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(July 20, Harlem, NYC) Poised as our country is today, on the threshold of electing a Black man to the Presidency of the United States, the once respected Cable News Network (CNN) has again demonstrated their ignorance, poor judgment and lack of creativity. For months now, CNN has been vigorously promoting their upcoming “Groundbreaking Documentary” entitled ’Black in America’. This 2 part program is scheduled to be broadcast this coming Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

As a prelude, last night the kickoff event for this crap was a ‘forum’ or ‘discussion’ hosted by Soledad O’Brien - who also hosts the documentary - called ‘Reclaiming the Dream.’ If that tripe is in any way representative of the big premiers of their “groundbreaking” work, it should be avoided by all thinking Americans of every color, gender, age or politics. CNN has managed to have the old standard racial debates from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The tired, worn rhetoric is the same; only the players have changed. The cast of character assembled for this waste of time are the “professional blacks’, their jobs are apparently just ‘being black.’ Whether affirmative action assisted them academically is irrelevant. What these folks have chosen to do is make a living on ‘being black.’

They write books, hold academic positions, usually in “African American Studies” often in prestigious universities and blather on about what the black ‘community’ needs to be doing about this issue or that. These men and women are a disgrace to the character, courage, intellect and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King and every other ‘Negro’ who actually did something pro-active.

The arrogance, pomposity and shear egotism of these professional blacks is not only insulting to us all; it is detrimental in reality. But, it must be good work if you can get it. It must be nice to get grants and endowments, notoriety and pseudo-celebrity just for being black. As a professional black you write papers, articles and op-eds on all you know about various black social problems, rap music, and a host of other ills that they make their livings based on. It is known as exploitation; they,these professional blacks , are members of an exclusive, small fraternity. The one trait they each share in abundance is just how pitifully little they have any real knowledge of that which they so articulately pontificate.

Dr. Cornel West of Princeton is perhaps the best example of the pro black. Michael Eric Dyson, now at Georgetown University is close behind him. They can talk; no doubt about that! They can rattle off the whole list of things that plague their ‘community”, it’s etiology from 400 years of “outright’ oppression followed by another 200 years of Bull Conner and increasingly “subtle” forms of enslavement, oppression, pain and suffering. Smart pro blacks like these 2 blowhards wax eloquently, passionately and loudly about how this “collective memory” infects black America today. Interesting?

Rather than provide yet another soapbox for the pro blacks to spew forth their garbage, perhaps CNN could have had the vision to produce some other “groundbreaking” journalistic documentary.

Some of the titles they might have considered are “ Poor in America”, “ Just lost my job in America”. “Have no health insurance in America”, “Obese, uneducated, but I own an X-Box and cell phone in America.” As if all the ills of black America are confined to that group; the thought is preposterous.

Theoretically, a much wider audience would have benefited from programs like “ Single mom in America”, “Unemployed, unemployable but it’s not my fault in America.” Poverty, unwanted pregnancy, lack of responsibility, education, self respect, parenting skills and all the other real and imagined wrongs in America are not exclusively black problems. The dissproportionality of the symptoms and history of the “Black Experience” in America, has been rendered flimsy psycho-babble, junk science and just plain old horse crap.

Every individual has to take a look within; no matter one’s color or ethnic legacy. Why is that considered condescending and inflammatory? How does a community do that collectively? Dialogue? Another commission, committee or study? How many years ago was The Million Man March? Wasn’t that touted as a catalyst for a national dialogue? Didn’t the pro blacks of those days proclaim that event as the first steps towards black responsibility and a colorblind society? Rhetoric and more rhetoric.

If suddenly all the problems ascribed to the black community was somehow magically vanquished over night, the users, exploiters and general self-important useless slimes like Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson would find themselves out of work. If there were no more ‘African American Studies Programs” taught, these same clowns and their ilk would have to actually work for a living. It would be nice to see.


Some of you will not take kindly to the above post written by one of our NYC based Cynyx who happens to be a black man. This is just the first installment in a series he will be writing that we feel is of sufficient importance it cannot be cast aside. We do not have any “Professional Blacks” as some of those named above; that is why we post it and imagine the flack we might receive from it. We’re all good with that.

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