Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Round & Round He Goes
Where He’ll Stop – Nobody Knows

(Oct. 15, Hempstead, LI, NY) Tonight the third and final of the Presidential debates between Barak Obama and John McCain will take place here on the campus of Hofstra University. Among the many unknowns at this time is: which John McCain will take the stage at 9:00 EST? The past two weeks have witnessed Republican Senator McCain and his campaign, in a state of free fall. Erratic, inconsistent, chaotic and, at times, overtly offensive comments, statements and allegations are tossed out by McCain, his running mate, Sarah Palin, as well as his operatives daily. Often the candidate himself issues statements that are contradictory. He is his own worst enemy with Palin a close second. The desperation these ‘campaign as game of chance’ tactics reflect is profound as Johnny senses his ambitions to be US President are evaporating. He will have the rest of his life to mull over the gross mistakes he has made, the fact that his reputation is in tatters, and that his last hoorah was not an “honest”, “open”, “issues-oriented campaign” in any way, shape or form. The methods he has utilized to obtain his Oval Office means have been despicable, insulting to the public and rabid. He has embraced the very same tactics he once was victimized by and had resoundingly condemned. His “Straight Talk Express” has propelled him from respected, outwardly appearing independent Senator, head first into the deep, dank, sordid canyon inhabited by other lying, pandering, disingenuous, flip-flopping, mudslinging, win-at-all-costs politicians who had made similar deals with the devil.

There is no irony here. McCain, in his obscenely transparent efforts to gain the support of the “hard core, right wing” Republicans, the segment of the GOP that has long been distrustful, if not disdainful of him, crapped all over himself, his alleged ‘principals’ while clearly demonstrating to the American populace he is absolutely devoid of the temperament and judgment to be our next President. So closely aligned has McCain been with the most inept President in our country’s history, Baby Bush, that McCain’s flame out has the potential to take a good chunk of Republican seats in Congress into the abyss with him.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. It couldn’t happen for better reasons.

The real John McCain has never been the one the public at large had come to know. His biography, so carefully, tediously constructed has been exposed not only as a collection of extrapolations, falsehoods and nepotism, his past illustrates his blatant lust for power, his all consuming self-centeredness, and his callous disregard for anything that could even be loosely construed at moral, character or principal. He is a calculating, manipulative political hack that has never looked back to survey the wreckage he has left in his wake on his accession to the lofty perch he currently clings to. Soon, that too, will be just another memory John can do battle with on sleepless nights that are definitely in his future.

His entire military and political career was the product of his shameless exploitation of his impressive lineage, family ties, connections and arm-twisting influence of those whose asses he so gladly and sloppily, kissed along the way. His infamous membership in the criminal “Keating Five” was his political Rubicon, his spiritual awakening. From narrowly escaping a career ending verdict he began the painstaking transformation form who he really is into who has convinced the American people he is until he became his Party’s Presidential nominee this past August. The real, genuine John McCain has finally been revealed to the electorate and, hopefully, by their actions, the verdict he escaped in the Keating scandal, will be loudly proclaimed as the votes are counted.

Johnny boy, perhaps you should have retired after your 2000 loss to W, or at least liberated yourself from your addict-like quest for the highest office in the land.
The questions his last debate performance raised repeatedly are “How” and “Why”.

McCain has been a master in the high art of avoiding, evading and simply not answering direct questions. He has chosen instead to respond with smooth, political clichĂ©’ heavy, shallow, empty, doubletalk, spackled over with platitudes, plasters and blather. Even white-washed horse shit is still horse shit to its core. Tom Brokaw, the moderator of the second debate, never asked the primary follow up’s as John repeatedly spouted his usually tripe, followed by his forced, somewhat imbecilic smile that makes one wonder if he has a dry volt battery attached to his testicles.

McCain’s answers, “My friends”, often conclude with his firm and sickeningly familiar end-all, signature line, “…and I know how to do it.” He boldly states “I know how to capture Bin Laden”, “I know how to get this economy moving again”, “I know how to change Washington, to get rid of pork barrel wasteful spending, to get rid of the lobbyists and special interests, create jobs, help the middle class, provide affordable healthcare for everyone, make college less expensive” and on and on. The natural follow up should be, “How John, how?” Please tell us John, how you are going to do all these things? Why won’t you provide the voting public with specific, detailed, reasonable plans that you propose? Tell us exactly what you WILL do.

The next natural follow up to his crap is “Why? Why John, after almost three decades in Congress have you not DONE any of these things?” If you “know how to capture or kill Bin Laden”, why have you not told anyone else over the last seven years? If you “know how to make America energy independent” or “create good, middle class jobs in manufacturing”, why have you not done so or, at least, made a tangible effort to? Are these not legitimate questions for a seasoned, 72 year old Senator, aspiring to face the enormity of the challenges our next President will confront?
No one among us can help but to have the utmost respect for the John McCain who endured five years of captivity as a POW in Viet Nam. The young Navy flyer suffered years of isolation and torture in the Hanoi Hilton demonstrating strength of mind and body that few among us have ever had to find.

That episode is but one, albeit brief but brutal, in the long and winding biography of the former “Maverick” who has sadly stayed in the arena a bit too long. Consequently, his public life will end and this, his final pursuit, will forever be remembered as a sleazy, no class, race and class baiting, travelling shit storm of a Presidential campaign.

Perhaps as he rocks in a chair in one of his nine palatial homes he will have to answer to himself, “Why John, why? How, John, how?”

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