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(July 21, Various locations, USA) There are some weeks that provide much grist for the mill, material for the blogger. Last weeks was one such week and, for a variety of reasons, serious and trivial, The Brooding Cynyx were silent. More accurately, we were silenced. Circumstances, some beyond our control, others of our own making, resulted in not a single Cynyx posting from July 11 until July 19. That was a long time for us to be quiet.

Some of the Cynyx have taken it on the chin recently and, by virtue of how we function, collectively we were all rendered silent. Perhaps some of the adversity, bad luck, technical difficulties of the last 5 months or so culminated last week. We were sorry to have missed just an eventful stretch of time.

So as a public interest and to shut up some of the more restless Cynyx, below are a few of the posts that Might have been.

We would have written of the passing of a truly remarkable man as he was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. The headline would have been:


We would have recognized the remarkable accomplishments of Dr. Michael DeBakey. His innovations in cardiothoracic surgery are far too long to list here. He not only basically invented open heart surgery; he literally developed most of the equipment that made it possible. A death that should have been noted by every living American, was a lesser story than the passing of former White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow.

Tony Snow had a career as a talented, respected journalist and commentator in print, radio and on TV until he decided to become a flaky, a political hack and the mouth piece for the most awful president this country as ever known.

Of course increasingly more befuddled GOP presidential candidate, John McCain spent last week sticking his foot in his mouth so often it was amazing he retained the ability to have his head up his ass simultaneously. He just gets better by the week.

As Democratic presumptive presidential nominee, Barak Obama prepared for a tour of Afghanistan, Iraq to visit with our troops and commanders, his itinerary has him traveling to many other important Middle East countries to meet heads of state. That seemed to piss John off but, gaffe on he did.

A headline that would have been:


If Senator McCain is going to hold up his broad, vast intimate knowledge of geopolitics, he ought have been aware that Czechoslovakia has not existed in 15 years, give or take. And, if John wishes to play down the issue of his age, a comment such as “I am now learning how to get on the Internet” should not have been uttered. We’ll leave McCain alone for now with just two final words: Phil Gramm.

The inflammatory, ill-conceived, allegedly “satirical” cover of the “New Yorker” magazine would have been commented on. We just cannot provide any examples of what the possible Brooding Cynyx headline would have been. It’s old news and, the Cynyx were all over the field with this one.

In retrospect, perhaps it is a small blessing that we were absent for that nine day stretch. We needed to tend to some things. We have lost family and friends, servers, routers and patience recently. We have been hit by lightening, storms, floods, and illness. Some of us have had to contend with more than others but, a collective time out, while not pre-planned, just seemed appropriate. These may sound like hollow, lame excuses but, trust us kind reader, they are not.

Certainly, not all the Cynyx were facing the same degree of crisis, malfunction, calamity, constipation, parole violations, marital problems or technical failures. The least impacted among us took the time out for some serious drunkenness, debauchery and pedicures. Don’t worry; they will have their days too.
One of the brighter elements of the past week as celebrated by the head of BGE and a pseudonymous Cynyc, was the arrival of the atlantic hurricane season. Enough tropical depressions matured into named storms to have the folks at ASSPAC in Moss Point, Mississippi and every BGE owned casino, gaming center and brothel working overtime. The action was fast and furious, there were winners and losers but, that’s why it is called ‘gambling’.

The Brooding Cynyx have returned to full operational mode. Our post addressing the latest CNN bullshot no doubt proves that some of us are back to full Cynyc stride.

From all of us to all of you, we thank you for your patience and loyalty. You know, such as do we, sh*t happens. It what you do with it that makes the difference.

The Brooding Cynyx

ps: Without unprecedented group discipline, this might have gone on for thousands and thousands of words.

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