Thursday, August 21, 2008


Good First Step For A Network Of Buffoons

(August 21, NY, NY) Not long ago, a question was posed on this blog asking if there were any adults in charge at MSNBC. Apparently, adult or not, a good decision was recently made that will yank the obnoxiously, egotistical dimwit, Dan Abrams off the air. Abrams two different tenures hosting his own TV programs have demonstrated his lack of intelligence, his failure to grasp simple points, his reluctance to permit his guests to complete a sentence and the obvious fact, that were it not for outright nepotism and connections, Dan would be a used car salesman in Secaucus, New Jersey.

He served as the General Manager at MSNBC from June 2006 until October 2007, despite having absolutely no managerial experience. After Joe Scarborough replaced that blithering idiot, Don Imus in that early morning spot, Dan made a great managerial decision and chose himself to fill the void created by the reassignment of Scarborough.

Abrams program, “The Verdict” is an hour of tabloid like gibberish where it appears as if Dan cannot stop looking at himself in the mirror. His topics range from a cursory glance at politics but mainly focus on the tawdry, sordid tales the numb-skulled masses of viewers can’t seem to get enough of. Any child abduction, sleazy murder, or other back page crime is beaten to death by Dan until the next load of crap becomes his focus.

Pulling Abrams from the air is a good start for MSNBC; a cable network that has struggled to find a niche’ since its inception in July 1996. They have resorted to airing some of the most egotistical, hyperbolic, idiotic blowhards they could dredge up from the dumpster of “has been” and “never were” journalists. One is worse than the other and none have the right to actually consider themselves as journalists. Objectivity is not within their abilities but over talking guests, slobbering and drooling, and extreme displays of self importance are their forte’. It is a wonder they have any guest aside from those already on the salary of an NBC owned outlet such as Newsweek. Howard Fineman changes his hair color as quickly as Jonathon Alter is loosing his. Alter is, arguably, the most competent, objective regular on MSNBC.

Hopefully, Danny boys replacement, the long necked, Rachel Maddow, will raise the standards at this third rate cable network. If somehow they had the wisdom to get rid of the twin jack asses that are Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman, they may be able to present a better class of political and commentary programming.

Olberman wastes his hour of airtime devoted to pure trash, bashing his enemies or folks he just doesn’t like. His top, “Number One” story is always every other media outlets toss away piece or simply ignored because it reeks. That crapola judged to be the “Number One” story is always below tabloid trash. It is merely garbage. His “Countdown” begins with his “Number 5” story which, oddly, is usually of some relevance and importance; the complete opposite of serious news magazines and other political programs.

Chris Matthews expels more body fluids orally per show than one of Pavlov’s dogs. He is another of the enormous clownish egomaniacs that MSNBC has dredged up over the years.

All of the cable news programs are basically manure; each has their own bias and own cast of moronic loudmouths. At least, as of tonight, one can hope, the airwaves will be minus one of the biggest horses asses in a constellation of horses asses.

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