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(Mar. 28, NYC) We have seen our share of what this delusional president likes to declare as “defining moments” since our invasion of Iraq in 2003. This week saw one milestone that was perhaps more defining than many of the others similarly caste: the death toll for US troops crested 4000. What did that particular moment define, George W.?

Indeed, we have had more than enough of these events so arrogantly proclaimed as significant by an administration that is as inept and hapless today as they were in January 2001. We have seen an invasion, statues topple, looting, riots, the capture, trial and execution of Sadaam Hussein. Each of these was declared “defining”. We have witnessed elections, the formation of a government, the writing of a constitution and the protracted, and disintegration of Iraq. We’ve watched virtual civil war, the lethality of insurgents who never really were “dead-enders”, as they were called and we have watched our friends and neighbors come home maimed, scarred and minus limbs. What definitions can we extract from these moments, George?

After declaring “Mission Accomplished” with the battle of Baghdad complete, this imbecile in the White House has touted milestone after milestone, benchmark upon benchmark as pivotal moments in this tragedy. The costs in lives and national treasure escalate daily; the ramifications and repercussions will be felt for decades to come. What are these facts a definition of?

Today our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters find themselves in some of the heaviest combat in years. Air strikes and American troops have been called into Basra and Baghdad at the behest of the Iraqi Army. Powerful Shi’ite cleric, Moktada al-Sadr has apparently taken off the gloves of cease fire. It is his powerful, well organized Mahdi Army shooting at our troops today. The ineffective head of the Iraqi government, Nouri al-Malaki keeps pushing back his alleged deadline to al-Sadr. Maliki is about as closely aligned with sanity and reality as George W. Bush.

Even today, our impervious, fortified oasis of security amid chaos, our “Green Zone” took on mortar and missile attacks resulting in the death of an Iraqi vice president. Defining? It all does appear to be defining; it looks like the definition of a nightmarish, endless struggle we never should have begun in the first place.

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