawyer, North Carolina Senator, and Democratic presidential candidate’s, John Edwards, had an affair with New Age tramp,former NYC barfly, drugged up floosie, Rielle Hunter, one of the rarest and certainly one of the most bizarre sexual fetishes has been thrust out of the shadows of psychiatry into the public domain. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) for Psychiatry catalogues over 88 sexual fetishes from the relatively benign to the highly outlandish, deviant, perverted and criminal. While some of the more common fetishes are well known by the American public, the majority of them remain outside the realm of “normal” behavior. Some are so hard to imagine that the professional literature and the psychiatric community is lacking in treatment for those afflicted with these perverse, often psychotic fetishes.

Last week, when Mr. Edwards admitted publically that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter “while my wife was in remission” shone a harsh light on the very rare fetish known as Arousal By Diseasism (ABD) or Morbidfornicatism. These are basically interchangeable terms for men who find sexual arousal only in the company of very ill, if not terminally ill women. Edwards wife of over 25 years, Elizabeth, has been fighting breast cancer for several years and, early in this presidential primary season, she admitted to a reoccurrence of her cancer with an ominous prognosis. She has had periods of remission and during one of them her husband acted out in sexually inappropriate ways.

Dr. William Blast O’Cyte, the Director of the Johns Hopkins Department of Sexual Perversion said during a recent interview, “I understand from various sources within my specialty that Mr. Edwards has a long history of displaying inappropriate sexual conduct. He appears to have been getting progressively worse with each passing year. It has been documented by an anonymous physician from South Carolina, where Edwards was born, that the young John Edwards began experimenting with bestiality, voyeurism, exhibitionism and public masturbation at an early age.” Dr. O’Cyte explained that this is not an atypical pattern for men who ultimately can only find sexual arousal while engaged in increasingly bizarre fetishes. “Edwards has been sick for many years. The fact that once his wife’s cancer went into remission and he sought out physically and mentally sicker women for sexual pleasure, is strong clinical evidence that he does have ABD” Dr. O’Cyte added.

More and more details regarding John Edwards sexual past are being revealed almost hourly. An attorney who practiced law with Edwards while he was a trial lawyer specializing in class action suits, medical malpractice and product liability cases in North Carolina, speaking not for attribution commented during a long telephone interview that “John was always a little bit off, ah, sexually , I mean. I recall he became very excited during a case where he was representing a young woman with Polio, Trench Foot, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Narcolepsy and Chronic Yeast Infection. I do believe shortly after he took her as a client, he became, ah, intimate with her. After that I recall he was having an affair with a young woman who had the wrong leg amputated, Mumps, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Epilepsy and severe Prickly Heat. When he began leaving the office to have sexual relations with a woman stricken with Elephantitis, Halitosis, Psoriasis, Flatulence Profondo and Pink Eye, I had had enough. I found a new job and never spoke with John until years later.”

Several other women have made their affairs with Edwards public since the story initially broke. One of Edwards former lovers Sarah Jo Barsky, stated, “I met John after I retained him as my attorney for my Workers Compensation claim against my employer, Durkee Turkeys, in Salisbury, North Carolina. I had most of my left arm accidentally chopped off, I lost my right ear and, while in the hospital, I got Staph Infection, Gonorrhea, Oily Discharge, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hirsutism and Infracted Hemorrhoids. I also had the hiccups for three weeks. After we won the case, we became lovers. After a few months, he left me for a sicker woman. I hate him and hope his hair falls out and his wife kicks him the hell outta their house.”

Another woman alleging to have had an affair with Edwards while he was running for Senate in 1998, Chocolate Gazabos, told reporters in Las Vegas that she had met Mr. Edwards while in was in Las Vegas for a Trial Attorneys Fundraiser. “He was kinda cute in that pretty white boy sorta way. We had a few drinks but he did not seem all that interested in me. I happened to mention that I had, at that time, Crohn’s Disease, Toenail Fungus, Dandruff, Rectal Itch and Chicken Pox. Well, his eyes lit up, he put his hand on my thigh and that was the start to a very hot sexual relation that lasted for several months. Once my Chicken Pox cleared up, I never saw him again. I hope I gave it to him.”

As of this writing, Mr. Edwards has not refuted any of the allegations asserted by these and several other women and men. We will continue to report as developments arise in this breaking story.

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