Wednesday, December 31, 2008



(December 31, 2008 GMT, Athens, Greece or Georgia) Noon. Midnight. 2:15. AM or PM. Yesterday, tomorrow, last week, next month. Back in 1959..., 2010, 2008, 1492, ...meanwhile back in the year One. Last decade, next century, the millennium. Y2K. The dawn of man, the dawn of time. This era or antiquity.


Sooner or later, in a while, way back when. Black Friday, Super Bowl Sunday, The Fourth of July. Ten after eight, a quarter to six, half an hour ago, on the top of the hour, 9.11.01. The Day the Earth Stood Still.

See you next year, in a bit, just wait a second, give me a minute. Never!! Never??? Not in a million years, not while I’m alive, till They go to their graves. Forever and Ever. There’s not enough hours in a day, this is a long week, today is just dragging on, it FEELS LIKE a Saturday, TGIF, take a break. Tenure. Immortal, ageless, she aged well, the years haven’t been good to him. She’s expected soon, it won’t be long until he’s dead.

Stopwatch, sand dial, Cukoo clock, milisecond, Then. Got to beat the clock, time’s a tickin, don’t waste the day, live in the present, it’s all history to me. She’s running late, he’s early, ahed of schedule, right on the dot, like clockwork, punctual, how loooooong will this take?

I can’t w a i t for today to end, for it to be over and done with. Joe’s finished, Julia just started . There’s no going back, she’s looking ahead, he has patience, she has none. Freshman , Sophomor, Junior, Senior. Prenatal, perinatal, newborn, infant, toddler, boyhood, juvenille, adolescence, teen years, teen agers, formative years, his college days, when she became a woman. The Greatest Generation, Baby Boomer, Gen- X’ers, Generation Next.

That flew bye, that was quick, in the blink of an eye. That took f o r e v e r !! I’m glad that’s over, she can’t w a i t for that to happen, but she insn’t sure when that will be. Clyde’s here already. Hector is a l w a y s running behind. Ned is close to death, Edith will out live us all. Post mortem.

PREmature birth. Butch was early, Phyllis delivered late. Pre term, sentence, session, in office, The Days of Wine and Roses, the honeymoon’s OVER! Where did it go?? When will Floyd be back? In a flash. Slow down, speed it up, buddy. That will be the day.


“Time and time wait for no man.” Time flys, oldtimer,well, it’s about TIME!!! Don’t waste time, time can slip through your fingers, use your TIME well. Dirk wished he’d had more time. In due time, when the time’s right, in no time. Timeclock, time drags, Hank is working double time, Bertha can’t get the TIME she NEEDS! Out of touch, out of time. Leave him BE, Otis has NO TIME.

Timeout, times over...there’s no time left.........................................You’ll find out NEXT YEAR.

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