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McCain Linked To “Dolly” and “Maude”

(July 30, NY, NY) Democratic presidential presumptive nominee, Barak Obama, tonight released a new 30 second television commercial as a direct response to his republican’s rival that was released earlier today. The McCain ad features footage from the Illinois Senator’s recent speech he delivered before a throng of 200,000 cheering Germans. McCain had been harshly critical of Obama’s foreign trip which drew considerable media coverage as he travelled from visiting with our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, to meeting the leaders of several important Middle Eastern and European nations.

The ad approved for airing by McCain also compares the status of Senator Obama to that of a “celebrity” comparable to Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton, two vapid second tier celebrities whose images also appear in the commercial with Obama’s. Many have been critical about the ad saying it was “low road politics” and, had “racial overtones, negative racial overtones”. The top campaign strategist for the Obama camp, Dave Axelrod said “We will not let this stand. We will react swiftly, aggressively and truthfully.” The Madison Avenue ad agency Dire, Filch and Zagnaught reportedly produced the Obama ad in less than three hours.

The Obama ad compares John McCain to addled, half-witted, long forgotten, washed up, senile, sputtering celebrities from the middle of the last century, Carol Channing and Bea Arthur. Channing, known primarily for her role as Dolly in the Broadway musical “Hello, Dolly” became somewhat of a buffoon, clownish figure after her Broadway career ended. Bea Arthur is best known for the TV character Maude she played in the 1970’s sitcoms. Arthur known for her mannish voice, gruff demeanor had a long distinguished Broadway career before finding real fame on TV. She last appeared in “Golden Girls”.

The commercial itself is 30 seconds and shows clips of Channing and Arthur as the various characters they played and images of them now, confined to rolling commodes and basically incoherent. Next several photos of McCain from his days as a Navy Pilot rapidly progress to photos of him today, at 71 years of age falling asleep while giving a speech to the Commercial Whaler’s Association Annual Blubber Fest. The narration accompanying these images is that of a young woman saying “They were all celebrities once. They all had talent, ambition and drive. They were also young. Now, they still seek the limelight and want more glory days. They are also old. Can we really afford to elect a tired, confused old man to be our next president?” Immediately after the narrator quiets, Obama’s voice is heard saying the obligatory remark, “I am Barak Obama and I approved this message”.

Those who have seen this response ad say that it is appropriate but are quick to point out that McCain maintains as vigorous a campaign schedule as does the 46 year old Obama. This ad is scheduled to appear in 17 major media markets on Friday, August 1.

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