Friday, September 21, 2007

Analysis of Federal Farm Bill due by September 30

Executive Summary will be released:
Report will Highlight Gross Mismanagement & Disparities in Federal Subsidies.

(Iowa City, IA, New York, New York, Gulfport, Mississippi) The Department of Agriculture’s Federal Farm Bill is due to expire on September 30, 2007. On that day the Analytics and Information Systems Divisions of BronxWest Consulting, in conjunction with the MRW1Group, will release the Executive Summary of their two year study and analysis of the farm subsidy program as it currently exists. Their extensive research has resulted in a White paper entitled “Unsalted Earth: The Unholy Alliances between the Federal Government, Agribusiness and the American Farmer”.

This Paper will present clear and concise data exposing the farm subsidy program for what it is - the largest federal welfare program ever devised. Aside from the billions of tax payers dollars that support American production agriculture, this Paper will bring attention to the unfair disparities regarding the allocation of funds, the gross waste, mismanagement and corruption within the system and expose the myth of the “family farm”.

With the announced resignation of Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns yesterday, we felt compelled to call attention to the imminent release of our Paper. Mr. Johanns’ departure from Washington DC comes prior to the legislative battles to be waged to renew the already bloated, unjust Farm Bill. Our paper will show that he has been the most unremarkable, if not ignorant , Secretary of Agriculture in our history. Considering his predecessors, that is saying a lot.

For far too long the American tax payer has subsidized production agriculture under the auspices of “aiding the family farmer”. Our evidence will reveal the truth behind that fallacy and detail the sordid facts behind all the untruths and myths.

We expect our paper to generate a great deal of controversy in the mid west, among the goliath international agribusiness's, chemical and seed companies and we welcome any and all detractors.

It is our intention to shed light on this poorly understood program of largesse and initiate debate that is sorely needed.

We will be posting the Executive Summary on this site and encourage all of our readers to take the time to learn about one of the greatest tax payer rip-offs our federal government participates in.

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