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Biased Alabama Senator now sits as ranking minority member
of the same committee that would not approve his nomination to the
Federal Bench in 1986.

(July 13, Washington, DC) Drama is never too far beneath any surface here in the nation’s Capitol. Drama that ranges from the inside the Beltway only charades to serious matters that often impact untold lives for years, if not decades to come. Being a city populated purely by self serving politicians, thiese gramdstanding intellectual ants are completely disinterested with their elected purpose - that being to legislate and govern - eferything is always the political (including any kind of sex scandal that trumps every issue no matter how significant, weighty or important.)

Today was the absolute epitome of Senatorial theatrics. Instead of giving an obscure speech in the middle of the night on C-SPAN purely for the consumption of their constituents back home, today the 20 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee were on center stage. They each had ten full minutes to demonstrate exactly how buffoonish, if not down right ignorant they are, but to preen and posture for audiences as parochial as their home states and and large as the rest of the country. What a garish display. The only element of truth revealed was that each Senator had his or her staff prepare their remarks for months - these staffers should all be fiction writers; they are all masters of hyperbole and the absurd. A few “fact finders” among all the staff writers may have been helpful and actually could have spared the most imbecilic of the Senators the embarrassment of illustrating for the country their abject stupidity, prejudice, lack of character and how little they understand, or care, about the specific duties and Constitutional responsibilities of their sworn Offices.

It would be a highly appropriate question to ask Senator Sessions if he has any sense of deja vu’ as he sits in the Committee chamber that denied his appointment to a federal judgeship based on “racist” issue in 1986. To think this scum bag who represents all the sordid , awful, and racially shameful history of the State he represents, is an irony almost beyond the bounds of acceptable irony: it seems ludicrous. Just because Arlen Specter, the traitorous former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania jumped ship, Sessions ascended to his current position as ranking minority member of the Committee. Just another component of Traitor Arlen’s dubious, if not infamous, legacy.

In a Senate Committee that boasts some of the most ignorant, fundamentalist, Neanderthals, Sessions is a standout among his peers; not by much, but a stand out non the less. His racists beliefs are well known and documented, his disdain for Blacks and ethnic minorities generally, have him firmly planted in the dark yet oddly powerful far right wing corner of his Party. His questioning of Judge Sonia Sotomayor will most definitely reflect the sentiments in his incoherent, factually inaccurate, rambling screed that passed for his opening statement.

This is high political theater, indeed and, as of today, it is plain to see that Jeff Sessions will excel in his role as the Court Jester.


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