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American Hero will lead all-star line up.


(Jan. 15, Washington, DC) Word was leaked out tonight from high ranking advisors in the Obama Transition Team, that Joe the Plumber will perform at the Inauguration Ceremony before the 44th President, Barak Obama, is sworn into office on January 20th. This has been one of the most tightly held secrets of the transition and the details were still being worked out at this late date.

According to team Obama sources, speaking not for attribution, The President-elect himself invited Joe to headline one of the Inauguration Night’s most important parties. He will be joined on stage by such powerhouse performers as:

Peter Lemongello, the world famous crooner of 1970’s ultra-brief fame.

Joe will also perform several duets with Yusaf Islam, the has-been singer once known as Cat Stevens.

Joe’s All Star Show will also feature some of the best known most easily forgotten singers of the past, many of whom now play to semi-packed houses in Branson, Missouri and Tunica, Mississippi, including the pictured above, from upper left,(or from very bad to absolutely the worst): The Temptations, Milli Vanilli, John Tesh and Juice Newton. A very special member of Joe’s show is the world famous soprano;

Jim Nabors, former international star of Gomer Pyle, The Andy Griffin Show and second rate Las Vegas lounge’s. Nabors may be best loved and remembered as the former lover of Rock Hudson who died of AIDS in 1985.

Top Advisor to Barak Obama, David Axelrod said, “The President-elect thought that as long as we are hosting a dinner for John McCain we might as well invite Joe the Plumber to do something. Barak Obama feels a debt of gratitude toward Joe. All of us in Team Obama and, Obama himself recognize the value of Joe in the campaign, We firmly believe he helped us beat the pants off McCain almost as much as Sarah Palin did. We thank them both. Sarah Palin declined our invitation to the John McCain dinner and told us that ‘I wouldn’t be in the same room as all those BLACKS, even if they were serving moose sautéed in whale blubber.”

According to Axelrod, Joe the Plumber will sing ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall’ at the Inauguration on the steps of the Capitol and may also perform a duet of ‘We are the World’ with Bono of U2 fame.

Reportedly, Michelle Obama, the soon to be First Lady was particularly excited to see some of the artists that will accompany Joe on stage. She commented via phone that “ I grew up admiring so many of these super talented performers. I remember really having the hots for Peter Lemongello when I was in sixth grade, Milli Vanilli... well, I have their single. The Temptations are my real heroes and, what can I say about Jim Nabors?!”

As more details of the entire day and night’s entertainment line up becomes available, we will continue to inform you like it or not.

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