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Even a Cheap Hairpiece can’t Conceal an Empty Head

After 35 years in Congress, Mississippi Republican Senator Trent Lott announced his intention to resign by early January 2008. His announcement came as a shock to many of his senate colleagues and others because Mr. Lott had just won reelection in 2006. Lott’s political career appeared to be in real jeopardy in 2002 after he said publicly that “We would not have had all these problems all these years” if segregationist, Strom Thurmond had won the presidency in 1950. Lott lost his leadership position after that flap but managed to re-ingratiate himself with his GOP cohorts to once again attain a leadership post in the senate.

The real surprise should not be in his retirement announcement but rather in the fact that this barely literate imbecile managed to be achieve elected office in the first place. Mr. Lott, with his partisanship, racism and lacquered, freeze dried dime store hairpiece, spent his 35 years in office as a flack among flacks. Indeed, all politics is local and Mr. Lott delivered untold billions in pork to Mississippi. Beyond that sorry fact, Lott never distinguished himself as a legislator. He was and is a true politician, a schmoozer, a liar, thief and bagman. he will be infinitely successful as a K Street whore lobbyist.

Trent has always been a little too slick. In his latest display of that sleazy slickness, his desire to resign now allows him to seamlessly move into the parallel existence of all retiring congressmen; he can now become a lobbyist. The new legislation requiring two years to lapse between retirement and signing on as a high priced influence peddler has yet to go into effect. His timing is no coincidence despite whatever bullshit tripe he spewed out today in Pascagoula. So now, Trent is free to do in the private sector precisely what he has done in the public sector – screw the American people at every turn, line his pockets and enrich his coterie of good old boys down in Mississippi.

Trent Lott should be remembered not only as an embarrassment to the senate but also as one of those who helped usher in the particularly rabid brand of partisanship that has rendered our legislative branch useless. How many dirty deals has this flack been involved in back home and in Washington, DC? How many sweetheart deals has he crafted in the dark of the night? How much pork has he delivered unto Mississippi while that state remains struggling to educate their young, provide fore their needy and overall somehow move beyond its sordid past?

This avowed Christian Conservative’s conscience allowed him to line his own pockets, cheat and perpetuate a corrupt system in Mississippi even after the horrible destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. no one can say with any degree of certainty just how much he and his cronies profited off the backs of the victims of that disaster. The only character trait Lott has ever displayed is that he has a lot of balls. He claims he can now retire because his post-Katrina work is done? it surely is. His home has been rebuilt to its pre hurricane grandeur while folks a mere 5 miles from his mansion remain in makeshift, often barely habitable shelter. Lott, represented by his brother-in-law Dickie Scruggs, is currently suing State farm Insurance over his Katrina damaged property.
Lotts and Lotts of balls, Trent.

Trent will now go on to make some real money. He will enter that elite group of former politicians who have access to their former colleagues and will shamelessly use that influence at every opportunity. Trent must also be somewhat of a gambler. He appears to have calculated that the odds of ever being reelected again and escaping from office before an indictment were just too close for comfort. Good riddance. One less scum bag in office is a start.

Hopefully, Trent will be a trendsetter or perhaps a harbinger of things to come. Maybe other lying, crooked buffoons like chinless Mitch McConnell will read the writing on the wall. They all need to go; all of them. The current republican caucus in the senate hasn’t even possessed the decency or will to banish their men's room sex-seeking, arrogant hypocrite, Larry “Wide Stance’ Craig. That speaks volumes about what they are made of as individuals and collectively; they are all filth.

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