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Remember Him?

Terrorists On Trial, Endless War & Lame Ducking To The End

(June 5, New York, New York) As the lamest of lame ducks waddles into infamy and hopefully obscurity, recent reports have documented just how concerned George W. Bush is about his legacy. He ought to be concerned. History, even as it has been written contemporaneously will not be kind to our 43rd President.

Nine months in to his administration he was faced with an unprecedented challenge. After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the country was instantly united. This President chose to squander that opportunity, ignore the real and present danger as had been delivered unto our shores, made a half hearted effort to go after our proven enemies in Afghanistan, and embarked on a neo-conservative agenda so poorly planned, executed and managed, that it continues today. It will continue long after he is gone from the White House.

This is, of course, old news and just a sliver of the sins, crimes, arrogance, ignorance, deceitfulness perpetrated by what will, no doubt, be judged a catastrophic Presidency. Old news it may be however, it has significance today, this far removed from September 11, 2001, that every American should be aware of.

Today, in the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammad and five others begin. Mr. Mohammad has requested the death penalty so he could finally achieve the title he alleges to most covet: “Martyr”. He very well may have already attained his martyrdom if George W. Bush had applied the necessary resources into Afghanistan immediately after 9 11 01. The tactical and strategic blunders there were the first manifestations of then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s “doing more with less”, leaner and meaner philosophy. Rumsfeld as his crew of delusional cadre of so called neo-conservatives will also figure prominently in W’s legacy. They were a group of egg headed zealots, all with more concern over the safety and security of Israel than the United States. From Paul Wolfowitz and his cohorts, to Richard Pearl, this Jewish sub-administration had the ears of George w. and his boss Dick Cheney from day one. The fact that Condi Rice was the National Security Advisor virtually guaranteed the neo-Jews would prevail and, did they ever.

Over 4000 American troops killed, another 27, 000 plus injured, maimed and God only knows how many more destroyed emotionally and in other ways. The costs are approaching a trillion dollars if they have not already reached that incomprehensible figure. This while our veterans are treated like so many expendables. Yes, all those who served in uniform, those who argued against the war to begin with, those who criminally prosecuted it and those who died all will have a role in Ole W’s legacy.

Was Israel mentioned a paragraph or so back? It must have been because the boisterous chorus of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) and every other pro Jew, pro-Israel, Pro-Zionist group in the country will tell anyone and everyone, that Israel and, the decades of American support and policy in favor of it, is absolutely unassailable. How dare anyone say anything remotely derogatory of Jews or Israel? What an outrage!

Indeed. It is so sacrosanct to be critical of Israel despite the fact that they are a nation born out of terrorism, carved out of the living tissue of other peoples land and have for their entire history defied every United Nations resolution as well as basic human decency regarding the treatment of those they have occupied for 60 years. But, hey, they are the Jews, right? They are entitled to act with impunity, correct? Apparently, sadly, and criminally that has been the case since 1948. Two words seem to justify every action Israel has ever taken against anyone, anywhere including the United States. Those words of kryptonite: The Holocaust”. End of discussion.

Does the USS Liberty ring a bell to any Americans? Does the fact that without American taxpayer dollars Israel would not exist? The fact the that the American Jewish lobby and community is supremely powerful, influential and eager to grease the palms of their supporters and run from office their detractors should be exposed to the light of day. Yes, Jewish money (2 words you could be shot for using together) are the source of their influence and of Israel’s survival. The argument that they are our “strongest ally in the region” is about as accurate as “Sadaam Hussein was involved with the attacks on 9 11 01.” You get the point.

Nothing happens in isolations; everything is connected. So, we come full circle. Back to Bush’s legacy. Like Bill Clinton before him, George W desperately would like to have some tangible progress on the perpetually intractable “Mid East Peace Process”. The difference is, of course, that Clinton had a real chance to achieve something of an agreement with his counterpart, Ehud Barak. Then, at least, the United States retains some vestiges of “an honest broker.” The Bush Administration completely and perhaps for years to come, eradicated that notion. How long will it be before America is respected again in the world community? That is a question that may be answered in W’s legacy, depending on when it is written.

We only reap what we sow and what, exactly has this idiot of a President sown? Legacy is not the word for it; legacy does not even begin to suffice as an adjective for the history of his presidency.

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