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(Wednesday November 2, 2016, Des Moines, IA) A Des Moines Police Officer and an Officer from the neighboring community of Urbandale were killed in separate attacks early this morning.  The suspect was arrested a few hours later with incident.  Both of these fatal shootings have been labeled as “ambush-style” attacks by local Law Enforcement officials.  The slain Officers have been identified as Urbandale PD Officer Justin Martin and DMPD Sgt. Anthony Beminio.  These are just the latest tragic line of duty deaths (LODD) perpetrated on Police Officers this year, a year that has been marred by several high-profile similar slaughters most notably in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  So far this year 48 Members of Service (MOS) of the Law Enforcement Community (LEC) have been fatally gunned down nationwide; a stark tally of 4 MOS per month.

With the suspect now in custody the discussion will likely turn to motive; what possessed this 46-year-old man who we will not name here out of respect for the ambushed Officers and their families, to kill these Officers as they sat idle in their patrol cars.  In many ways motive is irrelevant; his fatal deeds can have no acceptable rationale.  While the state of Iowa will afford this suspect all due Constitutional judicial rights to a robust defense as put forth by his appointed attorney, no circumstances can in any way mitigate the brutally cowardly cold-blooded assassinations of these two Officers. The suspect is the personification of a particularly dark evil intent that cannot be anticipated or predicted.  Anyone so consumed by this brand of evil can perpetrate cold-blooded murder at anytime, anywhere, against anyone.  To choose Police Officers as targets speaks to just how deviant this evil behavior is. 

Front line members of the LEC live with the underlying possibility that their job may someday precipitate their death.  While this reality is acknowledged it is not usually the over-riding thought as they go about their assigned duties.  Yes, they realize that NO call is ever to be treated as routine; every encounter possesses a threat.  Situational awareness and a high level of mental vigilance is what the MOS carry first and foremost; one’s guard can never truly be “let down”.  This is in no way intended to imply that MOS typically function in a compromised defensive mindset.  There exists a wide gulf between that particularly distracting position and sound but rapid judgment regarding the scenario in which they find themselves at any given moment, on any given call.

Every MOS is willing to act unselfishly to preserve order, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and place themselves in harm’s way.  In quiet moments of introspection, they may imagine a scenario be it affecting an arrest or pursuit of a perpetrator or wading into a volatile confrontation that may ultimately claim their life.  But, not since the widespread social unrest of the late 1960’s and early 1970’shave many of us given much consideration to being assassinated, snuck upon as we sit in an RMP, walk a beat, or exit the RMP to investigate a situation.  Militant Black activists’ groups such as the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, and the Weather Underground waged a declared “war” on Law Enforcement in the late ‘60’s  and did in fact infamously ambush and assassinate several Police Officers perhaps most notably in what has come to be known in the institutional and present memory of the NYPD, “The Incident at Mosque No. 7”.

Fast forward from those contentious, violent days of extreme vitriol, violence, social unrest, and overt Black militancy to 2016 and once again Police Officers again live with the very real threat of the ambush/assassination possibility in all locations throughout the country.  The serge of recent attacks that have transpired in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dallas, Boston, Palm Springs, California, among others, call to mind another assassination;   young NYPD Officer, Ed Byrne  was sitting alone in his RMP guarding the location of an individual scheduled to testify in an upcoming trial of drug dealers in 1988, still echoes in the squad and locker rooms of every Precinct.  In the aftermath of Officer Byrne’s murder, the NYPD did institute some policy, procedure and operational modifications.  Some point to those changes as proof that Officer Byrne did not “die in vain” but that is no comfort to anyone especially his family, a family firmly rooted in the NYPD.

If these assassinations are a harbinger of a “new normal” the ongoing nascent debate about “Police reform” will and should grind to a halt.  Clearly the atmosphere in the country, the raw, ragged divisions plaguing us as amply demonstrated over the course of the last 16 months of an unprecedented acrimonious presidential election cycle, insists that this is not the time to be criticizing the LEC despite the acknowledged fact that some Police and Law Enforcement reforms are needed.

Iowa will bury two of her Finest next week. 

Sadly, no one can imagine were such a heinous assassination may strike next.


Copyright The Brooding Cynyx 2016 © All Rights Reserved
Copyright Brooding Cynyc 2016 © All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

A white supremacist and Trump supporter murders these 2 cops and you make it about Blacks. When more whites that Blacks have killed police officers in the recent past. Overt Black militancy? What about all this WHITE overt militancy? How about mentioning how much more dangerous the White nationalist movement is? How about mentioning the Bundy standoffs that aimed guns at FEDERAL POLICE OFFICERS? Oh no, this was just a disturbed individual and not indicative of whites in general. Bullshit. Racism is ingrained and systemic- were it not, your piece would have been about the kind of White nationalism that is increasing and ever more dangerous, to everyone. After all, BLM is not threatening violence if Trump loses. Whites are.

Brooding Cynyc said...

Only used the examples from our past as a point of reference for when Cops were specifically targeted...Too bad the only reaction to the post was to slap together an irrelevant reactionary rant...

Hope all is well with you...

Anonymous said...

Actually I think my rant was right on target. Funny you don't recall the times whites targeted police. Vegas ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Brooding Cynic, but your answer to anonymous rings false and disingenuous. You write “In many ways motive is irrelevant; his fatal deeds can have no acceptable rationale.” Of course, the man’s motives are relevant. News reports show that this angry white man with issues went to a local football game and waved a Confederate flag in the faces of black patrons at the game. He wrote “I was offended by the blacks sitting through our anthem. Thousands more whites fought and died for their freedom. However, this is not about the armed forces, they are cop haters.” He was a highly disturbed, angry racist who was removed from the game by the police. He obviously blamed them, and later exacted his sick “revenge” on these randomly chosen officers. In his twisted thinking, he felt blacks were being protected by the police, so he decided to kill some of them.
You are right, there is no excuse, but there is a hateful thought process at work here, and it has NOTHING to do with “militant Black activists groups.” Why bring them up? Your point would have been far better made by comparing this crime to the many incidences of white nationalist terrorists who have killed random police officers in Las Vegas, and as Anonymous said, at the Bundy Ranch and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. While no officers died in Oregon, it wasn’t for lack of intent. Guns were pointed at Federal officers, by people who were more than ready to pull the triggers. These weren’t “black militants,” the handy catch-all for black people who are less than polite in demanding equal rights. These were white American “Christian” terrorists, who have been responsible for more cop killings in this country than scary black militants.
To excuse these terrorists, and then toss the focus on “black militants” is like talking about the horrors of the Holocaust (or American slavery, for that matter) and then shifting the discussion to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, or modern black criminals, as if one heinous atrocity is somehow cancelled out by more modern atrocities. They are not. The man who killed those officers in Iowa is a part of an ignored threat to our nation – white extremists. They have been stirred up by the new in-your-face popularity of people like Donald Trump and the alt-right. I’d worry more about them than always falling back on the misdeeds of black people. After all, they are much more able to walk up to a police car, or towards an officer without being noticed, until it’s too late.

Brooding Cynyc said...

I really don't know where you're coming from with this line of attack.
It seems as if you are either mixing apples with oranges or conflating issues, but I don't know what to make of it.

I have reread the post that apparently has you apoplectic and have been unable to find support for your argument that I "made it all about Blacks"...

Again, I made historical references that remain embedded in my mind, history and that of most of those whom with I have worked and currently do.

I also made clear in the first paragraph of my post that I would not mention the killer's name...would it be better and add to the understanding of the story if I inserted his race and political affiliation?


Brooding Cynyc said...

Oh, yeah...I got all kinds of bells ringing all the time...thanks for asking...

Brooding Cynyc said...

I did not spend anytime reading about the perpetrators life, criminal history, political affiliation, alleged racism, or anti-Police ideology. All I read was that he had had several run-ins with local PDs, was well known to LE Authorities, and had been ordered to leave a HS football game for waving a Confederate flag. I spent little time researching his biography for the same reason I would not include his name in my article: respect for the fallen.

Furthermore, I wrote and remain uninterested in his motive; I am weary of reading the postmortem accounts of "troubled lives" and all the rest that lead to assassinations of men just like me...