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Michelle Obama behind the counter

(March 28, Washington, DC) Hoping to set a positive example for the country as many continue to suffer during these hard economic times, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has taken a part-time job in a local sandwich shop franchise. Mrs. Obama now works the lunch shift at the “Subway” here on Vermont Avenue. She was hired last week after hearing about the position while attending a Jobs Fair for the unemployed. Washington DC has been hit particularly hard during the current economic downturn and has a higher unemployment rate than the national average. Reportedly, Mrs. Obama is earning $7.75 per hour without health care benefits.

After her first full shift at the Subway was completed, Mrs. Obama met with reporters. “I’m delighted to have this job. I hope I will inspire other women, especially black women, to get out of the house and take a part time job. I enjoy what I’m doing and, I get to eat all the free subs I want. That’ a big plus. I don’t mind going home smelling like oil, vinegar and salami and the President doesn’t mind either’.

While it is commendable that Mrs. Obama is willing to work a mindless job earning a low wage, some have criticized her for taking a job that perhaps should have went to someone more deserving, someone more in need of job. When asked to respond to this criticism, Mrs. Obama said, “I think that I deserve this job as much as anyone else who applied. I graduated from Princeton, went to Yale Law School and certainly have made my share of sandwiches in my life. Not only am I qualified, I think I am setting a good example. If I can do this and do it well, that proves to many young girls, black girls, that they can do this too”.

The manager at the busy sandwich shop, Ike Freeman, said of his newest employee, “We are happy to have Michelle here. She’s a hard worker, very good with the customers and makes a mean turkey club. She is not treated differently just because her husband is the President although I do give a few free sandwiches to the Secret Service guys. I wish they’d just sit in their cars ‘cause they scarin’ some of my regulars away”.

Asked to comment on his wife’s new out of the house job, President Obama noted, “Well, you know, I’m pretty busy all day. Our girls are in school. Michelle should have a job to keep her busy and , given these tough times for all Americans, every little bit she brings home helps. Now, if I could just get her lazy mother to go out and get a job, life would be perfect.”

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