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(Sept. 8, New York, New York) The lowest rated of the cable “news” channels, MSNBC. has finally taken steps to improve their image, decrease the outright left wing partisan tone of their programming and partially muzzle their most biased hosts.

The live coverage of the DNC and GOP conventions on MSNBC were anchored by two of the most buffoonish, biased, egotistical blowhards that are employed at that network: Chris “Spittle” Matthews and Keith “Righteous Indignation” Olbermann. For reasons that defy logic, both of these loud mouths actually host their own hour long programs nightly on MSNBC. Having commentators, empty talking heads, serve as anchors tasked with reporting impartially, objectively in the purest journalist standards proved to be a disastrous failure.

A respected, veteran White House corespondent, David gregory will anchor the election night coverage for MSNBC while the spitting, sputtering partisan zealots, Matthews and Olbermann will provide “commentary.” The former editorial director of MSNBC was quoted in the NY Times today saying, “The most disappointing shift is to see the partisan attitude move from prime time into what’s supposed to be straight news programming.”

The parent company of both NBC and MSNBC, NBC Universal, according to inside sources, were angry and could no longer tolerate the behavior of these two bozos in anchor positions. As the NY Times further reported, “...that long-simmering tensions between MSNBC and NBC reached a boiling point during the conventions.

In accurate, inflammatory “reporting” has become a staple at MSNBC. Tom Brokaw and Andrea Mitchell, both longtime, highly respected corespondents at NBC News were among the many from that network who allegedly have expressed “real anger, hostility at the awful conduct, the opineing and childish antics that were on display during the conventions. They are not worthy to be in the positions they are in”, commented an anonymous executive at NBC Universal.

This is the latest shakeup at the bottom rated of the cable “news” channels. Two weeks ago Dan Abrams who hosted his own hour long program “The Verdict” was removed from that position. He was a Matthews, Olbermann protégé’ who mimicked their sarcastically biased charades. “Dan Abrams would not even have a job here if not for nepotism. He is as empty a suit as there is as well as being one of the least intelligent or effective interviewers to ever appear on TV. His show sucked, he sucked and finally they pulled the plug on that idiot” commented another top NBC Universal executive not for attribution. He said he feared being labeled as an anti-Semite and the retaliation that would invite.

Each of the cable news networks CNN, FOX as well as MSNBC need to reevaluate their journalistic standards, their programming and their hiring practices. FOX News has often been accused, and rightfully so, as being an “arm” of the Republican Party and of the current Bush administration yet they own the top spot in rating. Perhaps the worst offenders at FOX, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are bona fide jerks, cowards, and second rate game show hosts. Ira Finklebarb, an associate producer for the Bill O’Reilly Show said, “Everyone here knows he’s a jerk, a major league asshole but, apparently, he has a huge following of jerks and assholes. Sean Hannity? Oy vey, I don’t even know where they found this kid. He is, without doubt, the most arrogant moron I have ever met and believe me, I have met many. Some of them are actually relatives.”

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