Thursday, December 13, 2007



Los Angeles, CA (Dec.13, 2007) Ike Turner, the iconic, legendary, musical genius who many consider as the father of rock and roll, died yesterday at the age of 76. From humble roots in Clarkdale, Mississippi through a successful career as an artist, musician, bandleader and talent scout, Ike Turner contributed beyond measure to the musical genres of rock, soul and several hybrid blends.

Ike enjoyed his greatest accolades as the Ike in Ike and Tina Turner who he discovered when she was just a high school student. After their split some 35 years ago, Tina Turner went on to an extraordinarily successful solo career. Many of the songs made famous by Ike and Tina are among the classics of modern American music.

Ike was a tortured, troubled soul in many ways. His artistic and creative brilliance was often overshadowed by his drug addiction and violent behavior. Ike became a hero to several generations of wife-beaters, thugs, punks,no-account-malt-liquor-drinking-unemployed-deadbeats and, in some sub-sub-segments of society, is hailed as a hero. “Ike didn’t take no shit from no bitch. He was boss and he done showed who ever they was he was boss”, said long time associate and one time cellmate Cleotis Rufus Freeman.

Many of his arrests for battery, domestic abuse and other various brawls, where captured on film and made the TV news clips, helped to popularize the sleeveless, scoop-necked undershirt which came to be known as “The Wifebeater’. “Many times I seen him on the news being locked up for something and damned, he was always lookin mighty fine in that wifebeater T-shirt”, commented childhood friend Willie “T-Bone” Malone.

Mr. Turner will be buried at an undisclosed location.

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