Monday, November 10, 2008


Status Quo Has To Go

Lieberman crossed the line.

(Nov. 10, NY, NY) The fact that Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has chosen to engage in discussions with the vile, spineless, opportunistic Independent Senator Joe Lieberman reeks of the status quo. What Lieberman did should be seen for exactly what it was: blatant disloyalty of the highest order. It is not a matter of the self serving Senator from Connecticut simply choosing to support the Republican Presidential candidate, his close friend, John McCain. That could be accepted if it had been done, as Lieberman insists, as a matter of conscience. The fact is that Lieberman’s argument is not only disingenuous, it is patently false.

At every step of his long political career Lieberman has served two sacred causes; his own advancement and the advancement of Israeli issues. He selfishly bolted from the Democratic Party that had elected him for so many terms once the Connecticut voters rejected him in the 2006 primary. He was soundly beaten; the voters spoke loudly so Joe decided to run as an “Independent” in direct defiance of the will of his Party. That was quintessential typical Lieberman.

For some inexplicable reason Al Gore selected this mope as his running mate in 2000. Eight years later, Lieberman not only endorsed his Party’s Presidential rival, he literally glued himself to McCain’s rump. He appeared with McCain on the campaign trial becoming one of his most ardent, visible and vocal supporters. In an amazingly brazen slap kick in the groin to the Democrats, Lieberman had the unmitigated gall, the chutzpah, to deliver a speech at the Republican National Convention in September. That should have been the final straw; that traitorous act should automatically disqualify him from remaining a member in the Democratic Caucus. If the Senate Democrats do not mete out a swift and harsh expulsion of Lieberman, what is the message they are sending? If Joe’s behavior can be tolerated, what constitutes intolerable behavior in the Party’s eyes?

Not only does Lieberman seek to retain his membership in the Party he renounced, in a further demonstration of hubris, absolute arrogance, he is virtually demanding he keep his seat as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. This scum bum, fervent Zionist should not be permitted access to classified intelligence and other data pertaining to our national defense, our country’s interests. He never should have been in that position to begin with.

Joe Lieberman is the Senator of Tel Aviv: his record undeniably proves that. He is a pawn of the State of Israel firmly and unabashedly implanted into the legislative branch of the United States government. This is a pathetic state of affairs.

The Democratic Party has been handed a rare opportunity to enact profound change in the way business is conducted in Washington. If they fail to recognize their power position very soon, they run the risk of squandering their future. The Republicans will pounce on them, and exploit their timidity, their lack of nerve, courage and balls. If the Democrats permit dimwitted fools like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi define themselves, the recent electoral victories they scored will be Pyrrhic victories and will severely impeded President-elect Barak Obama’s agenda.

Lieberman must go. The entire Congressional majority leadership structure should be replaced with new, aggressive, energetic members who are much better suited and willing to help usher in the brand of change that is needed and that the voters endorsed last week.

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