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(August, 19 Fairfield, CT)  Our current political scene is overly populated by crooks, rogues, charlatans, liars, criminals, lowlifes, blowhards as well as some extremely ruthless, cunning self-serving scheming, sleazy, egotists, especially incumbents, who will literally sell their souls to remain in office.  Among some of the most prominent of all time scum buckets, Joe Lieberman has proudly entered into this infamous, despicable class.

Having lost the Connecticut democratic primary to a virtual political novice, Ned Lamont, petulant, arrogant Joe, rather than take his resounding defeat in stride, he left the Democratic Party to run for his cherished senate seat as an independent.  While he has caucused with the Democratic Party, he has been among the staunchest of George W. Bush’s failed policies and practices.  Now, this ace wipe, who has been vigorously campaigning for John McCain, is rumored to be on the “short list” of potential McCain running mates.

In the 2000 Presidential Election, that which was ultimately decided by Antonin Scalia and his Supreme Court, Lieberman was the running mate of Al Gore.  Over these last eight years Lieberman has morphed into an even more vicious politician than he has always been.  Joe is has been and always be a two issue candidate, two primary causes motivate every political move, vote, speech, opinion, stance and position.  His two only concerns are Joe Lieberman and Israel; in that order. Joe seems to have his eye on someday being the Prime Minister or President of Israel or, perhaps, Mayor of Tel Aviv.

What does addled John McCain think Joe will add to the ticket?  Will it help assure the whopping 9% of Americans that are Jews will vote for him?  Maybe he’s seeking the votes are that sliver of the far right wing Evangelical community that supports Zionism and Israel.  They are firm in these beliefs although, by their own teachings and tenets of their doctrine, the Jews will be able to join them at Rapture because, Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  How does this add up?

As a nation we have given more to, taken more on the chin for, Israel with nothing to show for it except problems and conflict.  Israel is “the only democratic country amid antidemocratic neighbors.”  This is one of the most widely quoted of the many flimsy, bogus excuses served up as justification for the US support of Israel.  What a load of crap.   “They are our only allies in that part of the world”: yet another line of tripe. What have they ever done for us?  We know what we have done for them.  Without our unwavering support for them in the UN Security Council, or our generous financial, military and other forms of pacifying largess, Israel would simply not exist today.

Israel will expect Joe to deliver the notorious Cold War era, Israeli spy, the scumbag, Jonathon Pollard for openers. Yahweh knows what they'll expect from their Jew in the White House next. If McCain does pick this skunk as his VP, it will be reminiscent of 1996 when Bob Dole picked Jack Kemp. Fiscal conservatives and many GOP insiders knew, at that moment, dole had lost the election. Kemp was not an advocate for the economics favored by republicans back then. He'd actually mocked Dole's senatorial record particularly on legislative matters on regulation, spending and fiscal policy.

What, you may ask, has all this do to with Joe Lieberman?  A Jew: not just any Jew: a virulent, rabid, activist, greedy, Zionist Orthodox Jew as the Vice President of the United States?  How’s that for sending a message that there may be some movement away from the negligent diplomatic efforts and idiotic policies of George W.? 

America is a sovereign nation and need not make an attempt to satisfy the world.  Our domestic politics should proceed without opinion, bias or any manner of meddling from other countries.  However, The United States needs to reestablish its integrity and credibility around the world.  Without those we are diminished as a country, as a force, as possessing the ability to exert pressure and influence when we need to.  We have lost so much of our standing in the world community. We have been severely wounded during the past 8 years; our reputation as an honest broker, as guided by international rules of all types has been shattered.

Domestically, as well, we have stood silently by while this administration of radical, maniacal neo-cons has shredded our Constitution, limited our rights to privacy and civil liberties and taken us down a path absolutely contrary to that which we had been on since 1776.

The electorate will do what they will do.  Hopefully, there will be some thought, some discussion of the ramifications of having a Jew as our Vice President especially since that Jew would could be Joe Lieberman.

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