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GOP Hack Speaks Truth Without Intending To

(June 23, Arlington, VA) The top political operative employed by the John McCain campaign, Charlie Black, told Fortune Magazine that his candidate would benefit from another terrorist attack on United States soil. The addled Senator from Arizona, GOP presidential candidate John McCain, was quick to distance himself from this outrageous statement. However, given the GOP’s history of utilizing fear as a political tactic, many Washington insiders expressed doubt that Mr. Black’s comments were any other than intentional.

Charlie Black, a Texan with rotting teeth and slicked back hair, is a political operative who has long worked for the GOP, some of their more bombastic candidates and is closely affiliated with the Bush family. He was involved in the campaign of George H. W. Bush as well as that of his son, our current occupant of the White House, George W. Bush.

Black cut his teeth in dirty, smear campaign tactics under the tutelage of Lee Atwater, one of the principal architects of "the politics of personal destruction". The very fact that John McCain employs this bastard is undeniable proof of the fallacy at the heart of McCain’s quest for the presidency.

McCain, a product of Washington DC, a long time Senator well versed in the subtle maneuvers that define our legislative process, is now claiming to be “an agent of change.” The 71 year old has served long enough in the Senate that his attempt to position himself as capable of “change “ or “reform” of any kind is ludicrous. McCain is so closely aligned with and to the policies of George W. Bush, the war in Iraq and all the associated failures that he must be counting on the voting public being as senile as he is.

The Obama campaign came out forcefully and swiftly with a highly critical assessment regarding Charlie Black’s inappropriate statement. One top advisor to the Obama camp, speaking anonymously commented, “We know this is the way they will go. The republican’s think they have a lock on national security issues and that by trying to scare the American people, they will be able to claim George W’s third term. We will do everything in our power to not let that happen; we will educate the American voters about the truth and facts. Senator McCain did nothing in his very long Senate career to curtail terrorism. In fact, for the most part, he was negligent in his oversight responsibilities on the Armed Services Committee. We welcome a vigorous debate with him”.

So outrageous were the comments of Mr. Black that even members of his own party, some, long time friends, were quick to criticize him. Obese, habitual gamblers, fellow Texan and Bush family crony, Bill Bennett said, “Charlie Black has not been himself for a long time. I’m not surprised he put his foot in his mouth. I am, however, surprised that he was able to get his head out of his ass long enough to do so”. Texas republican senator John Cornyn, a buffoon of epic proportions even for the US Senate told reporters , “Charlie was right...I mean he...ah..he is right in that we...he...Obama would speak to terrorists. My good friend John McCain would rather bomb the tar outta them instead of sit down and talk”.

In his attempt to divorce himself from Charlie Black’s unintentional disclosure about his campaign's hope, Senator McCain said, “ I have worked tirelessly since 9 11 to prevent another attack”. When reporters pressed him to detail some of his anti-terrorism efforts in the Senate, he quickly changed the subject.

Each passing week seems to reveal another gaffe, blunder or bone-headed error from the McCain campaign. His top economic advisor, former Texas Senator Phill Gramm crafted legislation while in office that paved the way for the recent “mortgage meltdown”. Even such conservative luminaries like Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent and Oliver North have all commented on the fact that Mr. McCain, by having a staff of “retreaded, has-beens, morons, idiots and out of touch bozos” completely dispels the concepts as stated in his new campaign slogan, “Reform. Prosperity. Peace.”

The latest national polls show Senator Obama with a significant lead over McCain in all regions and demographic groups except “wealthy, golf-playing, corporate CEO’s married to much, much younger women”.

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