Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"Driver Rams Earthmover Into Jerusalem Bus"

From the Washington Post headline

A Man, A Bulldozer and Unfathomable Injustice

(July 2, New York, NY) There is certainly one Palestinian construction worker’s home that will be reduced to rubble, destroyed by sundown in East Jerusalem. That is how the oppressive regime of Israel responds to outbursts of decades old rage, frustration and hopelessness. The mighty Israeli Defense Forces will bomb this man’s home, the homes of all known family members and, perhaps, just a few other homes on principal. Innocent men, women and children will die, as always, in the defiant, overreaction of an occupying force. An act of terror or the act of a mind broken by his reality, it really doesn’t matter. The criminality, the gross asymmetry of the struggle with Israel’s US supplied military versus generations of people confined to glorified holding pens. The tragedy is that it will not end; it cannot end because there exists no more awkward and daunting obstacle to real negotiation than America’s unyielding, uncompromising, criminally complicit support of a nation literally carved out of existing sovereign lands some 60 years ago. Oh, but this is blasphemy, anti-Semitic ranting at its worst, right?

Why is Israel the only sacrosanct country on the face of the earth? What imbues it with this most unique status? It can be perilous in certain places to even utter the word “Jew” without someone taking offense. Granted, the arguments on both sides are so tiresome that honest debate is impossible. So, the path of least resistance is to ignore it. And is it ever ignored!

The United Nations has proven to be monstrously useless as long as the US is a permanent member of the Security Counsel. We should be however, for us to be the lone protector of the Zionist cruelty not only devalues us as a nation, it places us, our interests and our national security in peril. But, who cares: we’ve got to help the Jews. Our “democratic” partners in a “hostile” region would perish if not for our friendship. That is probably correct but, whose fault is that?

We intervene when Aboriginal people in deepest remotest Africa begin to machete each other to death, whacking off the limbs of children, raping girls and committing crimes against humanity even the Jews would recoil at. It is a shame that we can allow the continued oppression, virtual imprisonment of an entire people under the auspices of democracy.

You reap what you sow.

…and surely the predictable responses will ensue…

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