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Bronxwest Exclusive

(April 3, Liberty Street, Lower Manhattan, NYC) The 10-10 house sits here newly refurbished, actually, totally rebuilt. Not far from this location on the southern border of what was once the World Trade Center Plaza, is the 5th Precinct. As one were to go up the east and west sides of Lower Manhattan, they would encounter a host of houses and numbers, Firehouses and Precincts, places that firefighters and cops call home. And, those places were called home long before the rest of the country took notice.

Engine 10, Ladder 10, the obvious residents of the 10-10 House, once were granted relief from the summer sun by virtue of existing in the shadows of two monstrous buildings. Many of those members of service assigned to that famed house never breathed life again after September 11, 2001. There was, for so many MOS, from all Departments and walks of life, no September 12, 2001.

That 16 acre site that was the World Trade Center Plaza smoldered until March 2002. It was a scent that the mind can conjure up easily...too easily. The sights, sounds, feel and HEAT of that place resides within the soul of every man or woman that ever spent time there looking for life. That was a short period of time.

Most of us men and women who spent time in that foul, fetid yet holy place sought only fragments; “biologicals”, as they were called: parts of people. There were plenty. The roiling, towering cloud of dust that folks saw on TV was comprised of the contents , structural elements, furnishings and employees of those two 110 story buildings. Each floor, each story, was an acre. So, when 220 acres of steel, concrete, re-bar, office furniture, windows, ceiling tiles, carpeting, files and file cabinets, phones, desks, chairs, partitions, coffee machines, wiring, computers and everything else associated or part of a workplace comes down in a manner and force detectable by seismic meters 500 miles away, there results a site unlike no other in our Country’s history.

Ants can’t hear thunder. That is a fact. Some phenomenon are simply of too great a proportion to be absorbed by certain beings; even certain beings evolutionarily equipped with superior senses. Ants can not hear thunder and a slime known as Darrell Issa, a GOP Congressman from the Left Coast, cannot hear truth. Obviously, whatever gray matter sits within his cranium is inadequate to grasp, comprehend or even accept that which his flawed senses may receive.

What we perceived and experienced at the place that came to be known as “Ground Zero”, was beyond the comprehension of most of us. Yet, around the clock, for weeks that turned into months that elongated and stretched into lifetimes, worked that site with determination and reverence a piece of shit like Darrell Issa could never comprehend, imagine or dream.

Thank God we live in a democracy. Thank our Founders that tolerance is written in to our Constitution.

The only flaw in the system, a system that remains the envy of the world, is that every now and then a moron, a person totally devoid of any redeeming characteristic, is elected to office. Even among their peers, others equally missing intelligence, ethics and any concept of ‘public service”, these subhumans stand out.

Darrell Issa is one of them; perhaps the most prominent of them. He should go down in history as precisely what he is: a useless waste of a carcass, human trash, vile and evil through and through. If his mom and dad are still among the living, they should hang their heads in shame.

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