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Obama’s True Weight is Determined

(Philadelphia, PA Oct.31, 2007) In the Democratic Presidential candidates debate hosted by MSNBC last night, we saw the reappearance of a person we had come to know well in the 1990’s. The shrill Hillary Clinton showed herself, albeit briefly, last night at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Thus far her presidential candidacy has functioned very close to a well oiled machine and, as a candidate, Mrs. Clinton has exhibited the results of months of coaching, prepping and discipline. She had been, since the beginning of her presidential bid robotic, smooth and almost pathologically “on message”. When the media began to question her woodenness in recent weeks, suddenly she countered with self-depreciating humor, smiling and a donkey-like guffaw intended to “soften” her up.

Well, despite all the preparations and polling, the practices and focus group verbiage, the real Hillary, the one we remember so well from her days as our nation’s First Lady, remains just beneath the surface veneer of decorum, poise and unflappability. It took a few pointed questions and comments flung in her direction by her competitors to draw out Shrillary. That says a great deal.

Her competitors, to a man, are all basically political lightweights. Even those of them who have some intelligence, experience and political acumen of their own, as presidential candidates pitted against Shrillary and her financial, advisory, consultancy, polling and spin machinery, they are all sadly outmatched. It is sad, but true.

While in some respects a man like Senator Joe Biden may be well versed in foreign and domestic issues, pragmatic, realistic and capable of being our next president, he finds himself in a fight that is rigged; has been rigged even before the opening bell.

The seeming air of inevitability that now ensconces the Clinton campaign has left the process destroyed, mocked, and in the dust.

After a weekend of media coverage of Barak Obama’s campaign issuing statements that they were coming out strong against Hillary this week, that they were ready to engage in the fight, we witnessed the beginning of the end for the Wonder Boy Obama after he whiffed a soft ball lobbed at him by NBC News Anchor, Brian Williams. Williams opened the debate putting up a big juicy Hillary question for Barak to smack out of the park: and he blew it - miserably. He allowed that golden opportunity to cross home plate without so much as a solid swing. That televised strike out may in fact be famous for being the last gasp of his presidential run this time around. He has proven to be a lightweight of epic proportions on the national stage as a presidential candidate.

The rest of the pack was as grossly unremarkable as ever. Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, former political hack to President Bill Clinton, inexplicably came to the defense of Shrillary just as the others were beginning to make her sweat. Perhaps even an incompetent flack like Chubby Bill cannot change his ways. Obviously, he is praying that Hillary is victorious and she can use him as did her husband as a jack-of-all-trades, because he is clearly master of none.

John Edwards appeared decidedly more suited for a run at some local school board instead of US President. His petulance is becoming apparent, his true temperament increasingly on display. His spoiled child with a cute haircut routine is tired. He is practiced and polished too, but again, even his country lawyer act as champion of the downtrodden looks as amateurish as it is compared to Shrillary’s locomotive-like juggernaut.

So, the rest of these idiotic “debates” should come to a halt. Let the games begin in earnest. Iowans will kick off the real show on January 3, 2008, when they caucus. Having that charade over and done with will be cause enough to celebrate. Thankfully, the country will not have to hear another word from Iowa or Iowans until the next presidential cycle begins. They will fade back into their proper place in the nation psyche as obese, greedy, heavily subsidized simpletons who have the notion that their caucus actually has some importance. (How’s the ethanol business working out?)

Soon thereafter New Hampshire will play their version of the same moronic game. Subsequent to that exercise, the real primary season will commence but, as it appears at this point, it will be but an exercise in futility. Shrillary has been anointed, appointed, ordained and canonized by the democratic party elites, fundraisers, powerbrokers and shrewd political professionals who know how to play this sordid, corrupt game.

We can only hope that the reemergence of Shrillary last night was just the first glimpse. Perhaps now that her cover has been broken, she will be unable to continue pretending she is anything other, anyone different, than the Hillary we met in 1991, were familiar with until she bought and carpet-bagged her way into the open Senate seat from New York in 2000.

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