Thursday, August 28, 2008


Democrats Convention’s Real Business is Behind The Scenes

(August 28, Denver, CO) The meager number of Americans who have taken the time to watch some e of the televised coverage - paltry on the networks; saturation of the 24 hour a day cable programs - have seen the delegations and all the goofy hats, placards and semi-organized buffoonery they indulge in every four years. The “prime time” TV viewing hours has showcased the elder statesman, the so called, “rising stars”, has beens and wannabes. The top tier of the DNC has been pacified by having been granted “prime air time.”

Monday night was Kennedy night with both Caroline and her bloated uncle Ted delivering their particular brand of standard democrat boilerplate rhetoric. Tuesday night Governor Blinky Paterson blathered on about something. In between the big name, marquee speakers, of course are those that introduce them or just other Party ass kissers like Ed Rendell, all trying their best to proclaim that their party is united. United? Have the democrats ever been united? There are far too many fringe elements, narrow minded, self promoting special interest groups thrown in with a host of constituency groups like Transgender Native American Women with Herpes Simplex, Short Obnoxious Zionists for Equality, Teachers Against Teachers, The Sodomy and Bestiality Action Committee and some too far beyond the bounds of acceptability they should not even be identified.

Michelle Obama and Billary Clinton all gave rousing speeches while the VP nominee, Joe Biden gave the only semi-sincerely oration thus far in this show. Various corny videos have been showed; all purely puff pieces.

What most Americans may not realize that the portions of the convention that are actually televised are nothing but a glittery fa├žade. The real business of the convention transpires during long closed door sessions of various committees and sub-committees during the day. It is during these sessions that the specifics of the DNC “Platform”, as well as rules, laws, by-laws and other legal statements that govern the proceeding of the national party are crafted. This has historically been and, certainly this year will be no exception, a rather disturbing document embraced only partially by the most broad minded of hard core democrats.

The scene outside the convention center is a sensory overload, open-air market peddling the bizarre. It is a mind blowing, mood altering, wind breaking spectacle not for the sane or weak hearted. This combination of the Greenwich Village Gay Pride Parade, Lollapalooza, a union meeting, the Iowa State Fair and a typical Valentine’s Day in San Francisco (of any night in San Francisco) is as close to Sodom and Gomorrah and a prison riot as one could ever see. Probably, visitors to the convention site should have been required to be inoculated against a host of viral, bacterial, fungal, domestic and tropical diseases.

This travelling carnival will relocate to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium tonight so as to accommodate the massive crowd expected to gather to hear Barak Obama accept his Party’s nomination. Some in attendance will be miles higher than others. Some will be high on party, designer drugs, while others will be approaching nirvanic euphoria simply being in the presence of thousands of fellow deviant, gay, lesbian bisexual, transgender, tree hugging, save the whales, politically correct, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, and liberal wing nuts.

The DNC has assigned special security officers to keep Barney Frank, Jim McGreevy and Rosie O’Donnell restricted in their movements.

Writing for TBC, Special Convention Correspondent, Judy Kelly-Gutierrez.

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