Saturday, July 18, 2009


(July 18, New York, NY) We must begin this post to correct an error and apologize for our carelessness.

In a posting by broodingcynyc last night, he erroneously stated that Walter Cronkite had flown in a “B-29” during a bombing raid over Germany while serving as a war correspondent for UPI. One of our astute readers, identified only as “anonymous”, sent us a comment pointing out that factual error. Cronkite flew in a B-17 bomber, not, as “anonymous” pointed out, a B-29.

We appreciate having had broodingcynyc’s error brought to his and our attention and, again, we apologize.

As our “anonymous” commentator noted, “Cronkite was a stickler for detail” and that makes our error even more troubling. In all our postings tagged as current events or news or similarly, we all do try to get the facts correct. We will all do better in the future to avoid such a sloppy mistake as was perpetrated in last night’s post.


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