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Scott McClellan Airs The Dirty Laundry:
Truth and Consequences

(May 29, Manassas, VA) President Abe Lincoln recalled his General McClellan after what he perceived to be a tactical military blunder. The General had earned the reputation as a solid commander and was respected by his men who he refused to sacrifice recklessly. Despite his military career and numerous bloody battlefield experiences, General McClellan refused to surrender his soul. This place, Manassas, Virginia, some call Bull Run, was a watershed event for McClellan.

George McClellan stands in stark contrast to another McClellan in the news today. Scott McClellan’s recently released book wherein he reveals some of the deepest, darkest secrets of the deepest and darkest of presidential Administrations, is not his Bull Run. His tale is Bull Shit. Not that it isn’t factually accurate, correct and true: it’s not that kind of bull shit. It is the kind of bullshit that comes from a shameful, haunted soul; a tortured spirit who too late recognized the fact that he had sold his soul to the devil.

Robert McNamara also comes to mind. His confessional book was as sickening as the fact that he lacked the moral fortitude, courage and character to speak his mind and act. Publically, he should have told the American people in 1966 exactly what he had

concluded and knew about our engagement in Viet Nam. Like Scott, Robert did not and both, no matter how many books they write, or speeches they give or novenas they say, will ever cleanse the blood from their dirty hands.

Nothing in McClellan’s book is new. Nothing is a revelation. Everything Scott documents and recounts have been known by many, many people for many, many years. Actually, any thinking American who read the paper and watched the news over the past 7 years knows everything that McClellan says in his book. What appears to have captured the attention of the media and Scott’s former employers is the fact that the chubby little political appointee suddenly, after the fact, grew some balls.

McClellan served as the mouthpiece for the most deceitful, arrogant, manipulative presidency in the history of our country. He stood before the press every day and lied. The fact that he did or did not know at the time he was lying is not as relevant as some would say. Actually, this Administration has taken the art and science of lying to a new and dizzying height; an altitude of calculated, purposeful, deception our country has never seen before. His critics loudly proclaim that his silence during his tenure as Press Secretary implies something. Of course it does. Scott McClellan, like so very many Bush appointees, from Alberto Gonzalez, Brownie, Wolfowitz and others too numerous to list, got their jobs, not based on ability or merit, but on loyalty. Loyalty to the Almighty Bush family was the only prerequisite for a job and advancement in this hideous administration. Surround yourself with ass-kissing, “yes men”; idiots just delighted to have a job, let alone a White House job, and inevitably the truth will emerge. It may take years or decades but, the truth is as stubborn and potent a natural force as is gravity or inertia. Truth is actually closely related to both gravity and inertia in that all three are inescapable.

Defensively, the Bushie’s must portray McClellan as a fraud, a dupe, a dolt or a traitor. He was one of their own; one among the Chosen Few and a damned Texan at that! He must have been brainwashed or turned to heroin addiction since leaving his post at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2006. What else could possible explain this?

Scum, rat, weasel: whatever Scott McClellan is or is not, was or was not, will be or will not be, is not relevant. It really isn’t and despite the static background noise of those he exposed, the truth rises.

We are all as complicit in this fiasco as Mr. McClellan. We permitted it all to unfold, we allowed ourselves to be lead along like mindless morons too stupid to question, too ignorant to wonder, too willing to send our sons and daughters off to die in a contrived “war”.

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