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( Oct. 10, Columbus, OH) Upholding the finest tradition of the man whose Office she hopes to soon occupy, GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, was found guilty in what has been referred to as “Troopergate.” While Palin was cleared of most of the other charges, she was unanimously found guilty for “abuse of power.” She is guilty of having used her position as Governor (the authority of her elected Office) to intervene inappropriately in matters pertaining to her sister’s bitter divorce. (She had one State employee fired for not firing a State trooper who happened to be divorcing the former beauty Queen-turned Governor's sister.)

Vice President? Abuse of power? Does this sound familiar?

Although absolutely devoid of even the most minimal experience and knowledge required to hold the second highest Office in the land, Palin apparently has already mastered the all important qualification - an ability to abuse the power of her office. The current prez and Veep have perpetrated unprecedented abuses of power in all facets of their so-called governing, policies and practices. These two messianic zealots have done more damage to our Constitution in eight years than anyone has been able to since 1776.

Given the fact that our current VP, Dick Cheney, has actually interpreted his role in government as being a “fourth branch”, he and his operatives have abused power in the most blatant, criminal, deceptive and vicious manner, Sarah the Barracuda appears to be more than well suited to pick up where Dick leaves off.

Mrs. Palin, an avid hunter of wild game such as elk, caribou, moose, polar bear and wolves has already demonstrated an higher than average aptitude for shooting off her mouth while blasting gapping holes through facts, truth and decency. She has taken to spewing some of the most distorted rhetoric regarding Barak Obama and seems to enjoy her role as addled Johnny McCain’s own personal “Pit Bull” while donning $350 eye glasses not affordable to most “Main Street Americans” and “Soccer Moms.” She would be a parody, a remarkably comic character were it not for the fact that she may find herself in the West Wing of the White House come January 2009.

If John McCain represents four more years of the failed policies and politics of the goonish George W., than certainly Palin would at least be a continuation of the dark, manipulative, manic Dick Cheney. Actually, as she said in her debate with Joe Biden two weeks ago, she would seek to “expand” the powers of the Vice President. Wow.

If victorious, the wild life of Alaska can breath a sigh of relief; there will be one less “Hockey Mom’” wielding a high powered rifle for them to worry about. Unfortunately for the citizens of America, and anyone she and ole John may perceive as enemies, “targets” or “threats” abroad, Sarah will have far more fire power at her disposal.


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Nathan Thornburgh/Anchorage Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008

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