Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So Much For His “Family Values”

Adulterous Republican Senator John Ensign with Senate
Minority Leader Mitch “Little Bitch” McConnell looking on in admiration.

(June 16, Las Vegas, NV) A heart of stone, a house of glass and balls of brass - just another hypocritical Republican politico caught with his pants, and morals, down around his ankles. John Ensign, a “rising star” among the beleaguered GOP team has admitted to an extramarital affair with a campaign staffer. So what, right? except that this was one of the most vocal critics blasting president Bill Clinton for his sexual infidelities and has long been a champion (in words only) of the cherished GOP “Family Values.” Oops, John. Yes, the affair allegedly occurred while he was “separated” from his wife but it was not just any affair. He was boinking a woman staffer whose husband was also a “friend” of the wandering Senator. NOthing like wrecking two homes with one shot, eh, John?

Maybe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but, when it is a sexual affair involving a United States Senator, such an event quickly spreads from the desert “City of Sin” into the corridors of the Capitol in DC. While nevadans may take a cavalier approach to sexual peccadilloes, the base of the GOP certainly is less forgiving.

Ensign is not up for reelection n 2010 but, in some quarters, his name had been bandied about as a possible VP or even Presidential hopeful in 2012. He recently completed an abbreviated tour of Iowa, the home of the “First in the Nation” Iowa Caucuses - an event that often makes or breaks campaigns in their infancy. Since Iowa has no legal brothels, the sexual mores of the hardcore republican base in Iowa may raise an eyebrow over Senator Ensign’s adulterous ways. Who knows?

At least John is not lonely; nope, not at all. he is the newest member in the exclusive club of GOP philanderers and crooks, of those toppled from their pedestals by the basest of human motivations and the absolute arrogance that comes with their Office. Newt Gingirich, Bob Livingston, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and, of course, Bubba Bill Clinton himself who seemingly has set the “gold standard” for what you can and cannot get away with anymore.

The sad and sorry fact of the Republican witch hunt of Bill “So I Got A Blow Job” Clinton is, that while they were preparing for his impeachment, a small band of extremists in Afghanistan known as al Qeada, was hard at work pursuing their own “enemy”. We learned about them on September 11, 2001.

That just goes to show us all, the real threats are ignored or overshadowed by the “inside the Beltway” bullshit that has allowed our Legislative Branch to be held hostage by their own petty struggles, venomous partisanship and a complete disregard for the “Greater Good” - The American People.

Ensign’s rising GOP star is now probably just a flaccid, fading dream. Good. He and his ilk have been brought to their knees, no pun intended, by their own hubris, arrogance and righteousness time and time again.

Let’s just wait and see who the next swinging dick to get exposed will be. It’s just a matter of time.

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