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A 1971 Ford Maverick where they were most commonly seen:
in the junkyard.

(Oct.27, Phlegm, OH) With a eight days left in this contentious presidential election campaign, perhaps the GOP ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin, may want to consider the fate of other ‘mavericks’. Both of these Republicans have been campaigning as self proclaimed “mavericks” as if this designation especially qualifies them to be paradigm-breaking agents of change if elected. This argument, on its face, is total bullshit. John McCain is a 30 year veteran of Washington DC and has breathed the rarified air available only to a creature of the comfortably cocooned and removed surreal world “inside the beltway” life provides. Palin, the Governor of Alaska is indeed a beltway outsider however; she is also out of her mind. She is as ill equipped to be Vice President of the United States as a moose (no matter how well dressed a moose she is).

Those facts aside, it is oddly interesting that the Republican ticket employs the term “maverick” hoping to imply a renegade spirit to their electoral quest. The renegade approach usually connotes a certain measure of recklessness, chance taking, unconventional thought that often proves riskier than appropriate. Daredevils, gamblers, bungee jumpers, thrill seekers, jackasses and imbeciles of all stripes can afford to be mavericks. The President and Vice President of the United States can not. George W. Bush has been enough of an unbranded range animal,(imbecile and jackass), inflicting his renegade mind set yielding tremendous damage domestically and internationally. The world has witnessed exactly what his messianic, cowboy mentality reaped. McPalin have clearly exhibited their desires to continue in Boy George’s footsteps if not chart new waters of reckless stupidity, stubborn single-minded arrogance and shoot from the hip foreign policy. The Bush Administration’s handling of the recent financial crisis as well as their two wars, the war on terrorism, and Hurricane Katrina (to name just a few) has proven disastrous. These monumental errors of omission and commission, have served as positive proof that the renegade approach is doomed to fail abysmally.

An unbranded range animal such as a horse can be referred to as a maverick. Usually, mavericks of this type are “broken” by severe corporal punishment and the generalized use of brute force such as whippings, beatings, forced mounts, and electric prods. The Bushie’s have seen where similar tactics like water boarding, torture and trampling civil rights have left them. McPalin: take heed.

Ford Motor Company replaced the popular sedan model, Valiant, in 1966 with the Maverick, marketed as an affordable, dependable, economy car. In its 12 years of production it turned out to be a piece of shit of epic proportions, almost as big a lemon as other boneheaded Ford failures such as the Pinto and Edsel, the AMC Rambler and Pacer and NASA’s Skylab.

Hopefully, this coming Tuesday, McPalin will be trounced. The American public should recognize a “lemon” when they see it whether it be a car or a presidential ticket.

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