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Pat, Rod and Jesse Jr.
Come on down.

(Dec 11, Chicago, IL) As the details of the scandal involving the Illinois Governor and his wife as the prime culprits, the broad federal investigation will no doubt dredge up a veritable who’s who of Illinois politics. No doubt he dark under belly of Chicago politics will be exposed. There is no way at this point to even reasonably speculate as to the scale and scope of the corruption and criminality alleged in the federal indictment. However, with only the facts known at this time it appears that some of the people closest to President-elect Obama may find the dirty tidewaters rising above their shoes.

This is a particularly juicy scandal for several reasons not the least of which is the fact that Obama’s nascent administration, weeks before his inauguration, finds itself already in the shadow of scandal. How it will affect Obama as President, if at all, remains to be seen. But, the remotest association with some of the major players involved is enough to handicap him to some degree. If nothing else it has awakened the chorus of right wing zealots who had been occupied in trying to solve their identity crisis since the trouncing they took in November’s elections.

Corruption is as old as politics. Over the last 10 to 15 years we have grown accustomed to watching elected officials resign under dark clouds of controversy, be convicted of crimes, misdemeanors and felonies. Both Houses of Congress have had more than their share of ethical violations, criminality and depravity yet most of these incidents have been brushed aside by a censure vote or midnight resignation. This “BlagoGate” will not be easily disposed; these allegations are not only blatantly egregious but also indicate how precariously balanced our entire government is between the competing interests of the sinners and saints.

Power and money – greed is at the heart of this particular series of crimes. While many politicians succumb to the temptations inherent in their elected offices, Rod Blagojevich was a scum bag of the highest order long before he attained his Governorship. The fact that was also complicit in some of his extortion-like tactics is further evidence of his and her natural propensity for crime. She added some spite to his filthy exploits such as his vindictive approach to fund raisers who would not contribute to his campaigns, his threats to withhold funding for a children’s hospital, having reporters who were critical of him fired and their joint vendetta against the Chicago Tribune.

Already three close Obama associates have been mentioned in connection with the dealings surrounding filling Obama’s Senate seat. Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, all deeply entrenched in Chicago’s political ways. If Mr. Obama had any sense he would cut all three of these characters loose immediately.

Then there is the esteemed Congressman from Chicago, Jesse Jackson, Jr., better known now as contestant number five in the Senate seat sweepstakes. It has been rumored that operatives offered one million dollars on Jesse Jr.’s behalf to fill that seat. That particular rotten apple has not fallen far from the tree has it now? Nope, his father has made a career as an exploitive charlatan. Reverend Jackson certainly taught his son well.

The winds blowing out of the Windy City these days carry the dank stench of age old corruption. Hopefully all involved will be found guilty as charged and marched off to a federal penitentiary that is not a country club.

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