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Spartanburg, SC (Jan 13, 2008. TBC Exclusive) An enormous salvo of shit rockets were dropped on the Barak Obama presidential campaign in the past 12 hours, compliments of Hillary Clinton’s operatives. The viciousness of the media assault has rendered the Obama campaign speechless. The majority of observers, pundits and politicians have called the sneak attack a political “Pearl Harbor”.

In a rapidly released series of e-mails, faxes, press releases and Clinton staff members statements, the press was alerted of the existence of evidence related to the allegedly sordid past of Barak Obama’s wife, Michelle.

Team Hillary claims to have a wealth of proof to support their allegations that Michelle Obama had worked as a stripper, lap dancer and nude model in the years before she met and married her husband, democratic presidential contender, Barak Obama. Obama is currently locked in a hotly contested, extremely tight race with the former first lady. Some of the evidence the Clinton campaign has provided to the public is of a dubious nature while other items appear to be true.

According to some of the documents released by Team Hillary, Michelle Robinson, was an attractive young high school graduate in Chicago, awaiting her freshman year at Princeton University when she first entered the world of ‘adult entertainment’.

It was June, 1981 when Fraiser and Marion Robinson’s only daughter graduated with honors from Whitney Young High School. She had been accepted at the prestigious university and planned to arrive on campus in late August. Her parents, both blue collar workers, would struggle to provide the financial resources for their daughter to pursue her dreams and the costly higher education she sought. Michelle was working that summer at a men’s clothing store on Lower Wackar Drive as a sales clerk. As the Clinton provided documents state, it was while working in that job that she was first introduced to Horace “Mandingo” Huggins, a former Black Panther, drug dealer and minor league outfielder for the White Sox. By the summer of 1981 Huggins was the owner and operator of a topless bar and strip club, Slappy Pappy’s Apple Bottom Club on Chicago’s south side.

Allegedly, Huggins was attracted to the pretty, young, intelligent sales clerk and he began to shower her with gifts. She started to date Huggins a few weeks after they met and, according to various documents and personal accounts, Michelle took a job at Huggins’ bar. Despite being a minor, Michelle worked a late afternoon shift as a topless barmaid. She became impressed by the cash she was making and soon quit her job as a clerk while hiding her new experiences from her hard working parents.

Huggins, presently serving a 9 to 21 year sentence in Joliet State Prison for manslaughter, possession of an illegal substance, soliciting a minor for anal sex and jaywalking, was recently interviewed by Clinton campaign operatives. According to the transcript of that jail house meeting, Huggins’ recounted his earliest association with Michelle Robinson. “ I had me an account at The Ebony Haberdashery where I bought all my threads from. One day I’m in there pickin’ up a purple three-piece suit and I sees this fine piece o’ ace behind the counter. I talks with her and after a few weeks she workin’ in my club. Let me tell y’all somethin’ ‘bout this dime...she was fine, ass like whoa, legs that didn’t stop, cute little perky titties. Yea, she was fine and afore too long she was spendin’ nights with me in my crib. Lawdy, that sista, once she put her lips on your manhood, she’d curl your toes”.

According to Huggins, Michelle became very popular with his clientele and was eager to have an opportunity as a pole-dancer. She was an instant favorite among the blue-collar workers, ex-cons, pimps, junkies, bookies, Mayor Daley staffers, scum bags and civil rights activists who frequented the club. Delroy Meeks, a regular patron at Slaapy’s, told a TBC reporter that “I was watchin TV one night and I seen this brotha be runnin for president. Next thing I sees is he bringin’ his wife up on the stage. I says to myself, day-yam...that hoe, I know her when she shook her ace back in the day. I gave her a ten spot one night and she did things to me that a man never forget”.

Retired Chicago detective Stanley K. Berserka, related to Clinton staffers his recollection of young Michelle Robinson: “I was working vice in that sleazy neighborhood. We all knew that dirt ball mope Huggins. I remember one night he walked this little chocolate twist to his Chrysler LaBaron. That little gal had an ass on her that would bring a dead man to full attention. She was a pretty little thing and I remember thinking that , she must really have the hots for Huggins cause she was buck ass naked walking across that alley. She jumped into that Chrysler and they was gone”.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared on Fox news Sunday this morning with Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Mr. Flynt claims to have nude photographs of the young, nubile Michelle Robinson. Flynt also claims that Michelle entered a booty shaking contest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in July 1981 and, after she won first place she posed nude for his magazine. Bill Clinton corroborates Flynt’s statements saying, “ I was at that booty contest. Actually, I was a judge and I’ll tell you why. I was Governor of Arkansas and it was widely known in the wet T-shirt, rump shaking circuit that I had a keen eye and a good appreciation for female flesh. I saw that gal who is now married to Obama shakin her ace, squeezin’ her nipples up on stage and I knew, immediately , she had a future. She had ‘First Lady’ written all over her. She also had a tattoo on her left buttocks that said ‘100% USDA Prime Rump’. I damned near fell in love”.

The remainder of the document dump only bolsters the allegations as have been described herein. Some of the more detailed facts catalogue Michelle Robinson’s nude modeling career and her days as a featured dancer at Slappy’s.

Certainly, a vigorous response is anticipated from the Obama campaign although, as most political journalists have already noted, a severe blow has been dealt to the Obama campaign.

Bob Novak of the Chicago Sun Times and Fox News commented, “ I saw her dance and strip in a relatively classless club years ago. In those days I drank cheap well whiskey and tipped strippers like a drunken sailor in Manila. When I first saw Barak Obama at a campaign stop 13 months ago, my left testicle fell into my orthopedic sock. The woman who clung to his arm that day was immediately recognizable to me...she was Booty Clapping Queen from some dive on the south side. Just seeing her again after all these years , touched and aroused me in a way that I’ve not experienced since the night I took 14 Cialis tablets and washed them down with a quart of Red Bull.”

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