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Just the man we need with a “bully pulpit.”

Sixth in a series examining the Obama Administration’s personnel

(Jan. 12, Rockville, MD) To further increase the diversity of his already adequately diversified Administration, Barak Obama’s transition Team has leaked the word that the president-elect might name CNN “journalist’ Dr. Sanjay Gupta as the next Surgeon general. While there is no dispute regarding Dr. Gupta’s intelligence, skills as a Neurosurgeon and Professor at Emory University , this choice is dubious nonetheless. Gupta has no Public Health experience in the sense it applies to the post of US Surgeon General. Usually the SG is a member of the military and the US Public Health Service.

Obama supporters argue that the Surgeon general’s position is to function largely as a “spokesman” from the “bully pulpit” that comes with the office. They say, “Who better to be Surgeon General than a telegenic physician, a well known face of medical / wellness reporting on CNN, CBS and as a columnist at Time Magazine, than Dr. Gupta?” Following that logic why not appoint Wolf Blizter as Secretary of Defense, Rick Sanchez as Hispanic in Chief or Soledad O’Brien as Secretary of the EPA?

Gupta did serve as a White House Fellow in the Clinton Administration as an aide to Hillary Clinton, writing speeches for her and consulting with her on health and medical policy. That experience certainly bolsters his resume’ to be SG, right?

This is yet another among many boneheaded, short sighted, appointments of grossly unqualified people to high ranking positions; positions they have absolutely no business being in other than punching some diversity-inclusion-cronyistic, ticket: the ticket that seem to drive ALL of Obama’s picks thus far.

The face-lifted, teeth-bleached, empty cranial cavity types at Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine, Celebrity Daily, Teenie Bopper Magazine and Access Hollywood have all thrown their support behind Dr. Gupta. These should be sufficient endorsements for him to be confirmed as the next SG? Of course, why not? We have become a culture of celebrity, collectively smitten by ANYONE of TV. Have the Obama team actually considered the fact that the new President will have a golden opportunity to empower the next SG and aggressively address some of the most glaring Public health issues of the day? Nope, it’s all personality over principle.


The cancer surviving, mono-testicled, cyclist Lance Armstrong, Animal Planet pigeon-brained, goof ball, Jeff Corwin, Hollywood illiterate stud, Matthew Mcconaughey with likely Surgeon General, Smilin’ Sanjay.

The current President, George “Waste Product” Bush commented to Bill O’Reilly saying, “This Dr. Gumbo seems like a pretty smart fella’ always talkin’ about health and medicine type things..duh..im-port-ant things like mumps, nervous breakdowns, female crouch ailments, going bald...Dick pays attention to that sorta thing. He’s also a good looking guy. Laura and my twins have his picture plastered all over the place, they...ah..lust him...and..ah...I suppose, maybe, Dick Cheney does too. But, my biggest most concern is; where will he find the time to do all the surgery’s on all the Generals who have gotten shot up, landminded or ...ah... otherwise injured in Iraq and Afghanistan? I know how...^^burp^^... difficult dealing with Public Health can be. That’s why I ignored it for the entire 8 years of my Presidency. Also..ah...me and Dick had bigger fish to fry with spreading democracy all over the place and savagely treating savage evil-doers who savaged us and want to savage us again. But, Dr. Goulash kinda’ looks like em’. Maybe they will fear him or misunderestimate his biological weapons know-how.”

From (R) to (L): Potential Surgeon General Gupta, likely Assistant SG for Junk Science, Anderson"Gay eight ball"Cooper, and probable Deputy Assistant SG
for Human-Animal Inter-breeding,Jeff Corwin.

Where’s C. Everett Koop when you need him the most?






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