Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Self Described Bipartisans; Both Politics As Usual

(August 20, NYC) Two of the longest serving members of the senate, between them having spent 50 years working the dark corners and back rooms that has assured their political survival, John McCain and Joe Lieberman are nothing more than vacuous products of life within the rarified corridors within the Beltway.

The Maverick, McCain, the former Straight Talk Express captain now, is nothing but a politician willing to say anything, to anybody, to be elected president.

The former democratic senator now, independent, Joe Lieberman is exactly the same perhaps even a bit more crass in his greed for power and willingness to tack, flip flop, and vacillate. Though hr lost his democratic primary in 2006 and won his senate seat while running as an independent, he still “caucuses” with the Democratic Party. Who is this guy?

McCain survived the “Keating Five” investigation from the late 1980’s, was able to get well beyond it and, in reality is no more a Maverick than he is a water buffalo. Lieberman is about as much a Centrist as was Jerry Falwell.

What ever became of Rudy Guiliani? If McCain is willing to forfeit the majority of the republican base, he might as well go and do so with a man who has federal experience. Guiliani was the third ranking member in the Department of Justice during the Reagan era, a successful federal Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York and a twice elected Republican Mayor of New York City; a City known for its liberal Democratic machine and politics. At least he could truly appeal to the vast “middle” the undecided, independents.

Political calculations, expediency, rhetoric; how could anything else have been expected?

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