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New Year: New Start For Cynyx Everywhere

Continental United States, Undisclosed Location (Jan 9, 2008) Perhaps it’s time for an interlude, a brief pause from the usual discourse (or serial rambling) that transpires in this space. It’s time to talk, you and I reader, talk about who we are, who you are and what’s going on out here.

Some of you might stop reading right now...if so, that certainly is your prerogative. It is a reader’s paradise out here; hundreds and hundreds of articulate, insightful, thoughtful, humorous voices all just waiting for you. Of course, there is the overabundance of conventional ‘media’ at your fingertips. Let there be no illusions about it, on either of our parts; this is a tough sell, our audience is not nearly what we would like but what we have, you loyal souls, are greatly appreciated.

As the Ombudsman of this blog, it is my responsibility to assure the quality of the postings appearing here. This is no easy task. The Cynyx are an unruly, stubborn, opinionated, rambunctious lot, not easily regulated. They are granted a great deal of latitude provided they remain within the semi-well defined borders of our declared landscape. Their individualism, perspectives, perceptions, observations, sarcasm, humor and, of course, cynicism, is vigorously encouraged. If you have spent any time among us here by now, you probably have determined for yourself, that the Cynyx often push the limits of acceptability. That is their collective mission; to make you think, piss you off, make you smile, laugh, cringe or in some other way, react. They seek a reaction. Their posts should be in some form or fashion provocative. However, and herein lies my dilemma, they should not offend. There exists a fine line between sarcastic, caustic, cynical humor and insult. The Cynyx do not intentionally insult however: we recognize the variables in this equation. All of us, you, me, them, we all have uniquely individual, personal tastes, thresholds, biases and senses of irony, the absurd and humor. As Ombudsman, my goal is to be ever vigilant in my efforts to keep our small chunk of cyberspace free of blatant insult. Sometimes, I fail. Occasionally, an item, a comment a remark considered by the author to be comical or benign, to an individual reader sounds offensive or insulting. Hey, we do our best.

In some regards the Cynyx have the latitude they do by virtue of being who they are, who we are collectively. We are black and white, from various, diverse backgrounds, socio-economic levels, from places all over the country. Some of us are highly educated, some natively intelligent but barely literate. Some Cynyx have achieved great success in fields running the gamut from medicine, law and business right across the board through finance, trucking, pool-shooting, boxing, farming, law enforcement, debt collections, leg breaking and mortuary services. It is often not possible to ascertain the ethnic, religious, social, educational composition of the individual author. Some readily identify themselves by name; others employ pseudonyms for various reasons and still other post under other contributors’ monikers. That is their choice. Those not comfortable being open about their identity often still want to contribute and, as associates, friends of a friend, so to speak, they are permitted posting privileges under some other Cynyx authority. That’s just the way it works here.

Actually, if they all do their job properly, in most posting, you the reader should not be able to tell an educated black Baptist republican physician wrote a post or it was written by a retired democratic Catholic Italian cop from Brooklyn. Trust me, we are an eclectic group with the minimal degree of commonality required to participate in this effort. And that, friends and neighbors, makes the blog-o-sphere go round.

Some of the Cynyx you may have become familiar with, you may feel as though you know who they are. If so, that says as much about them as it does about you. Some of the most prolific Cynyx, simply by virtue of their output, have revealed more about themselves than their more reserved colleagues.

Let’s talk for a minute about “Blogger Blankin”. Blogger Blankin is a real individual and also an obvious pseudonym. Aside from Blogger himself, there are a few contributors who post under his name. The real Blogger Blankin is a name some of you might actually recognize. He is a very successful, wealth businessman in several industries, most notably agriculture, logistics, trucking, venture capitol, entertainment/casinos/resorts and various conservative causes. He utilizes his pseudonym because it allows him a level of freedom he would not be permitted if his true identity was known. Those of you familiar with BloggerBlankin posting can probably tell when a posting was submitted by “Blogger” himself or another of those who post under his name.

The same may be said about our founder, Brooding Cynyc. BC is a real man but there are a few others who post under his name. F. Lee “Flea” Flack, does in fact hold a Ph.D. from Harvard, a law degree from Ole Miss and a Commercial Driver’s License with HazMat and tanker endorsements. He is, of course, the Director of Governmental affairs for the very real and influential MRW1 Group of Jackson, Mississippi. MRW1 Group is among the largest, privately owned logistics, transportation and trucking consultancies in the country. They provide diverse services operationally to their clients, are staunch advocates for the trucking industry in Washington DC, have a PAC, an in house research unit and a Think Tank.

Then there are Cletus E. Yoder and Farley Marsden, tow of our more colorful political correspondents. Cletus lives in Lone Tree, Iowa. Farley, in Boston. They have been out on the campaign trail with the candidates and have broken some exclusive postings that have appeared here. They have done some powerful reporting and have also made their share of blunders. As Ombudsman, I assure you, the errors have been dealt with.

Farley was water-boarded after his last post from New Hampshire. After he regained consciousness he was beaten, forced to drink a bottle of Sloe Gin, and locked in a room forced to listen to an endless loop of Celine Dion songs for 24 hours. Currently, he is under observation at the Maine Home for the Absurdly Insane. He is expected to be back on the trail by the Michigan Primary.

Cletus was also sanctioned for some of his harangues. I cannot provide details.

The point to all of this is to express our collective gratitude to our readers and to provide a better understanding to you about who we really are.

The Brooding Cynyx wish you and yours all the best in health, happiness and cynicism throughout 2008.

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