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Mrs. Obama on the South Lawn of the White House.
Falls short of Guinness record, raises campaign funds for Democrats.

(October 22, Washington, DC) What could be more “down to earth” than the First lady hula hooping, running, and jumping rope on the manicured South Lawn of the White House?

Yesterday, while hosting the “Healthy Kids Fair”, Mrs. Obama attempted to break the Guinness World Record in the Hula Hoop event. While she fell far short of her goal, she did attract a good deal of attention from the area children who were present as well as the media, White House staff and Secret Service agents. A White House source leaked the news that a DVD of Mrs. Obama swinging her hips and shaking her booty was to be sold as a fund raising gimmick. The source, speaking anonymously said, “The DNC hopes the DVD will generate substantial revenue. I think it will be a big seller. I know, I'll buy a copy for my own private entertainment.”

Since taking up residence in the White House, the First Lady has used the White House grounds for a variety of events, has planted a vegetable garden, and placed a swing set for her two young daughters.

Mrs. Obama has become well known for, among other things, her athleticism, style, fashion sense and healthy life style. Earlier this year, her well muscled arms got a good deal of media attention as did her appearance exiting from Air Force One wearing casual shorts. White House Chief of Staff commented, “Hey, she has a heck of a body. If I wasn't a closet homosexual with a mad crush on Anderson Cooper, I'd really be excited.”

While there has been some harsh criticism from the Republicans and conservatives about some of Mrs. Obama's fashion choices and public displays of her anatomy, recent polling indicates that the American public is very comfortable with her. “She has stellar numbers, across all demographic segments. She is extremely popular. Mrs. Obama is a powerful role model not just for young African American and Latina girls but for women all over the country and the world”, noted Stan Greenberg of Greenberg Associates a highly respected polling company based in Arlington Virginia.

After eight years of the school-schoolmarmish, stodgy, if not frumpy reign of Laura Bush as First Lady, Michelle Obama appears more “regular” and “accessible” according to the Greenberg polls. “In all the years of polling about First Ladies, these are the highest numbers I've seen. She is more popular than her husband, the President, by a fairly large margin.”


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