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Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.
Would you buy a used car from this creep?

(Nov.7, NY, NY) The composition of a President’s Cabinet can make or break an Administration. Newly elected Barak Obama’s first Cabinet appointment is an ominous sign. Naming Clinton retread, ultra-partisan, Zionist zealot, Representative Rahm Emanuel from Chicago, hopefully, is not indicative of the tone and direction the Obama Presidency will take. While Mr. Emanuel possesses some very astute political instincts and brings White House experience with him, arguably, he will prove to be a liability rather than a benefit. Already Washington insiders are reacting negatively to the elevation of Emanuel due to his reputation, temperament and personal agenda.

Obama achieved his electoral victory after conducting a well disciplined highly effective campaign premised on the principal of change. The majority of Americans who voted did so largely because of the widespread desire for real, tangible change in how our federal government functions. People seemed to grasp instinctively the dire circumstances that have developed during George W. Bush’s disastrous two terms. The failures of the Bush years are monumental; there effects will take years to correct. Barak Obama has been hired by the American people to shepherd this country out of the darkness of the mismanaged, costly war of choice and occupation of Iraq, the total disregard for the huge domestic issues contributing to the worst financial crisis we have experienced since the Great Depression. As Wall Street continues to be enveloped in chaos, today we learned that our unemployment rate is the highest in 14 years. Thank you, George. On the coat tails of Obama the Democratic Party has increased their membership in both Houses of Congress. The American people have given Obama the go ahead to enact dramatic change.

If any such change is to occur, it will require not only a paradigm shift, but a complete departure from the antiquated, stale, gridlocked politics that have been practiced for far too long. Some of the other names being tossed out as potential Cabinet members seem contrary to the idea of radical change. When Bill Clinton took office in 1993 he saw diversity as the main criteria in choosing his Cabinet. That turned out to be a first term nightmare that nearly sunk his entire Presidency. Several of the rumored Obama Cabinet potentials are among some of the worst of the failures from the Clinton years.

A case in point: Bill Richardson. Richardson, currently the Governor of New Mexico, served Clinton in multiple high level positions. He was an abysmal failure in each of them. He was bounced from appointment to appointment only because he is a political hack and was a devout Clinton sycophant. It was under his watch as Secretary of Energy that many of our most valuable nuclear technology highly classified secrets were stolen by the Chinese. What they have achieved with it and who they have passed it along to has seriously impacted the geopolitical landscape. Richardson, a slovenly, dimwitted, slouch was also a tremendous failure as US Representative to the United Nations. He was viewed by world leaders an unqualified appointee with no foreign policy or diplomatic credentials given his United Nations seat only because he had kissed ass.

John Kerry somehow managed to be trounced by George W. in the 2004 Presidential election. The fact that Obama is even possibly considering naming this inept, blithering idiot to his Cabinet is beyond disappointing: it is downright scary. Mr. Obama seems poised to squander his mandate by handicapping himself from the start.

Perhaps the man behind the effective Obama campaign, his Chief Strategist, David Axelrod in his White House role as Chief Advisor will be able to influence Obama as he makes his important Cabinet appointments in the next few weeks. Team Obama is well aware that due to the gravity of the crises both at home and abroad, he has to “hit the ground running” virtually as soon as he raises his hand from the Bible upon which he will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. We can only hope that he will be as thoughtful and deliberative in choosing his team as he has been up to this point. The voting public, by virtue of their votes, extended a large measure of good will to our President. He now needs to deliver. Let’s hope that the loose cannon, hot tempered, Israel – first, sharp elbowed, henchman, Rahm Emanuel is the only mistake he will make in the process.

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