Thursday, July 10, 2008


(July 10, On the Trail) Answering questions from reporters here yesterday, GOP presidential presumptive candidate was caught off guard. When asked why some health insurance plans cover the erectile dysfunction tablet, Viagra for men while refusing women the same financial co-payments for contraception, the Arizona wing nut showed every reason why he is unfit to be our next president. In recent days much greater scrutiny has revealed stark contrasts between what he says on the campaign trail as opposed to his actual voting record in the Senate.

The contraception versus Viagra comparison was introduced earlier by Carly Fiorini, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and a vocal McCain advisor and surrogate. Apparently Ms. Fiorini has far more experience with contraception than she does with Viagra while the opposite may be true for Mr. McCain. He tried to duck and dodge the insurance coverage aspect of the question and appeared somewhat nervous about admitting to using Viagra in vast, liberal doses. “I am...I have not bought Viagra from the Internet nor do I think the government should support a women’s right to take innocent life. I, was...once, I mean I had a harder line on both issues once. My good friend and fellow friend, Bob Dole, now, he takes Viagra but, well…my friends compare his wife to mine. Now, one line is somewhat harder than the other. Many more men suffer from ED than women who should get contraceptives. That is, has always been and will always be my position until the polls show otherwise.”

With that barely coherent gibberish, the addled Arizona Senator was escorted away by his wife, Cindy, 24 years his junior. She too ignored all the Viagra questions. She did, however, allude to possessing unique “skills” that were more effective against “erectile dysfunction than any pill.”

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