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(April 3, New York, New York) There is an axiom in politics saying that, essentially, the voters get what they deserve. While this is absolutely true in the majority of cases, the folks of the San Diego congressional district that elected Darrell Issa, have either gotten precisely what they deserve or they have not. If they have, than the only logically conclusion to be drawn is: that particular congressional district is home to the largest population of imbeciles, idiots, arrogant morons and heartless, brain-dead scum than any other district in America.

As Americans we have a cultural, congenital tolerance, if not immunity, to being governed by men and women of astonishingly poor personal, moral and intellectual abilities. Our current two term president is a case in point. We are accustomed to having elected officials who are revealed to be no better than those we would seek to imprison, execute or confine to psychiatric facility for the duration of their lives.

The list of such notables is, sadly, far too long. In the tradition of George W. Bush, his entire administration, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, the former Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, we can now add another to this lengthy roster of mentally disturbed people who occupy elected offices.

The latest entry into this infamous class of brain-dead, soulless, clumps of manure disguised as men is, Darrell Issa, Republican Congressscum from San Diego.

This puke in a suit, a former convicted car thief, had the unmitigated gall to call the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City, “a fire.” This eel commented that the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was “ simply an aircraft” hitting the World Trade Center. And this is a man, a carcass, who actually serves in our Congress? It is gutter trash like him that has rendered our “government” absolutely gridlocked into uselessness, if not irrelevance.

Perhaps, from the sunny climate of San Diego, the stunning events that transpired in New York City appeared, on a TV screen, to be , somehow, insignificant. Maybe Mr. Issa was in the Capitol on that fateful day. Did he think it was a joke? Did he run for his life and seek refuge from a fate that should have been his and that of ALL his colleagues on Capitol Hill? You can bet he and his counterparts ran as if the devil himself was in hot pursuit.

What possesses an elected official to utter such contemptuous words? What is it about elected office that allows the most common of gutter scum to think they are beyond reproach? Possibly it is the fact that the only methods by which they attained their elected office were corruption, extortion, soul-selling, bribery, and simply sucking the asses of power brokers, donors, crooks and lowlifes of every ilk. The very fact that a being such as Darrell Issa is a United States Congressman, not only boggles the mind, it makes every cognizant citizen vomit and howl.

One is left to wonder how Darrell would have felt and reacted had he been in Lower Manhattan on that day in September 2001. We all know, we actually witnessed via TV or, some of us, first hand, exactly what transpired that morning, what people did and what enormous strength of character the average New Yorker possesses. Mr. Issa could not tie the shoelaces of ANYONE who has ever worn the shield of NYPD or served the FDNY. Issa, a criminal by birth and nature, a politician by choice and criminality, could not even walk a block in the shoes of an average New Yorker. How dare this piece of excrement make any statement of any kind about an event his atrophied brain has no ability to comprehend.

As usual, we will rise above the crap. New Yorkers, particularly MOS of NYPD will consider the source, spit, and go about real life. Life on the streets just as life at WTC on September 11, 2001, is a reality, a universe that Darrell Issa could not live in, could not survive, for a second.

If anyone in his San Diego District has an iota of morality or conscience, he can not possibly be reelected. He should burn in hell, in fires as hot or hotter than my brothers in NYPD, PAPD, FDNY, EMS and just regular brothers and sisters employed in the WTC, perished in. Usually, after such a judgment, one might say, “And may God have mercy on his soul.”

Darrell Issa, may God damn you and punish you, exile you to an eternity replicating the conditions on the 47th floor of the North Tower on 9.11.01.
(I didn’t watch it on TV)

Good luck, Darrell...

God Bless all the innocents and MOS who were murdered that day.




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