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(July 22, Kennebunkport, ME) Having begun a whirlwind overseas trip that has seen him visit with heads of state, prominent politicians, heads of state, government ministers as well as our own military troops and command on the ground, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has garnered a great deal of media attention where ever he has spent time. His trip began in Afghanistan where he met with President Hamid Karzi before spending time with US military personnel. Obama next visited Iraq, received a personal helicopter tour with the leading US commander there, General David Petraus and now Obama is in the Middle East where his high level meetings will continue across the region.

Meanwhile, his likely rival GOP candidate John McCain spent time in Maine, at Walker Point, the vacation estate of the Bush family. There, he met with George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States and father of the current hapless president. The contrasts couldn't be any starker.

As McCain was making highly critical statements regarding Obama’s tour, the Arizona Senator was once again demonstrating his geopolitical acumen. McCain expressed concern for potential troubles along the “Pakistan – Iraq border.” Since Pakistan and Iraq do not share a common border, it appears that the only candidate with the “experience, judgment and knowledge” of the world continues in his effort to redraw the world map. Last week McCain expressed his grave concerns for Czechoslovakia, a country that has not existed in almost 16 years. To his credit Senator McCain did express his deep concern for what he calls “the transcendent mission of our time defeating radical Islamo-Fascist's. My friends, these terrorists would destroy all the lobsters in Maine because, ah…frankly…they hate their way of life…I mean, our way of life. They just don’t like Americans or lobsters” The elder Bush, standing at McCain’s side, seemed somewhat confused but was amiable. He agreed with McCain’s assessment adding, “We can’t have it. Not terrorists or, ah... and lobster. No sirree. And, by golly, lobster terrorists would be bad…bad, for everyone”. These incoherent statements were met with tepid applause by the crowd of 9 that had gathered.

Half way across the world, after leaving Afghanistan, Obama was meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and US Ambassador Ryan Croker. They seemed to agree in principal about establishing a “time frame" for US troop withdrawals. According to insiders, lobster was not a topic of discussion.

Obama then met with the King of Jordan, Abdullah II before departing for Israel where he will continue to have high level talks and will focus, on this phase of his week abroad, on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Senator Obama will also visit France and England before concluding his trip.

Senator McCain’s mounting problems appear to be a combination of being so closely aligned with the imbecilic, maniacal George W. Bush and his failed policies, misinformation, chronic confusion and a willingness to forget what he said about a particular issue one day only to make a contrary statement on the same issue the next. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and, John, a memory is a terrible thing to loose.

Long gone is the McCain of 2000; the maverick on the Straight Talk Express. Now, it often appears as if he belongs on a jitney bus heading for a Keno game in Vegas.

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