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(April 7, NY,NY) In the world of political consultants, advisors, operatives, strategists, public relations gurus, advertising wizards, financiers and other sordid and sundry assorted hangers on, sycophants, ass-kissers and ingratiaters, Mark Penn ranks among the sleaziest. Perhaps he possesses a stellar intellect and talent but it has not translated well into his management of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. A minor conflict of interest, that no one really should have considered a conflict at all, has forced him out of his high ranking position as Chief Strategist to the downgraded, more obscure slot of just another campaign advisor. Poor Mark. What is a brilliant, obese, slob to do?

This is not the first “shake-up” of what was once considered to be Team Clinton, a political juggernaut comprised of the best and the brightest. As it turns out this has been a team of arrogant egos unable to function, or even contemplate having to function, after Super Tuesday. This is the team that thought Hillary’s candidacy in the general election was not only inevitable, but cosmically preordained. They failed to recognize the real threat posed by Mr. Obama and clearly underestimated his talents and team.

What other variables, factors, influences and trends they failed to use in their equations are almost limitless. Team Clinton certainly failed to see just how angry the electorate is, the fact that, for many, she represents everything about politicians they despise, and they misplayed their trump card, Mr. Bill Clinton. Oh boy, did they ever not see what damage he could inflict from inside.

So big, fat Mark Penn maintained his CEO position with a PR firm involved in lobbying on behalf of a South American country; lobbying, that is, for a trade issue that his candidate opposes. This is the depth of his brilliance? This wouldn’t be seen as a conflict of interest? Come on, Chubby. Had your head not been stuffed into a gallon of ice cream, your ego inflated beyond your waist size, perhaps, you would have been more attuned. Greed, Mark, greed and gluttony are both among the Seven Deadly Sins.

Not exactly a scapegoat (more like a scape-rhino) Mark Penn deserves some of the blame for the flame-out of the Hillary 2008 efforts. There is more than enough blame to go around and more than enough pleasure in watching it all happen.

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